The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

NSM Year In Review 2022

2022 has been a year that no one in the NSM will soon forget. It was a year that brought more than it's fair share of challenges, on many different fronts. It has been a year that has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, both to ourselves and to our eternal adversary, that the NSM will only become stronger with each new hurdle.

Our fearless and unashamed exposure of our enemies has continued unwaveringly alongside our dedication to our brothers and sisters in the NSM, and to the Aryan Race as a whole! We are the defiant voice of the Aryan enslaved, we are the storm on the horizon that the jew can no longer ignore. Let our example inspire those who are timid or disheartened. The Aryan spirit of the 1,000 year Reich lives on today!

It has been an honor to have the opportunity to contribute and to stand with my comrades under the flag of the National Socialist Movement. Hail Commander Colucci, Hail the NSM and Heil Hitler! White Power!

Contributed by: ⚡⚡ TechSgt Andrew Salacinski


is it ok that i hunt and fish or is that a dealbreaker for most men? i know that women usually dont hunt or fish but its fun and i think its make me more well rounded and sets me apart. i love shopping, getting my nails done, wearing bikinis, and doing makeup hehe but i also have this other side to me that wears camo and i drive a truck and im not afraid to get my hands dirty and break a nail i was just concerned if guys dont find that attractive so i need a mans opinion on it


In reply to by Amelia (not verified)

Yes it is okay Amelia that you hunt and fish, drive a truck
and so forth. Actually hunting and fishing is both good for us
and good for the "eco systems". Cutting down on overpopulations
of species of elk, deer, moose and whatnot. Especially where the nut case enviro-wackos have engineered the predators in quite a few areas where hunters can go into and hunt legally. And the meat from elk, deer, moose or whatnot is much better for humans than this genetically engineered beef and poultry we buy in stores. Also wild caught fish as well. You are on the right track Amelia and font ever change! Keep doing what you love to do, and keep having a blast with life and drive, drive! I hope you meet a great male companion Amelia. I am an old goat probably old enough at least to be your Dad. All the Best!

In numerious posts that I have read on this site, it has been said that the reason the myth of the Holocaust was created was because Harry Truman was trying to cover up the war crimes committed by dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, legally speaking as of the time the bombs were dropped, the Geneva Conventions did not say much about civilians. They were concerned about POWs and certain immoral weapon uses. Therefore because civilians were not a concern at the time the use of the Atomic Bombs was completely legal, albeit morally questionable. With this in mind Harry Truman would have no reason to invent the story of a grand slaughter of European Jews, and in all likeliness would not have done so. So my question is as follows: If Truman had no reason to invent such a lie, why would he, and who else would have done it instead?

I look forward to hearing your insight on this matter.


In reply to by Friedrich (not verified)

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just two of the unconscionable war crimes committed by the Allies in WWII. Another atrocity they needed to cover up by deploying the holocaust myth, was the unwarranted and unnecessary attack after the war had already ended in Germany, to destroy Dresden. This was a city of intellectual culture and architectural beauty, which was unnecessarily destroyed with over 4,000 tons of explosives and incendiary devices – the result of which was a raging firestorm which turned buildings to ash and cremated nearly all the civilians alive. Also, Eisenhower as head of the occupation in 1945, deliberately starved to death the German prisoners of war in staggering numbers, quite likely with over a million victims. Thus, the holocaust myth was used to camouflage all of that.

America is WHITE.
White, obviously the superior race, created this- OUR country. Black, Fags, every "poc" has clearly infiltrated our society. These TERRORISTS are taking what we have built and throwing our ingenious away as if they can replace our holiness.
They brainwash the weakminded government and we only watch it happen.
But I believe that we can change this ALL.


(reply to Not Negro) i think you need to research the history of america, the natives were here first and they spoke languages like navajo, hopi, cherokee, cree, lakota, etc. whites came over from the UK with immigrants coming over a lot in the 1900s. YOU might even be the descendant of immigrants from poland, russia, germany, italy, norway, ireland, anywhere in europe. contrary to what you think, george washingtons family hasnt lived on this land since like 1066. dumbass


In reply to by definitely_not_a_jew (not verified)

> i think you need to research the history of america, the natives were here first and they spoke languages like navajo, hopi, cherokee, cree, lakota, etc.

None of these primitive and savage people ever developed a written form of their own language – nor did they ever work out a system of numbers. And as such, the most complicated weapon they ever developed, was a rock point projectile of dubious efficacy (compared to a European rifle).

But more importantly, these people demonstrably were not here first. The latest DNA and archeological evidence suggests the Solutrean people who occupied what is now France and Spain, more than 20,000 years ago, were the first to arrive in the Americas by boat, by following along the ice shelf linking the two continents during the last ice age.

That is not to say America wasn't entered from both ends around the same time – as it was. I'm just saying that White Europeans were here first, by about 8 thousand years. You see, the European Solutrean preceded the Clovis into the Americas, with the Solutrean entering around 20,000 years ago from Europe – and the Clovis entered from Asia, about 12,000 years ago, following the migrating animals. Prior to this, it was historically believed that Norse explorers were among the first official Europeans to have set foot on continental North America, with this taking place approximately half a millennium before Christopher Columbus made his famous voyage. Recently, as the glaciers in Greenland melt, evidence is beginning to surface to confirm this claim – and also to show us that the glaciers have retreated before in the past (global warming but without blaming White people and their inventions). So as you can see, the actual tapestry of history is far richer than what you might want to believe.

> whites came over from the UK with immigrants coming over a lot in the 1900s.

That's how MY family got here, with no connections at all to slavery or to Niggers.

> YOU might even be the descendant of immigrants from poland, russia, germany, italy, norway, ireland, anywhere in europe.

Britain, France, Spain, and the Netherlands all established colonies and made their land claims early on in North America, mostly to focus on the fur trade – and to build missionaries of course. On the other hand, 19th and 20th century European emigrants to the United States, they came mostly from Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine – approximately in that order, based upon their numbers.

> contrary to what you think, george washingtons family hasnt lived on this land since like 1066.

The story of the Washington family in America began in the mid-1650's when John Washington and his younger brother Lawrence arrived in Virginia. I don't know where you get the 1066 date from.

> dumbass

A bold remark, from someone whose academic claims, have all just been ripped to shreds.

Gab states I joined them in 2021, but actually I go back before that. It's because the ADL or JEW KGB forced Gab to shut down briefly, meaning some of us chose to change our ID when Gab returned. The webmaster here and I had a discussion once, on just WHERE on Gab is the NSM officially recognized! Now I see a group calling itself the NATIONAL SOCIALISTS FLORIDA (listed as a member of Gab since 2022). I've been all over Gab and groups sometimes just seem to pop up, and Gab doesn't always show you as being a group member. Anyway, should NSM members support the NSF?


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

I'm barely on Gab anymore, I'm just way too active on Telegram. Remember when we didn't even have ONE free speech option – but now we have TWO! 🙂 There are a few others of course, but none as permissive as Gab and Telegram.

"forced Gab to shut down briefly" is this something I should be concerned about? Why would you change your ID, was there some data leak going on? Gab says I've been a member since 2019, which I suppose is correct. I would have no way of knowing to be frank. Oh wait, I do have a way of knowing. I joined when it was still back in 2017, so I don't know why it says 2019. I also don't know why Torba wasted $300k buying the worthless dot com. Everyone was happy to use and that was fine – the money could have been used elsewhere, rather than provide free money for domain squatters. Not everything must be dot com these days, we have MANY more top level domain choices now, way more than in the past. The reason they came out with the additional top levels, is because of congestion – too many domain squatters and not enough unused dot coms left available.

The NSM is officially on Gab as however there may be more than that one user account. The Commander asked me to add to this website, so that group must also be official NSM as well.

NatSoc Florida (NSF) [appears to be] a legitimate (and growing ) group out of Jacksonville, founded by Josh Nunes. I personally would like to see normalized relations between the NSM and NSF. The NSM as a general rule may actually be too hard-core for most folks, sporting the 卐 and all, while NSF takes a more mild approach, sporting the sonnenrad, which many find less offensive. I've no idea why the 卐 is a problem, likely because the Jews say it is toxic (hint: it's not). 🙂 The 卐 is a beautiful symbol to me.

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