The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )


What about the Ukrainian refugees who had to be deloused, and the ukrainians who were on the cattle car trains, what about the swimming pool in aushwitz. Etc. Holocaust, or saving the ukrainians from the holodomor?

This Bryrhnian dork is a dumb down MKist historically indoctrinated illiterate on drugs!

Both World Wars were the tip of the spear of jewish world war on White Europe. Both Russia and Germany were targeted and everything thing else thats happened is residual from those two disastrous events.

We can shout protest march and even pick arms? Where will any of this get us? The Ways of the already been done have not worked? How does the enemy defeat movements like this? Infiltrate and divide so every is looking at each other with there own individual ideas that sound good look good to only that one individual at that time The message and solutions of change are hard to receive to the majority if it means becoming the minority If the system needs a change for our people then we all must act individually by becoming apart of that very system that has means to destroy us. Political warfare is the use of political means to compel an opponent to do one's will, based on hostile intent. The term political describes the calculated.We e can re-engineer the system to create a new political centre, One idea is to create on a local level group of centrist legislators to act as the “king makers” to pass legislation, and to implement something called “ranked-choice can be one solution to promoting Nation Socialism entrenched with ideals of a Republic of Laws

Are you kidding me ? No culture?!?! How about Castles, art, Bridges and City's built so well they still stand today! Knights , crusades , countless inventions ....the list goes on and on. British and Europe culture in general is some of the greatest ever.

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Who was the leader of Germany during WWII? (just his last name)