The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

2021 NSM Nationals and Legal protest

Friday April 16 & Saturday April 17

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Unity March Canceled Over Fears Of Neo-Nazi Group Demonstrating In Area

Saturday night’s unity march in Phoenix designed to bring attention to hate crimes and racism directed against Asian-Americans and other minority groups was canceled. The irony here is that Asians are overwhelmingly attacked by Blacks, not by White Nationalists. This Black violence rule generally applies to all groups, especially to the elderly.

Neo-Nazi rally at Arizona Capitol outnumbered by counterprotesters

Not really, the group they found were a bunch of old people apparently protesting the vote recount or something, with the photos they provide suggest only a handful of counterprotesters were at the event. Nice try tho, going with a Jewish disinformation objective.

It can't be a coincidence that neo-Nazis are rallying in Phoenix this weekend

See how the Jews always flip the narrative, trying to smear Republicans whenever they can? The major problem is – this works. Republicans fear being called Nazi. However Republicans are NOT Nazis. Republicans only become Nazis, once they grow up and realize it takes a Nazi to defeat Communism.


As a proud Aryan National Socialist, i want to be involved in the Phoenix rally. Where do I find out where I should go and restrictions on what I can bring sign wise? I want to be there, and I'll take off work to stand side by side with my brothers in this struggle, I just need to know where to go and when. Than you


In reply to by Jakob Sikes (not verified)

We don't yet know where the NSM will be, however I'm sure the mainstream media will let you know. It is their job to inform the Leftists where to go to chimp out. So for now, the where and when is still unknown.

Hails to my new white brothers & family!
I deeply regret not being able to attend the rally in Phoenix that day. However, it really was an honor meeting you all the day before. You are all great people who accepted my girlfriend and I and treated us as family and I believe joining the NSM was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I hope it isn't too long before we all meet again. Stay true, 14/88!!

What is the dress code, or more specifically the uniform policy at the rally?

All active members are to wear the black shirt and Swastika armband (provided when you join and attend your first event or been a member in good standing for 6 months) at all public functions. The brownshirt is recommended, but not required for our annual Nationals. Black pants, black boots and belt are supplied by the member for his or herself.

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