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The Election Is Over Welcome To Debt Slavery

So what was the first action by the Biden administration post-election? Why that would be to CANCEL the biggest motivator for leftists to even vote Democrat, after all the shit the Democrats have done to you these past two years.

U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman ruled on Thursday that Biden’s debt relief program is “an unconstitutional exercise of Congress’s legislative power and must be vacated.”

"In this country, we are not ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone. Instead, we are ruled by a Constitution that provides for three distinct and independent branches of government," Pittman wrote.

Congratulations you stupid, leftist faggots who voted Democrat, just like a Nigger "fo da gibs" and helped ruin our Republic even more. You have just been played once again, by the deceptive Jews. You are no more intelligent than the Niggers, who fall for the similar false promise of millions of dollars in free "reparations" money to each Nigger for slavery, the same bullshit that happens every election cycle.

The Jews currently own you in debt slavery, strapped to a loan for a worthless diploma that you can never bankrupt yourself out of. So why would the Jews ever give up free and easy money, that you MUST pay? They wouldn't. But see you again in 2024, when the promise of debt relief is once again dangled before your noses and you dance, beg and behave like Niggers for a chance at some free and easy debt relief.

Remember: anyone carrying student debt must resume making payments after January 1, when the pause prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic is set to expire. So enjoy your debt slavery, record high inflation, record high energy prices, record high rent, record high interest rates and all the other things that Democrats tend to bring – including even a possible nuclear war! You bought it, now you sleep in it.

Update 22 November 2022: The Biden Administration, unable to override Congress and the court, deployed the only tool he had – to continue the pause. Payments will begin 60 days after a pending lawsuit is resolved. If the lawsuit has not been resolved by June 30, payments would resume 60 days after that. By extending the payment pause, this will cost taxpayers several billion dollars a month in lost revenue. The moratorium has already cost the taxpayers more than $100 billion in lost payments and interest. Biden claims federal law already gives him wide flexibility to cancel student loans, while Republicans argue that only Congress has the power to cancel debt at such a massive scale. Debt cancellation will more than double inflation and raise the risk of a severe economic recession.

This rant was brought to you by your humble Webmaster, who is thoroughly disgusted by the lack of a massive red wave – mostly due to rampant voter fraud in Democrat-controlled states. Next, expect the Biden administration to end the dumping on the market of our strategic oil reserves and watch your gasoline prices skyrocket. You all have just been played by the deceptive Jews, the demons who rule over you.


Just one additional comment on our strategic oil reserves. This oil is held in reserve in case we ever need to go to war. The Biden administration began dumping this oil on the market to drive down oil prices before the election, to make himself and his fellow Democrats look good. The strategic oil reserve had not been replenished since the 1980's, so Donald Trump took advantage of the low oil prices he created during his time in office to fill it back up, in case we were to ever need it in a time of war. Biden abused that act of good will, by wildly dumping it on the market to aid the Democrats. This oil is for emergency use only in a time of war, it was an abuse of power for it to be used to aid just one party in an election. If a world war were to break out now, we would be in serious trouble, due to a severe lack of energy reserves. That's how little the Democrats care about your future and your safety. Democrats (led by Jews) are willing to burn down America, just so they can rule over its ashes.

The livestream cameras capturing the vote-counting process in an important Nevada county went dark Wednesday night. The livestream cameras went dark at 11:24 p.m. and came back up 7:53 a.m. the following morning. Then just like magic, overnight while everyone was supposedly away from the building, the Washoe County ballot results, which were leaning Republican, suddenly leaned hard Democrat and turned Washoe blue as a county, according to 2 News. This must be yet another example of one of the most secure, transparent, and verified elections in U.S. history we keep hearing about.

Washoe County clearly does not like election transparency, after they have moved from having an election night – to a much longer "election timeframe" which is needed in order to "intervene" and "correct" the ballot results. Technology such as a livestream cannot coexist with this need for election result intervention. Therefore, election officials are now suggesting to eliminate any semblance of transparency, by ceasing to use livestream cameras in future elections.


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GOP had a 15,000 lead on election night.
GOP retards are letting this happen AGAIN.
The GOP wants to kill MAGA even more then the dems do.
It's no surprise to me.
Republicans loose Nevada it go Dem and give them the majority.
GOP were as responsible or more responsible for rigging the 2020 election.

I just confirmed, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have just experienced their best midterm election results in the past 194 years. Usually, everything just flips after the midterms. If this outcome seems rather implausible to you, then maybe this was actually the result of an unrelenting series of election frauds. Again!

 How many fraud events like this does it take to foment a civil war, I wonder? 

If anyone (other than myself) ever had any doubts that the Biden administration (which is run by evil and greedy Jews) EVER had ANY INTENTION WHATSOEVER of giving away free money, by releasing you from a debt that they have bound to these stupid plebs for life, we now have our answer. Now that the election is over, the Department of Education has just said on its federal student aid website, "The Biden administration is no longer accepting applications for student loan forgiveness and has shut down the program." and "Courts have issued orders blocking our student debt relief program, as a result, at this time, we are not accepting any more applications." The Democrats no longer need your vote for another two years, SO PISS OFF you stupid Goyim.

Joe Biden's Jewish handlers dangled enticements in front of voters such as an unrealistic plan to forgive up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt – for individuals with incomes below $125,000 or households earning less than $250,000. So far, about 26 million gullible fools have applied, which obviously translates into a whopping 26 million high confidence Democrat votes! This same kind of trick is played upon the Niggers, with their incessant promise of "reparations" each election cycle. How does it feel to be "handled" by the Democrats, the same as they handle these dumb Niggers? Are you really just as stupid as a dumb Nigger?

However, just as I predicted, none of the relief has actually gone out, nor did they ever intend for any of it TO go out. When Jews have you by the balls, with an unforgivable loan that follows you for your entire lifetime, they aren't going to let go of said balls! Jews love money donchaknow – and they intend to recover every penny that you "owe," until the day you die. For real. They really don't even want the principle on the loan, since they make a steady and far greater multiplying income, derived exclusively from the interest. You will actually pay back the money you "owe" many times over throughout the course of your life. This is why Jesus hated the Jews and their usury, a practice forbidden by both Islam and Christianity. Any principle payments that you actually make on this loan, is simply icing on the cake for them.

Learn about debt slavery, what it is, what the Jews say about it (and you) in the Talmud and why this life-long debt slavery is so important to the Jews, other than just as a source of easy money – then you too will become wise, just like us Nazis.

...a site that's constantly PANHANDLING for other peoples' money this is hilarious. So, are the NSM fags, Jews, or Nigs? Or a combo of all three.

This is even funnier than you douches thinking marching around a park showing your massively small numbers and extra-large flabby asses convinces you that you've done something.

Anyway, I've a bright shiny nickel to throw into Burt's beggar cup.


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The NSM is a political organization, not a factory, nor a service provider. We fight for the survival of the White race, in a time where White replacement and White genocide has become a government initiative under a leftist, anti-White regime.

If you don't think we should take donations to cover expenses (and yes, it is VERY expensive to operate, with the Jews – who have unlimited funding, trying constantly to take us down) then how should we fund our operation? Onlyfans? Merchandise? Subscriptions? It is not uncommon for political organizations (like ours) to cover their operating expenses through donations. Show me ONE who does not.

So clearly, your comments are ridiculous and out of line. And as for NSM activism, why don't you show us what YOU have been doing? Since you can't, as you haven't been doing a thing, then shut the fuck up. 🙂

At least no one at the NSM has ever had to worry about college debt. That would require being able to get into college in the first place.

If you're going to keep begging for money, I hope some of it goes towards getting your GEDs. And maybe towards a weight loss program.



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I had college debt, which I paid off. I have two (now worthless) engineering degrees. College for me was a waste of time. As a former corporate employer, I didn't care what the educational background of an applicant might have been. I was only concerned with "can I train the applicant to do the job." So interviews became testing sessions and if they seemed reasonable, I gave them a shot.

Obviously you are trolling and I've let you get away with it, because it gave me a reason for this reasonable retort. Most of the people who carry college debt are paying off worthless degrees in fields such as gender studies. Anyone who is serious about their career, already has all their college debts paid. I'm actually old enough that I am from a time when a college boy could work a few months through the summer and save enough money for tuition throughout the remainder of the year. The reason why college today is unaffordable is because the government created the guaranteed student loan program. If financing can not be turned down, then there is no reason NOT to raise the price. Education in the USA is the lowest it has ever been and the price is the highest in the world – could anything BE more Jewish?


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I have a little bit of loan debt myself, and I was at the fag queen protest with you guys. We're not uneducated. I'm a computer programming and systems analysis major, and separately a mathematics major. I'm writing a teaching program so that white people can get a GED and an Associates degree through CLEP exams, as well as learn ALL of the mathematics, and come out with ZERO dollars in debt! The software is going to be available 100% for free. I have already built a prototype for myself to use, and it works great. I want whites to have more opportunity. We have to help eachother out, and stop going through those evil JEWS to try to get ahead!


In reply to by Herbert Smith (not verified)

What an excellent idea, one which will only benefit Whites and possibly a few Asians – as to be frank, Niggers are quite uneducable and undisciplined. Jews do now control all levels of higher education and REQUIRE at least pretending to be a leftist, in order to graduate. And let's not forget the fact that I was never formally trained in any of the things I am doing right now with this website. When I was in college, the most advanced computer I had hands-on access to, was a (three bit operation code) computer programmed in octal on its front panel, using toggle switches. It had 8 total operational instructions (as a 3-bit opcode binarily can only support 8 total instructions). Needless to say, today I am blown away with the machine level functionality of even the old cast off computers that people give me for free (to avoid the $35 government mandated disposal fee in my state). Oh and back then, storage was using punch cards and punch tape if you were lucky. A whopping 80 bytes of data per card.

White people (just as I exemplify) are uniquely gifted autodidacts, we actually CAN learn on our own, to teach ourselves new things. Right now I'm learning what appears to be the modern replacement for Java language on the web, and possibly C++ as well (called OCaml) and loving it. For as high level languages go, I can see why Google has adopted this language as their own – everything at google is now written in OCaml from what I understand. Learning and using it is probably a good idea and certainly a contemporary marketable skill. At some point in years past, I stopped using PERL and started using Python, now I see this as a similar event, where I stop using C++ and Java. So yes, your self-help learning program is an excellent offering to our people. Let me know if you need any help with this project, although I am quite busy with what I have on my plate right now. I will always have time for helpful advice.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Thank you for offering the help. I never thought about it being because I'm white, but you're right. I've talked to a famous nigger string theorist, Jim Gates, as well as a Jew mathematics professor at MiT, his name is Daniel with some Jew last name, and neither one of them could comprehend that we can learn without a person standing in front of us, telling us what to think. I taught myself from arithmetic to Calculus, and I only used books. But this makes sense: It is because we are humans, and they are sub-humans. They're just a bunch of fuck'n monkeys. They act like Albert Einstein was the smartest person alive. Einstein didn't invent Calculus. That was Isaac Newton, and Gottfried Leibniz. Einstein could not have deduced the relations of space, time, and gravity, without the tools that white people invented. Who invented the computer? It wasn't a nigger, it wasn't a Jew, it wasn't that faggot Alan Turing that people like to pretend invented the computer. No. It was a straight White man name Charles Babbage. But this isn't stuff that our schools like to teach, because our schools have been taken over by the Jews, the Niggers, and the COMMIE FAGGOTS.

Off topic: I am currently watching Commander Burt Colucci's last podcast. He's talking about needing funds to keep this site going. I have a little idea to bring more funds in to the organization. Have a store page within the site. Within the store page, White National Socialists can sell things that we make. The NSM gets a thirty percent cut.

What could we make and sell? Books, clothing, freeze dried food goods for long term storage, works of art, music, pretty much anything. This could grow into being able to pull our white brethren out of the pit that these filthy Jews have been working to condemn the human race into, and turn the tables on them permanently! We are THE HUMAN RACE, and we will send the ENEMIES of the HUMAN RACE straight into the pits of CAMPS with GIANT FURNACES!!!!


In reply to by Herbert Smith (not verified)

> famous nigger string theorist

No such thing, no matter how "light skinned" he may be. I'll never forget how disillusioned I was to meet Neil deGrasse Tyson in person and try to communicate with him, as tho he were a real academic. I was so disappointed. He's no replacement for Carl Sagan (yeah, I know Sagan was a Jew) but he was truly an academic. Then many years later came the rape accusations from grad student Tchiya Amet and three other women who came forward so yeah, just another Bill Cosby (only Tyson can actually form words in his mouth, unlike Cosby). In reality, Tyson is and always was just a planetarium director for a really posh planetarium (Hayden Planetarium, NYC) and nothing more. His skin color advantage and ability to socialize brings in the donation money. That's his only purpose. Choosing him to represent science on PBS was a bad idea, as he was a poor replacement for someone like Carl Sagan. But that's what the Jews are doing now, allowing their pets to replace them as front men. Jews you see, simply don't like to be noticed.

> I taught myself … and I only used books

That's how it was for me in the past, now I only use websites and PDF documents.

> Albert Einstein was the smartest person alive

Funny thing about patent clerks. They always come up with the best ideas. Why? Because really smart people walk right up and hand you their best ideas, along with a filing fee! I never met Einstein, he died when I was little, so I can't really say much about him first hand. However I would bet his best ideas were handed to him by really smart Goyim, to which he turned down their patent and kept their filing fees.

> needing funds to keep this site going

We need to armor everything and it is very expensive, from the 4 high-capacity CDN nodes to 12 nameservers for our DNS. Finding our service level was easy. One CDN node was DDoS'd first day. Two nodes, same thing. So I doubled it again to 4 nodes and now we stay up just fine. And should they ever take the 4 nodes down, I'll double again to 8 nodes – I don't care what it takes, I will NEVER let the Jews win! On the DNS, I went big straight away, having just come off upgrading the CDN nodes. We had two nameservers which they DDoS'd completely, so I took it to the max with nameservers scattered all around the world. DDoS only works if you are close and it only takes one to resolve. The max was 13 nameservers, but we lost the one we had in Russia. But anyway, that and the cost of live video is why this website is super expensive (when compared to a regular blog site).

> Have a store page within the site.

I build a lot of those, wordpress WooCommerce mostly, then PrestaShop. The NSM used to have a store, but that ceased when Commander Burt took over. This was mostly due to demonetization – if you can't take payments because you are denied credit cards, you can't sell shit. I still have the old WooCommerce site waiting in the wings (but I believe the domain is now expired and lost).

> What could we make and sell?

I want (badly) to make and sell replica third reich standards, hand made, everything from carving the wax to sand casting the brass and hand planing, sanding and finishing the wood – even sewing the real wool flags. This is the one thing you just can not buy as a replica – only I intend to do it right!…

The following mostly just for humor, but I saw an OnlyFans hot chick say she makes her rent payment in just 10 minutes. One of her followers bought her a Tesla. All she does is sit around in her skimpys and act sexy on livestream. Maybe Commander Burt could sit around in his underwear on our livestream, on a private channel and sell access to watch? Maybe a fan would buy him a Tesla too. By the way, that cam whore didn't even credit the fool who bought her the car. She simply referred to him as "one of my subs" and he didn't even get a thank you or verbal credit for doing it. Many people did comment about that on Reddit (which is how I even know about it). There are a lot of really pathetic people on Reddit.

> send the ENEMIES of the HUMAN RACE straight into the pits of CAMPS with GIANT FURNACES!

To keep them toasty warm on cold winter nights no doubt. Because we don't do death threats on here AT ALL. 🙂


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

> To keep them toasty warm on cold winter nights no doubt. Because we don't do death threats on here AT ALL.

If we don't promise genocides on here, then of course I mean only to keep the enemies of the human race warm. Yes.

> I'll never forget how disillusioned I was to meet Neil deGrasse Tyson in person and try to communicate with him, as tho he were a real academic.

Jews find the smartest niggers they can find to fool everyone into thinking they are just as smart as people. Jim Gates said he struggled to understand integrals, until after he had been trying for a really long time, that he didn't understand it until waking up from a dream, and he was covered in sweat, and he was shaking. I understood integrals the first time I looked at them. It didn't involve me struggling, or waking up in a cold sweat. But he's famous because he's a nigger that can do it. If I could train my dog to draw a simple happy face, my dog would be plastered all over TV, and people would act like my dog would have just discovered electricity. I guess being able to draw a happy face would be intelligent for a dog, and I guess being able to talk about some planets, or learning to understand integrals, would be intelligent for a nigger. I'd be ok with them if they went back to Africa to talk about that shit, and never came back.

> The NSM used to have a store.

What kind of stuff did you used to sell?

> But that ceased when Commander Burt took over. This was mostly due to demonetization.

Did the Jews make the credit card companies suddenly decide who they will allow people to conduct business with, based on political bias? That sounds illegal for them to do. But even with them doing that, it shouldn't prevent people from seeing something they want to order, and purchasing it through the same routes we have available to purchase memberships --- money order and bitcoin. It would just make the store page more of a digital magazine. Dan Bongino made a Paypal alternative, I think it's called AlignPay, because Paypal is ripping people off, and denying sales. Perhaps AlignPay will not prevent customers from buying from the NSM? Even the National Socialists in Germany had to sell products in order to fund their organization.

You know Elon Musk sold flame throwers? He sold them as "Not a flame thrower." I think the movement could make a really good profit by selling them as something that explicitly states it is not intended to be used, and call it a "Nazi Barbecue." Something made of metal with the swastika cast into the side of it. $1,000 dollars a piece. Then of course people could purchase t-shirts for about $30 dollars a piece that have different pictures printed on them. Blank T-shirts are inexpensive, and printing pictures on them is cheap. People would buy those, they do it all the time at places like Spencers and Hot Topic. Nobody sells Nazi apparel. People who want it would be willing to order it the same way they are ordering a product from a magazine. But those are just ideas.

> Burt could sit around in his underwear on our livestream...

Haha. No offense to Burt, but I wouldn't want to see that.


In reply to by Herbert Smith (not verified)

> If we don't promise genocides on here, then of course I mean only to keep the enemies of the human race warm. Yes.

Yes, we are a 100% LEGAL political organization, we do not call for violence no matter what the Jews at the ADL may lie. We only want toasty warm and cozy enemies of humanity. Who doesn't? 🙂

> people would act like my dog would have just discovered electricity

A logical, rational and even somewhat hilarious explanation. You know what? I like you, stick around – we'll have some great conversations. 🙂 Or better yet, radio shows maybe? I've built an awesome live streaming audio system for the NSM and we're just about to deploy it soon. Just imagine the shit that's gonna come out of our mouths, live on the air. 🙂 And unlike BlogTalk, you are not only encouraged to speak the truth about shit skins – I think we'll even require it.

But what you said above is true, the bigotry of low expectations. I can't remember how many times I pointed out that if Obama were White, he would only have been mediocre, but because he exceeds the low expectations of your typical ghetto Nigger pavement ape, he is held up as some kind of genius.

> I'd be ok with them if they went back to Africa

As a political party, whatever method we choose to expatriate these beasts must be humane AND generous. I don't have a problem with that. I just want them gone, regardless of the cost. Because once they are no longer doing their Nigger stuff here, we can get back to living like White people should.

> What kind of stuff did you used to sell?

White power music was the biggest seller, but all kinds of third reich memorabilia and militaria stuff. All cheap Chinese made junk as I recall. Not German craftsmanship (as what I would require).

> credit card companies suddenly decide … based on political bias … sounds illegal for them to do.

Yes, it does sound illegal and it would be illegal if they were doing it to protected Niggers, a civil rights violation. But they are not doing it to Niggers. They are doing it to an even smaller and even more disenfranchised minority – Nazis! Which makes it okay.

> AlignPay

They might have been willing, but their Jewish underwriters said no.

> You know Elon Musk sold flame throwers?

Elon Musk is rich enough that he is untouchable. He's also NOT A NAZI. 🙂

> Nobody sells Nazi apparel.

High quality Nazi apparel is available in Japan. Credit cards are okay too! The Japanese call it cosplay and don't give a shit about Nazi symbols and ideas. They let their children dress as Nazis. (and this is just ONE of MANY sources in Japan – here's another)…

> Haha. No offense to Burt, but I wouldn't want to see that.

Ah! But would you pay us NOT to see it? 🙂


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> radio shows maybe?

That would be awesome. I'd LOVE to speak truth about the NIGGERS, JEWS, CHINKS, FAGGOTS, COMMIES, etc..

> High quality Nazi apparel is available in Japan.

Those sites you showed me are good. I have also seen items on ebay, but I mean a dedicated site for Whites and real National Socialism. But I was just throwing ideas out there. Another option is to spread out flyers every week, with reminders about the riots the NIGGERS ran around like wild doing, and encouraging white people to join. I would hate to see the site go away.

> Ah! But would you pay us NOT to see it?

haha Yes.

Let the far-left Deep State democrats destroy the country Weimar Republic style. Who wants to keep cleaning up their mess after them anyway? Things are now too far gone. Bring the system down. And a message from someone who knew that all-too-well in the link...

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to make the image visible.

Voting in my opinion is most likely a total illusion, even if it's not some big fake show and the votes actually get counted, it still results in jewish control of the government due to the fact that both sides of the isle have prostituted themselves to Israel.
The only current benefits as I see it when it comes to having a Republican or conservative lawmaker is the slightly more relaxed gun and free speech laws, that could always change however.


In reply to by Covenant Soldier (not verified)

Voting (for me) and rooting for the lesser of two Jewish shills is an unfortunate but absolutely necessary evil. Because if you don't fight for the lesser evil – you end up with Biden; the greater of two evils. Nothing Biden is doing is for our benefit, while at least half of what the former administration was doing, actually did benefit us. Right now my expenses are the highest they have ever been, while my income is meager and 100% technical. Prior to 2020 my expenses were low and most of my income came from art – which means I was being paid to have fun! I miss that. Now don't get me wrong, I love doing tech work, but art feeds the soul. A blend of the two would be ideal. In times of austerity, there just is no money available for art.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

With respect Webmaster, I must retort. I believe, as an accelerationist, that the destruction of the current society is the only path to an environment in which we can rebuild and heal as a race. I believe that complete division of the population, and the resulting collapse (partial or total), present perhaps the most concrete chance that we have at survival. With this in mind, if one candidate must be voted for, let it be the one like creepy Joe, who fans the flames of division and pushes the direction of the economy past the point of no return. The harder the kike squeezes the more control will slip through his fingers; the more imposing and undeniable the hand of the leftist government, the more residual resistance is produced. It's obvious to anyone who knows me that I am not an advocate for a leftist government, in fact I'm the complete opposite as a disciple of National Socialism. However, in the pursuit of an NS rise to power (long overdue), I see the value of an implosion brought on by a leftist leader who shows the American people just how much the kikes in power hate them. Food for thought. 88


In reply to by Covenant Soldier (not verified)

Actually, "accelerationism" is a Jewish invention, an idea crafted by the Jews to get the Jew-wise Goyim to effectively help the Jews to achieve their end goal, only faster. Here's how this Jewish trick works. The Jews convince the Jew-wise Goyim that "making things even worse" (giving Jews even more success, more power and an eventual one-party Democrat controlled government) will help bring about change, by making life even more miserable to an already beat-down and compliant White race. So what does the already beat-down and compliant White race do? Do they fight back? Do they burn down whole cities like the Niggers? No, they just whine and complain, then stoically accept the even worse conditions, just as White people will – until that one day when the majority non-White military is fully controlled by the Jews. This is the day we are slaughtered by this majority non-White army.

You do have to hand it to the Jews, the masters of deception. They actually have our guys helping the Jews to destroy everything we hold dear, in the false hopes to trigger a retaliatory action. But it won't trigger a retaliatory action. It won't trigger anything at all! White people are right now fully cowed, fearful of being called xenophobic, or racist. So how far will White people go to avoid being called racist? Over 20 years ago now, a large group of White people, were forced onto a soccer field by a pair of Niggers holding a small pistol. These Niggers forced the Whites on their knees and the fully cowed Whites let these two Niggers shoot them all in the back of the head, one-by-one, assembly line style (the Wichita Massacre). These White victims (including one catholic priest) were first robbed by these Niggers, the females were then raped by these Niggers, all of them were then abducted and taken to a nearby soccer field and executed. The Jewish media responded by not reporting the incident. The Jewish court responded by prohibiting any coverage of the trial, or any discussion of what happened to these victims. THAT is how cowed the White race is – and that was almost 22 years ago! It's even WORSE today!

Many Jew-wise Goyim inadvertently help the Jews to destroy the White race in many devious ways, without even realizing it. Moon landing hoax theory is also Jewish, for example. The purpose is to take away from Whites, the greatest ever achievement of the White race (White men walking on the moon, and we did this back in 1969). When Whites promote the Jewish idea that our greatest achievement ever, is actually a lie, just like the pyramids were made by Niggers is actually a lie (we wuz kangz theory) that makes Whites and Niggers exactly the same – according to the Jew, both lie about their accomplishments. Both Whites and Niggers have now become Kangz.

Flat earth is another Jewish trick to help keep the Goyim from ever believing the moon landings were real and to keep us from ever achieving our greatest adventures, other than colonizing this entire planet (and walking on the moon). Jews don't want Whites living happy lives off this world, they would prefer we were all dead, leaving them in control over everything in our solar system. And as I type these words, the majority Jew-run Biden administration (during a recession and during hyperinflation, when we can least afford it) made our situation even worse by authorizing White engineers to build rockets (the Artemis mission) to launch Nigger females to the moon, just to further humiliate and demoralize the White race even more. The media will of course remind us the 1969 event was a hoax and racist (because it was 100% White and 100% male) but Niggers on the moon is real, they will spare no expense to prove Niggers are actually on the moon. And with modern technology, it will be impossible to imply that it is NOT real. We will all be able to intercept the signals coming from the moon. No one on earth will be able to show it is not real, so the final historical record will show Nigger females (not White men) were first on the moon.


These Niggers on the moon will not get there by themselves of course, it will be Whitey who put them there – but Whitey will get zero credit for this. You just watch. As I type these words, the Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft is over halfway to the moon, currently 216,391 miles from Earth, 93,048 miles from the moon and cruising through space at 995 mph. In less than two years time, before the end of the Biden administration, you will see wall-to-wall coverage of Niggers on the moon. Whitey will get zero credit (even if it took Whitey to get them there). I will of course argue at this future time, that the first living creature that we launched into orbit was a chimpanzee (not far off from a Nigger) and that the chimpanzee had no hand in getting itself into orbit. Niggers on the moon will be no different. These words will of course fall on deaf ears, as White children will see these "hero Niggers" on the moon and wish THEY were Niggers too. That's when every trace of White pride will have been erased by the Jew.

This diabolical method is how the Jews demoralize, incapacitate and then destroy the greatest race the world has ever seen. By our most minor of vulnerabilities (compassion and guilt) the Jew will defeat the greatest race the world has ever known. I could go on and on explaining all the ways the Jews trick "our guys" into helping them, but this comment is already too long. Maybe a left menu article detailing the many methods of Jewish deception is in order? 🙂 A side note: voting accomplishes nothing, as the Democrats (Jews) simply rig all the elections in the key states that matter. But that said, I still vote conservative, as I am willing to try anything other than a complete surrender – or as in the case of accelerationism, capitulation to our Jewish enemy, yielding full access to power and control over us and our future. A future which is projected to be – complete extinction and replacement.

Election results in Nevada and Arizona took longer because those places needed more time to cheat. The documentary “2,000 Mules” proves Democrats cheated on the 2020 elections. Maricopa County had a record 290,000 ballots dropped off on Election Day. Smells like fraud. The vote counting taking longer than expected is proof of fraud or cheating. Democrats have already turned America into a Third World Country!

At what point will we rise up against these niggers? White and black niggers!! At what point? The jew wants you to wake and and realize just a second to late. We must be proactive and we need more people. Unless we act soon, the next step of the jewish system will take place and make it even harder to exercise free speech, and peaceful assemblies. We have aryans across the us right now getting poisoned tortured by so called white supremacist's. Its all jews acting the part. Just like the jews dressed up as nazi soilders and killed other jews and recorded it. Then blamed hitlers regime. The same thing they are doing now. All in order to strip more freedoms. Everyone take head and stop using cannabis!!!! Any strain in the us is bioengineered to make the user submissive. The zion coptic church works with the jew to help this along. Thc opens up neural bonds and makes you open to suggestion. Weed is for niggers!!! Not the white man. Derek Vineyard was correct in this extrapolation. I am tired of sitting around and watching our race die and I am tired of being tortured and poisoned and chased down by fake wrecking crews that the nigger and the jew run. We need masses of people. It needs to be now. All we have is now. If not now then WHEN? After are race is gone? The niggers have a good lead despite what many think. We can sit and think about our power and sit and think imperium, but we need to stand up and do. Even if its peaceful assemblies of people. We need masses cause the niggers and antifa will come. The war is now. It is a now war. Its only a tomorrow war if we dont act today. And it will be a past war if we dont act today. Everyone is too comfortable with their tv and funny papers. Its ALL propaganda period. All trademarked and licensed for ENTERTAINMENT. Not free press. None of it has to be true. Not an ounce. The act of 1871 was when the country was no longer and a corporation took over DC. That corporation dissolved in 1999. According to the spire on the flags in all courthouses we are in martial law. At least all citizens are. The american flag 3x5 is a military flag. This is all going back to a masonic shipping war system. And the corporation we think is a government is no different than a pyramid scheme. A walmart at best. Why do people care about a companies president????? Anyway, now in 2000 on the constitution is invalid. I have wrote the government (corporation) legal messages for remedies based on their own UCC and commerce laws with no remedy. They fully deny and legal responsibilities for their actions. At the very truthful level there are pirates in our white house. Anyone since 2000 is in fact a terrorist. Through freemasonry they know what they are doing. As a People we are sovereign in nature. We must remember this. Sovereign citizen is a conundrum. Two opposing titles. Citizens are directly subject to law. That title is in fact an employee if a foreign corporation. At what point?

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