The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )
2022 NSM Nationals and Permitted Public Protest
Announcement for the 2022 NSM Nationals and Permitted Public Protest on April 23, 2022
This event has been rescheduled for August.



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You have to be mentally deranged if you think covid isn't real. I'm not a fan of Fauci but the guy isn't wrong. Covid isn't going away anytime soon.


In reply to by Not a Jew (not verified)

Covid 19 hasn't even been isolated, so no, it's all complete bullshit. But hey, you're free to inject yourself with toxic garbage if that's what you so desire.


In reply to by Ubermensch (not verified)

Covid was designed to kill the elderly, not the young. If you are young, you won't be harmed. The Jews have been trying to prevent the release of Novavax (a real vaccine) however it should be available this spring for those who don't want to use dangerous mRNA technology. However I predict the Jews will release yet another virus, unaffected by the vaccines, either in March or April to get us ready for forced mail-in ballots in November. This new viral release will likely have around 30% mortality to make it serious, to make sure we all stay home and vote by mail, so the Democrats can win. Let's see if I'm right. Jewish behavior is easy to predict.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

We are currently in a underground race war, I personally have experienced my food in restaurants tainted by brownies/ blackies , and other ways to do harm to me directly, when the economic breakdown occurs soon that will work into a political war / race war all out due to diversity being the true underlying issue to all the problems.

Am I the only one that is having trouble seeing the new video streams? I can only see them on my phone but not on the desktop computer.


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

I believe many people are having problems, but without knowing more details about your problems, I can't really help you guys fix them. I posted Eddie's email address, so maybe we could establish a dialog. What I can tell you is this: the problem is apparently on YOUR end. This website is using the most advanced technology available, some browsers may not be HTML5 compatible. However MOST likely, the problems are caused by my constantly editing the javascript on an active website, making changes from week to week. So when you load the javascript into your cache this week and I change it next week, your browser becomes broken, as it tries to reuse the previous cached code. The entire video section was constantly being improved on a regular basis up to now. I know it's probably not a great idea to do real-time web development on an active website, but what choice do we have? It's not like we are using anything conventional or interchangeable here, as we need to remain JEW RESISTANT and this includes resistance to state funded attacks and attempted take-downs by Antifa as well. So we're kinda stuck developing on the live site in near real time. If you know how to flush your browser cache, doing that will likely allow the new javascript to load and that will fix the problem. I'm assuming it's bad cache files at issue for everyone, since Eddie was having a problem with videos not playing, so I asked him to flush his browser cache and the issue went away. This is likely ubiquitous for everyone. Flush the cache and all will be fine. From the logs I can see that MOST people are seeing the videos just fine, very few are showing any errors. So once we get those few fixed up, the problems should be solved. I believe I now have everything (which is client side) finished with the code for the video section, all that remains for development is server side automation, so just one browser cache flush should suffice. But at any time I may think of something cool to add and abruptly change things in some way that is incompatible with the previous code. So for anyone having troubles viewing the on-demand "vodcast" videos, try flushing your browser cache and see if that works. And if your caches are really old, you may even get a better live player as well, because that too has gone through many iterations before now. 🙂


In reply to by Grandfather (not verified)

The NSM operates as a LEGAL White advocacy group, one that works very hard to comply with every aspect of the law. We support justice and we support law enforcement. We are also not shy about exercising our First and Second Amendment rights, nor should we be as Americans. We also realize that today, the higher echelons of law enforcement (example: the FBI) is and always has been since its inception, corrupt and motivated by political bias. Instead of upholding the law fairly, offering equal protection under the law, even for Nazis, they often seek to circumvent the law, by any means available, in order to destroy their political opposition. However for the average rank and file boys in blue and the non-partisan agents of the FBI, I salute you and applaud the work that you do.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Good morning, sir.

I agree the FBI has good agents that are for USA 1st, & bad agents that are anti USA kikery Zionist, puppets. Besides using the legal law abiding ways.. NSM has another powerful tool and that`s questioning anyone that`s against the NSM. Examples: When I questioned a counter terrorism police officer, I had my body camera on, & hidden.. I ask him who are you, protecting? The counter terrorism police did not know how to answer. That`s when I used my Being Selective, Research, Use Logics, Analyze, and Get the Fact. I questioned why are you protecting the anti USA domestic terrorist groups such as blm, and antifa? Why are you protecting the Zionist that`s been exposed as world terrorist? Why are you taking real White Americans tax payers money, & protecting an anti USA agenda? The FBI crime statistics by race in the entire USA shows: the subhuman niggers and spics commit the most crimes- murder, rape, & robbery. Fact ( another example: The Christian churches throughout USA are now becoming a safe haven for faggot worshipers, pedophiles, rapist, & drug addicts. I call them out while there satanic service is going on.. saying out loud you`re a bunch of fucking hypocrites faggot worshipers in a Christian church!! Also said according to the Bible Moses would burn you fuckers to death, & that`s what he did in the Bible. These subhuman hispanic forced bred spic fuckers like puerto rican shitholes that are so called citizens of USA & on the welfare system for sixty plus years, and still the 1st world USA can`t save, them? puerto rico has turned into a shithole island. They`re not only faggot worshipers but they also gamble in the church after there sinful, service. These are the puppets of the zionist, jews. Civil Rights?.... Niggers, Spics, & the zionist kikery along with there faggot liberal std inventors.. are not civilized, & that`s why Civil Right`s should not be for sub humans. Even the rats in urban cities through out the USA would agree that there declining way of life is due to the infestation of niggers, spics, faggots, & zionist kikery, jews. In other words natures animals, & mammals are way more intelligent, & natural. Hitler would agree. Another powerful tool NSM should use: American White Nationalist using (US Landmarks, & Historical Preservationist) that`s a legal and very powerful tool that will give you more power to expose the anti USA, & anti White scums from tearing down buildings that are supposed to be US Landmarks built by White American Anglo, men. Another Example: look what happened to Yankees stadium? they replaced the real house that Babe Ruth built-Yankees stadium that was built by White Irish and Italian American, men. The jew laws of modernity that`s a imitation very commercialized stadium and are using the name Yankees stadium..? but it`s fake..and there money goes to you know, who?.. the zionist kikery isreal.

Note: I love the first & second amendments. Quote: If they`re afraid of your guns, then they`re your, enemies.

The Original: [ Retro Richie® ] -(Time-Machine)+™️
US Landmarks, & Historical Preservationists.
Quote: Staying Original, Classical, National, Cultural, & Traditional.
Sieg Heil 14-88

Cause ALL you fucking bitches LOVE sucking on that dick. hahaha
Fuck all you shit heads.
Get ready to have your faggot asses handed to you when you come to my city.
You ALL can have your existences ENDED and get buried ass-up under 6 feet of shit.
So yeah, fuck you NAZI fucking bitches. Go eat some more ass. haha


In reply to by Jordan (not verified)

I think you're the one who is a faggot pal, you love sucking George Floyd cock don't you? Go rot in hell along with Marx and Stalin you nigger pedophile kike lover.

All Hail Burt Colucci!


In reply to by Jordan (not verified)

They are just mad the only bitches they can fuck are their own sisters and cousins. As a result of their broken genetics, their feeble minded daughters want Hispanic and Black Cock lmao

These fat pieces of shit have absolutely no IQ whatsoever.

If I see these pussy's in Orlando again, I'm going to make sure I take a shit on their Nazi flags in front of them before I wipe my ass with it.

I know you guys are mad about not being able to romantically attract a parter, or resist yourself from beating women, or exercise enough to get rid of your fat bellies so you can see your dicks again, or learn how to read or write, or make your hair not become disgusting oil slicks, or even grow hair period, or learn a talent, or make another person laugh, or make your faces not look like a bag of dogshit run over by a truck, or really anything of value to society. It must suck to be that worthless, truly, but screaming racist shit in front of Starbucks isn’t the power move you think it is. I’ll piss on you all in hell when the time comes, but I’ll meet you guys there. If you guys can all just kill yourselves ASAP, I’ll be happy to precipitate on your crushed dogshit faces when I’m ready. Unlike you guys though , I have a life, so it might take me a while. Toodles, cunts.

Fat fucks LARPING around. Should be ashamed. Gonna be karma when you go to prison and the black gangs get their hands on you. Hope you're a fan of subway, Lot of door longs coming your way you fucking cowardly little bitch ass pussies

Sike nigga! Fuck outta here you Nazi scum! You are the biggest fucking hypocrites the world has seen to date. You niggas is fat fucking cunts LARPing like you're the Alpha Race. Nah nigga you motherfuckers weigh like 500 kg (I don't expect y'all illiterate asses to know what that is), eat Burger King all day, got 0 hoes talmbout being the master race. Do you ever look in a mirror bro? Hitler himself would've sent you to the concentration camps! He valued Black people more than you cucks! Y'all illiterate inbred don't even know the teaching of Christ. Ever heard of "love thy neighbor"? I'm a Muslim and I know more about Christianity than you fucks. And I know for a fact half of y'all are closeted homosexuals. Please do take a look at my Brown nuts😈😈

Sieg Heil meine Freunde!

sis is a great website! greetings from Germania my american friends!
I see there are lots of Volksverräter and anti fa terrorist on dis website (very sad) please send them to se gas chamber ASAP

raus mit doa viecha!

Doing GODs work you guys
thanks and greetings from Germania

The white race is being targeted by the Rothschilds. Whites are the minority of the world but created wealthy western countries. We must stop the destruction of America and Europe by the animal races .

Joachim is correct we must unite with all western countries people men in the world to maintain our greatness.

The incident in Orange County is a prime example of the hypocrisy and internal threat that posses to the good white people of our great state and the Aryan nation as a whole. we must organize now or we will be crushed.

We must unite quickly from around the world. The juden are trying to erase the white race from the earth . We have created every country that is advanced and has a high level of living. None of the animal races have ever created societies like ours. They live in huts 🛖 they don't have automobiles or electric. They are invading our countries and the juden agenda 2030 proves everything I have said.

Come on guys we need a common idealism/ United group of Western White, otherwise we are divided as the the blacks/ Hispanics/ Asians /Muslims dividing the nation and wanting to tear it down and turn it into something else, wake up.


In reply to by Founding Fathe… (not verified)

You sound like an anti-White, are you? What the NSM is doing, clearly works. The NSM and the GDL are the only active pro-White groups right now. You have not specified what you think might work better, so I assume you are just a troublemaker.

What works is the original USA idiot, without corruption tyranny and a military coup to change history with the 14th Amendment allowing niggers and all other low life invade the USA.


In reply to by Founding Fathers (not verified)

Clearly I am not an idiot if the weight of world Jewry fails to bring this website down -- and boy do they try. Our first Jewish president (Lincoln) and those who followed are to blame for our misery today. The only thing that can bring the White race back from the edge of extinction is National Socialism. We all saw how well it worked to create the beautiful ethnic monoculture of Nazi Germany -- what we hope to achieve is an all-White National Socialist America. Yes, it is a longshot, but what else can we do while living under ZOG, except try as best we can, to create something better for our race?

Go to Germany and fight for Nazi there, Nazi was never in USA and never will, the original USA found fathers and constitution was and will be forever.


In reply to by NSM does dick (not verified)

The USA Constitution will only survive until the White race becomes a voting MINORITY -- that's when the mud races will vote to replace it with a mud government and America becomes indistinguishable from central America or Africa. This is a fact AND YOU KNOW IT!

The constitution is being ignored... The kikes could careless about your rights. why do we allow the kikery in this country to get out of hand.. Society is on the edge of total downfall because of these ugly Big nose Kikes. America is history. 14/88

I don't like that NSM manifestations are so rare. If you want to be noticed, you have to be more active.


In reply to by Michał Rosłon (not verified)

Our Commander is facing two fraudulent felony hate crime charges, in two separate states right now. That's about as active as he can be for the moment. Adding a third felony charge before the first one even goes to trial may be perfectly fine if you are Black, but not so much if you are White. You see, here in America, Whites are highly and wrongfully persecuted, while being discriminated against, during our planned replacement and genocide. Whites are currently the ONLY race you can openly show bias against, this is perfectly LEGAL. So that's the problem we are trying to overcome. What would be nice is if other members would step up and be active – and we are working on that right now. More people were active when it was just voice on the radio, but video (albeit the modern trend) is quite a bit more intimidating. However we are working on it. Street activism will have to wait until after the two pending trials are over.

If you think the jews view you as an equal, you're naive. No agreement that jews enter into with gentiles is honored. They aren't compelled to keep any oaths or agreements with those who aren't Jewish. This is why they can lie cheat and steal with impunity.


In reply to by Joachim (not verified)

Don't forget that Jews own nearly all the courts. Almost every judge is a Jew and almost every prosecutor as well. They also own the media, so only Jews decide what you will know about any given event. This is why Johnny Depp is on TV every single day for weeks non-stop, but Ghislaine Maxwell received zero TV news time for her unusually short trial. It was a federal court judge with a Jewish surname who shockingly reduced her sentence by 10 years. Yes, Jewish law allows the Jew to cheat and steal from the Goyim, but owning the courts and the media is what actually allows the Jews to get away with it. And of course, Jeffrey Epstein is a Jew. I say is, because the dead man they said was him, was NOT him, wrong ear folds, smaller nose, as seen in the photo. Jewish corruption, money and power is what broke Epstein from jail and I'd imagine he is a local celebrity in Israel right now. How many Jews have escaped to Israel to wait until a presidential election year, where they are summarily pardoned by the outgoing president before they return? There have been many – demonstrating just how high up this Jewish corruption goes.

The Good Life of Criminals Who Flee to Israel…

Israeli Policy on Extradition


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

The media is owned by 6 corporations and they are Jewish owned.
Brother Nathaniel points out the jews in our government and the Rothschild owned politicians.
Brother Nathaniel is an orthodox priest and knows well the Jewish lies .

Saturday's (June 18th) NSM upcoming 'visit' to the pretty left wing medium-sized City of Missoula Montana, has caused quite a stir among all the neurotic, paranoid, far leftist loonies in control of the 'Cities' media and entrenched socialist city and county leadership. From all the alarmist and factually ignorant comments made that I noted, one would think murderous thugs were coming to town. But I bet you anything, you stalwart people of the NSM! Any of them, unless their brains are just too far gone to become even in a small way more intelligent, when meeting the strong and tough, and even VERY NICE, actually NSM members, it should be a day for them they shall never forget! I expect some new people are going to be interested and that is EXACTLY what our neurotic, paranoid enemies fear and hate! (oh, the "hate group") Yep. I think these rats certainly spread a whole lot of hate themselves. Here's to a PEACEFUL, AND SUCCESSFUL VISIT TO MISSOULA MONTANA!!

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