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Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

Photos: 2021 NSM Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona

THIS is the NSM in ACTION!

Commander Colucci led the protest in East Lake Park in downtown Phoenix, which is billed by the State of Arizona as "a focal point of African American history in Phoenix." This as we all know, means "a hub for poverty, violence and crime" so needless to say, when I google searched the name of the park, all that came up were reports of shootings, robberies, the dumping of White tax payer money into the area and of course, BLM protests.

PHX PD: One killed, two others shot at Eastlake Park
According to Phoenix police, one person was pronounced deceased after being taken to the hospital, and two ...

Edison-Eastlake neighborhood in Phoenix gets $30 million ...
Phoenix gets $30M grant to remake Edison-Eastlake neighborhood ... include tree-lined sidewalks, brand-new ...

Gunman remains at large after shooting at Phoenix park kills 1 ...
Approximately 200 people were gathered at Eastlake Park for an Easter celebration when gunshots broke out ...

Vigil held at Eastlake Park for Dion Johnson, who was shot ...
Hundreds gather for a candlelight vigil for Dion Johnson, who was shot, killed by DPS trooper Monday.

azcentral - We're #live at Eastlake Park in Phoenix, where...
We're #live at Eastlake Park in Phoenix, where protesters have gathered to condemn the death of 28-year ...

And that's just on page one of google results. I see a pattern here folks, do you see a pattern as well? The Jews say it's just skin color, however behavior has nothing whatsoever to do with skin color. Feral sub-human ape beasts from Africa, are always going to behave like feral sub-human ape beasts from Africa. This is simply the law of biology, the law of nature. Wishful thinking to the contrary, will change nothing.


Yes folks have been indoctrinated for decades now that
the only difference between races is skin color, and other wise all
races are the same. But if you notice....the indoctrinators never seem
to be able to back up the statement. Because no one can! People need
to realize skin color is an identifier, not what makes a person what he/she is. I could get the darkest suntan in one of those tanning booths, yet would still be a White person and would still have my White European heritage and characteristics, average intelligence and so forth. And a black person will always be black beyond the skin color and wouldn't most of them look very odd if they were no longer black skinned, but they would still have the same thick lips, the same wide nostrils in the nose, the same kinky hair, and so forth. And also, of course he/she would still be a person of the African continent, whether living there, or their ancestors were from there, and would continue with their same traits and behaviors as those still living there. It is too much to really get into here, but there are definitely many books available on the subject of racial differences. I suggest one search these out if one is interested in educating oneself on this important topic as soon as you can, because the marxists now in control are attempting to get rid by any means necessary books on this topic and many others, us 'goy' should not read nor possess, as with our firearms. Remember folks, to the enemy, a well educated and armed people is their greatest threat in their way to world domination!


In reply to by Wesley Hay (not verified)

You are right, it's not skin color that is the primary identifier. For me it's the boot lips and the broad, flat nose that becomes my warning signs. I have observed that the bigger the lips, the more violent the Negro. However thin lips as an indicator in Negroes, does not negate violence, it just curtails the desire somewhat. All Negroes are violent and cruel, even "America's Dad" Bill Cosby was a serial rapist, but with Cosby, no longer of use to the Jew, finally locked up in prison where he belongs. It is safe to assume that all Negroes will at some point, chimp out -- if provoked. Which is why I say, around Blacks NEVER relax. Here's an example picture of an albino Negro. Nobody would ever mistake this for a White boy.

It still has the boot lips, the broad flat nose, a prognathous snout, resembling that of an ape. However unlike the other Negroes around it, this one lacks the gene to produce protective melanin, so the skin looks White. The observed behaviors and other character traits intrinsic of the Negro will remain the same, it can therefore never behave White. I think it's safe to say that every White person (deep down) understands these truths about race. They just suppress that truth, so as not to be called "racist". Prior to the 1960's, every White in America was deeply, openly and profoundly racist, this was as normal back then, as it was universal. Just look at the faces in the pictures below. This shows us what White people were, at one time in our recent past (and could easily be once more, if the yoke of Jewish mind control were ever to be lifted).…

The young White girl pictured is in fact smiling at the revenge the White people have taken upon the savage Negro beast. I have met law enforcement and public defenders online, who have endured a lifetime of Negro fatigue and frustration, they too would likely smile -- perhaps twice as wide as the young girl pictured above, should this management practice ever reemerge.

Don't you doubt for one second that these pictures and the facts I've just stated make the Jew's blood run cold. It does! They know what the White race is capable of. This is why the Jews began to dominate the media and change the political narrative through brainwashing, inching every day closer and closer to an irreversible White genocide. And just as the Jews have done in the 2020 election, they also rigged the 1960 election as well, first to elect a democrat with a less than desirable running mate, then to take actions to upgrade, in order to get the most destructive president of my lifetime into office, LBJ. The newest LBJ is currently waiting in the wings, but when she becomes President, you will REALLY see White outrage, as she won't be able to temper or moderate her anti-White hatred, which may cause a profound backlash, starting I would imagine with "reparations." A tax on White people, a forced gift from Whites to the Blacks. Money they did not earn, in reparations for wrongs they did not experience, all the while committing wrongs against our people with impunity. Never forget that historically, Negroes were never considered to be human prior to 1868. Prior to that year, Negroes were in fact farm animals, creatures not much different from a horse or a mule (with similar utility).

LBJ's welfare state and equal rights for Negroes (along with forced integration during the prior administration) have nearly completely destroyed America -- as the Black cancer LBJ and Eisenhower loosed upon us, continues to metastasize across our Republic. Soon we will have the second and to date -- predictably most destructive Black president we have ever seen. How will White America react? Will we even attempt to save ourselves and save our race -- or will we just quietly go extinct at the hands of savages, precisely the way the Jew has planned for us all along?

The White race certainly has not evolutionarily changed THAT much in one lifetime. Surely our warrior ancestral blood and our instinct for survival remains intact. My only question is -- can we as a race, overcome this suicide cult of self-hatred and cognitive dissonance, which was instilled into many of us by Jewish media, in order to save ourselves from extinction? This seductive fate of White genocide, by any of the many degenerate and racially suicidal choices given to us by the media Jew? Choices such as miscegenation, transgender, homosexuality, mgtow, radical feminism, "toxic" masculinity, misandry and the many other forms of degeneracy forced upon us by Jewish media driven mind control? That my friend, is a question that only time itself, will answer.


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

You are right Steve and you did a great job putting your reply down in the post above.


In reply to by Wesley Hay (not verified)

Like you, I'm a firm believer in truth. If we abandon the truth, for perhaps a more pleasant delusion, this delusion will not counteract any of the VERY REAL EFFECTS of the truth! We have ample evidence, from both here and around the world TO PREDICT what will happen, if we allow the Negro cancer to metastasize across our Republic. Over my lifetime, the Negro population in America has increased by over 300%, most of this growth after 1964, when the government began feeding Negroes. Conversely, over that same period, the White population has declined by about one third, most of this after the government began taxing Whites to pay for the Negroes. I ask those of you delusional Leftists who read these comments, to cite JUST ONE counterexample for this worldwide and indeed timeless Negro blight.

For example, Detroit Michigan was at one time one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities in the world. During the late 1800's, Detroit was often referred to as the Paris of the West. The population at that time was nearly 100% White. Fast forward to today, the Negro population in Detroit is now 85 percent, does Detroit still resemble Paris? Sadly, yes is actually the right answer -- and for exactly the same reason. Negro demographics. This is what Paris France looks like today, after they opened their border to African migrants.…

And for comparison, this is what Detroit looks like today.…

So what is the common denominator in both of these examples? Negroes. The lazy, violent and destructive Negro is the commonality. An influx of Negroes came into both Paris and Detroit, which resulted in the gradual displacement of the founding White population. Everywhere on earth where Negroes can be seen in great numbers, destruction and decay will be found surrounding them. You can not name even one counterexample. You can not name EVEN ONE city anywhere on earth, which remains thriving, while supporting a Negro population greater than 20%. You can't even name ONE city which was BUILT by Negroes, as Negroes are largely parasitic and lack the intellectual ability to build any structure more complex than a beaver dam (homes made of mud and sticks). Likewise, everywhere on earth where Whites (or to be completely accurate, Whites or Asians) can be found, prosperity is in full bloom. However unlike Asians, it seems White people SIMPLY WILL NOT TAKE STEPS to prevent this racially-driven destruction. Asian countries do not encourage or even allow African immigration. Asia will for now, survive as a result. Europe has not learned this lesson and as a result of mass African migration, Europe will eventually die -- as will America -- and both for the exact same reason. Negroes. Demographics you see, are the destiny of any city, state or nation.


In reply to by Wesley Hay (not verified)

We need to win the race war because the race war is the wriath war God sent his son Mazsusafa to create a world a people of white nationalist socialist ideas from Klan kraft to nazi based strength we need 100 percent in full force with all my knowledge at our hands the hands of God is our calling 1488 and white power .this is the war ss .

Is it true that a black man is now to owner of nsm88?


In reply to by Austin Staggs (not verified)

I heard otherwise. The owner now is an Asian man.

Not of this website and certainly not of the National Socialist Movement corporation. We actually made a meme with a skeleton that was white bones in a coffin. And I put on the meme “ever since James Hart Stern turned white, he quit breaking the law“.

The Southern Poverty Jewish Law Center tells false information about the Far Right annd claim for us to be called hate groups. These Liberal organizations like Animal Rights, BLM Antifa, and NAACP (Black Panthers) want to take down the white race and they make Niggers feel like they are more important. White slavery has been going on over 1,000 years as black slavery occured for only 65 years yet those cock suckers think they run the whole show and feel the need to spread their nationalism over schools for white kids to worship niggers. Their minds are so stupid that they are like monkeys. They choose to be uneducated and reflect backmon their slavery past to keep hate in to make whites feel guilty and inferior. They think they have the power to charge us for racism and white nationalism but their insolent lowlifes with a mind full of selfishness and pity on those they are around. White Lives Matter, as we are chosen by God and the superior race gifted by our ancestors to continue building our heritage and build this country into a white Christian nation for Freedom for all. LGBT and Race-Mixing is wrong, you will find two of these in different versus followed by the kings chapter and Leviticus 19:22 i believe. These Liberals are the enemy of God and want nothing to do with this world except to create destruction and havoc upon this nation that our fore founding fathers kept for us. I feel the need to say we are the ones that oughta be heard, we are the ones to fight for our race and heritage, we are the ones who are superior to every other nice of non-whites.

Skyscraper University of Atlantis, Antarctica, Opening in 2022!! For more information, type Base 211/Neu Schwabenland, South Pole (nation population 8 million residents) into youtube! ! World War II ended differently ! ! ! !

so what the hell?
You come into my chat on Telegram, post something and block me when I ask you when you joined?
What's up with that?


In reply to by Racist Raven (not verified)

SS-Obersturmführer McBride says, "I already talked to the guy there was a fake account pretending to be me. Somebody created a fake account. The gentleman had talked to me via text we got to the bottom of it."

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