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A suspicious-looking but polite young man, who was going door-to-door attempting to solicit "community service work," according to court records. And as always, he dindu nuffins.

Summer is heating up real fast folks and the Negroes are out doing what Negroes do best, what Negroes do the most. And of course no one is shocked, as the media and law enforcement downplay this event, perfectly normal Black behavior. So normal in fact, the suspect's attorney even pushed for the suspect to be released from jail under electronic supervision. Imagine the audacity required for anyone to even make such a request!

It seems that firefighters found a decapitated and mutilated White woman's body after putting out an apartment fire in Clarksville, a town of 22,000 in Clark County, Indiana. Surveillance video led investigators to a well known suspect, a Black ex-con named Brian Montez Williams. Police found a suitcase belonging to the victim at Williams' taxpayer-funded section-8 apartment and inside the suitcase was the woman's severed head, along with a plastic container holding her fingers and toes, as well as a bloody hacksaw. Police do not believe Williams knew Gambetty, presumably ruling out the possibility of premeditation (or hate). Police and prosecutor have apparently concluded, based upon the evidence, that the death of this woman "clearly" must have happened as the result of a "botched robbery" and not the result of a racially motivated hate crime, spree killing or serial killing. Williams, 36, was thus charged with homicide, arson and misdemeanor theft, in the death of 67-year-old Melody Gambetty. An autopsy will be performed to determine the official cause of death, but police noted that the body appeared to be covered with many stab wounds. The Negro suspect was NOT labeled a serial killer by either the prosecution or the media, even though he took home trophies of his kill. Why? Because everyone knows serial killers (or at least the ones reported by the Jewish media) are always White – and that theory must remain the only acceptable narrative to be seen by the public. And because he stole the suitcase used to transport the severed head, as well as a plastic box used to transport the severed fingers and toes, apparently this will be described as a botched robbery, rather than as a racially motivated interracial hate crime – because as everyone knows, after witnessing a year of Black riots in every blue state in America, Black "victims" are absolutely INCAPABLE of hate.

Black privilege is now on full display.

How do we know? Well the prosecutor is already downplaying this as a botched robbery. Yes, the beheading of a White victim by a Black assailant is now deemed a botched robbery. The suspect was reportedly only charged with homicide, arson and misdemeanor theft. None of these will result in the death penalty, nor a life sentence in most cases. I predict this Negro suspect will likely get 10 years for homicide, plus 4 years for arson, the misdemeanor theft charge will be dropped as is normal with Black suspects. He will serve no more than 4 years total, before he is released to reoffend. Now let's imagine for one moment, if the races were reversed, that a White ex-con butchered an elderly Black woman. Wouldn't such a case be deemed as premeditated (thus first degree murder)? Wouldn't it be labeled a hate crime no matter what? Wouldn't federal prosecutors find the civil rights of a Black victim as having been violated, due to the race of the victim and the race of the perpetrator, with such an act being racism no matter what? Wouldn't everyone be screaming for the death penalty from the rooftops? Do you still believe as a White person, that you are somehow "privileged?" Clearly, only one race is ACTUALLY privileged and able to do whatever they want in America. And that certainly ain't YOU White folks.

*Some news reports are now stating the charge as murder, but none suggest first degree murder or anything about hate crime.


I have nothing to say except this is fucking bullshit. I’m getting more and more sick of hearing these stories of black on white crimes just being swept under the rug like it’s no big deal. But if one of our fellow whites did anything like that it would be hands across America, white supremacy, hate crime charges, etc. Does anyone else see the irony here?
I’ve been putting out older NSM fliers that I had from last year with the old site around my area in RI. I will continue to spread the good word of our Fuhrer to the people of the communist infested state.


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

Chris, you only know about this story, because it was posted here. It was not on the mainstream news, as the Jewish news media only just barely reported it, locally. The Jews DO NOT want Whites to know they are completely surrounded by literal vicious monsters. These things happen ALL THE TIME to Whites in America and every time they do, it is totally covered up by the Jewish media and downplayed by ranking members of law enforcement. ALL media and law enforcement agencies are "in on it" with the Jews, even conservative leaning news outlets won't report extremely violent TNB like what we see here, out of fear of evoking the wrath of the Jews.

Melody Gambetty was a foolish but kind hearted religious woman, who only just retired from a career working ironically for the News and Tribune in Jeffersonville, a Jew-owned news agency (CNHI llc was founded by a Sephardic Jew) which refuses to extensively report about what happened to her. Yes, the same news agency that she spent her life working for, refuses to talk about her, saying only ONE SENTENCE about her employment there and a few more sentences about her death. I used google to see how many news reports the google algorithm had indexed regarding this case. Searching "Melody Gambetty" gives "About 11,300 results (0.52 seconds)" but what happens if you search the racial reverse? We all know who George Floyd is – the whole fucking world knows the lie about a purported bad cop and the innocence of this Negro saint, the Jews made sure of that. Let's see what we get searching "george floyd". About 205,000,000 results (0.78 seconds) and this is why I hate the Jewish domination of our news media. Jews create, own and control every narrative through their dominance in the media. Jews are a toxin that causes things like this murder to happen in the first place. If Whites were both properly warned and armed, shit like this WOULD NOT HAPPEN quite as often.

Melody Gambetty only just retired in March of this year, full of hope and happiness for a long and joyful retirement. This hope and even her life was viciously stolen from her by a demonic sub-human Negro ape beast (monster) who claimed he was looking for community service work. Uneducated about TNB, thanks mostly to the very media she worked for letting her down, she invited this literal predatory monster, this EVIL into her home, to do a few odd jobs for which she was more than happy to pay him well, this being done purely out of the goodness of her heart, as she really didn't need his help. Again, it was the Jewish media whom she worked for who truly failed her. They did not warn her what HORRIBLE MONSTERS Negroes really are. All of them, with few exceptions! Even the Jew-created fictional entity known "affectionately" by many Whites as "America's Dad" (Bill Cosby) is a lifelong serial rapist. ALL NEGROES ARE MONSTERS! This is why our grandparents believed in segregation! Statistical analysis shows us that only 1 in 50 Negroes are relatively "good" while only 1 in 80 Whites are truly bad (with White meaning European, not to include Hispanics). And yes, Jews even covered for Bill Cosby as well, covering for his life of crime as well as creating the fictional idea that he was an exceptionally "good" Negro, which he most emphatically was not!

Melody Gambetty had no idea that this seemingly "polite and friendly Negro" was actually baiting her, as he was going to (rape?) kill and butcher her like a hog, only to take pieces of her body back home with him as a trophy of his thrill kill. Did he rape her first? Probably, Negroes usually do, they are that sick and evil. I've read dozens of reports where Negroes rape elderly White women victims during their heinous crimes, well into their 90's. WE will never actually know if she was raped, it's fairly safe to assume that she was of course, as they will not even check during autopsy, out of fear of what they may find. You see, it may be deemed racist to report such things as rape of an elderly murder victim, unnecessarily – on top of the even more severe charge of murder. And thanks to Jewish "cancel culture" it could even end your career as a medical examiner if you did. So if she was raped (and it's highly likely that she was) we will never know about it. Every White professional in every field of endeavor knows you can't say anything negative or degrading about Blacks, ever. That is a career killer! Even the White members of law enforcement reading my words right now, trying to decide if I am a threat or not – they fucking know I am telling the forbidden truth. And they must then pretend to be appalled by these words – while secretly in total agreement, wishing they too could openly be on the side of good, because if they are not appalled by the truth, they become immediately fired. Every White member of law enforcement knows this and lives in constant fear, because of it. A fear of being found out – discovering that they are on the side of (ugly and offensive) truth.

Anyway, at some point after she FOOLISHLY let this Negro beast into her home, this sub-human Negro monster began stabbing her, apparently repeatedly, ultimately killing her. He then took trophies of his racially motivated hate crime (what the prosecution calls "a botched robbery"). THE LEGAL SYSTEM WILL ALWAYS DO THIS as the legal system is fully owned by the Jews! They always hide and protect the most vicious and violent of Negro monsters. So does the Jewish media, even when it's one of their own, who spent her career working for them. How does it help anyone to hide the fact that when you extend your trust a Black, they immediately betray that trust and will literally KILL YOU in return? There should be warning signs everywhere that say something to the effect of DANGER: Negro Area. Be Alert For Negroes. Negroes are vicious and unpredictable monsters, capable of unspeakable acts of violence and horror. You are currently in an area frequented by Negroes, be on guard at all times. Due to the high risk of human/Negro contact, it is advised that you take extra precaution not to become a statistic. Humans should remain heavily armed at all times, minimum defensive preparedness would be to carry pepper spray. If you should see a Negro, turn around and leave, seek shelter immediately, lock all doors, avoid direct contact at all costs. NEVER look into the dead eyes of a Negro, as eye contact generally provokes them to violence. All Negroes have dead/lifeless eyes as a natural warning sign for humans to stay away from them, as death follows with them. Negroes are dangerous and unpredictable real life monsters. Be safe, as you have been forewarned.

A Clark County judge (Jewish or Black you think?) issued an order Wednesday calling for two psychiatrists to assess 36-year-old Brian Williams. He's charged with killing (and don't forget, dismembering) Melody Gambetty (taking with him her head, fingers and toes, you know – just like what a serial killer might do).…

"A southern Indiana man charged with killing a woman whose decapitated, mutilated body was found inside her burning apartment will be evaluated by psychiatrists to determine whether he has an intellectual disability."

IMPORTANT TO NOTE! A person who isn't competent to stand trial can't be convicted of a crime. Courts require competency before defendants stand trial in order to preserve due process. Do you still think you are privileged White man? When was the last time you saw a judge questioning the competency of a White defendant? Because the Jewish media and Jewish courts will not allow the idea of Black serial killers to exist – Jews claim only Whites are serial killers – there apparently will be NO JUSTICE for Melody Gambetty. The Jews are already using language such as "random" and "she was in the wrong place, at the wrong time" to blame shift onto the victim. Watch for this pavement ape to eventually be set free. You just watch!


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

I am old enough to remember a lot of crimes and the only time that I recall a white man ever being judged incompetent was John Hinckley Jr for the shooting of Ronald Reagan.

And I don't think the jews cared much for Reagan.

And just as you said Steve, Hinckley is a free man today after being released from a Washington mental hospital around 35 years after the shooting. So you are probably right.

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