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Nazi party )

Today we openly examine a wildly popular, politically correct Black Supremacy myth (complete with a movie created for Christmas release, during the last year of the Obama administration, intended to force this myth, into becoming a legend).

Standard Narrative: Katherine Johnson was a mathematician who worked for NASA during the (supposedly Jim Crow) Apollo program. She was a scientist who was very intelligent – and she was Black. She was an instrumental member of the space program, due to her exceptional math skills, needed for calculating the complex trajectories required to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth. No one else at NASA could have done this, as it required the unique mathematical skills inherent in Black women, in order to achieve the required accuracy in their results. She was so instrumental, they even made a movie about her life called "Hidden Figures," a 2016 "non-fiction" movie about (but for the movie drama, they increased the number to THREE) Black female mathematicians, who worked at NASA, supervised by a compassionate Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor no less, during the Jim Crow era of the Apollo space program. This movie depicts NASA to have been an overtly and openly racist organization, with Whites-only bathrooms, who secretly kept three Black women hidden in a back room, to be used as human calculators, never telling anyone that they even exist, because the White knuckle dragging neanderthals were too embarrassed to admit that they were just too stupid and inept to perform the difficult and complex calculations, which these three Black women were tasked to accomplish with ease. We are asked to believe that White men never would have been able to walk on the moon, if it weren't for the efforts of these three Black women, who were there to provide the mathematics necessary to make it all happen.

For Your Consideration: Just as is true today, very few women work in STEM fields and very few women in general, worked for NASA during the Apollo years. Based upon copious amounts of film recorded historical evidence, which today is available to everyone, none of those involved (women or men) were Black. With no Black employees, there would be no need for Jim Crow segregation – to be practiced by a federal government that despised these things, anyway. White man walking on the moon. This was a purely White, largely Germanic apex achievement, which was only possible by the White race. No other race has ever accomplished this feat, either before or since, as no other race possibly could. So let's not allow any non-Whites (i.e. Jews) to use their mastery of deception, to steal this, our greatest achievement away from us, in whole or in part!

Visually obvious to anyone who lived in that time, or to anyone who has seen historical film recordings of the events as they were unfolding, Blacks were completely absent from the Apollo space program. Most Blacks were not even interested in the space program anyway, instead demanding the money to be given as welfare handouts. The primary reason Blacks were excluded from the Apollo program was the mean IQ of the American Black; only 84 IQ points, far below what is absolutely required to be part of such an incredible endeavor. According to this academic report, Blacks were tested at 1.1 standard deviations below Whites, this convention puts their mean IQ at 83.5 points, close to the point of mental deficit. Also, unlike today, there was no strong desire for dead weight inclusion of diversity in those days. Exceptional intelligence and ability were the only program requirements, you can't win a space race by employing anything less than the best. Which is why only White men who happened to be made of The Right Stuff, discovered through rigorous testing of thousands of participants, would be allowed to join the program. The scant few women involved in the program, were mainly used in ancillary positions, apparently including Katherine Johnson. Her job at NASA was apparently to enter numbers into an IBM System/360 computer and collect the results. So her job in modern terms, would be that of a data entry clerk, a job so insignificant and trivial, that no one at NASA thought at the time, to highlight her in any official agency documents. This accounts for the "hidden" aspect of her contributions at NASA.

Proud of their contribution and not (yet) being called out by anyone for displaying their potentially politically incorrect historical relevancy, the IBM corporation proudly tells the truth right here. However by bringing attention to this accidental leak of the truth, within hours of this treatise ever going viral, the truth about what (and not who) performed the precise calculations for Apollo missions, will be scrubbed from the Internet forever, you just watch, see if I'm right. ? On the Internet, truth is absolutely forbidden in this era of unprecedented delusion (except for here of course, where we employ heroic efforts to continue to exercise our First Amendment Rights, regardless of the Jewish requirement for massive censorship of differing opinion).

So here we have confirmed it was an IBM System/360 computer and not a person who performed the precise calculations for the Apollo missions. Now let's examine some other relative facts. There exists no exceptional female mathematicians (regardless of race). There exists no exceptional Black mathematicians (regardless of gender). It is widely recognized that women are terrible with math, for immutable biological reasons. It is widely recognized that Blacks are terrible with math, also for immutable biological reasons. The African Negro has never on their own, created a written form of their own language, nor have they ever developed a system of numbers. African Negroes are only noteworthy for their athletic abilities, as they are universally lacking in academic prowess. The Fields Medal is a prize given to mathematicians. To win this prize, one must simply solve a math problem. Solving a math problem can not be racially biased, you either solve it or you do not – no racial bias gets in the way of pure mathematics. Even machines, which are devoid of race and racism, solve math problems. Mathematics thus can not be racist. So here we have a problem, just as John Derbyshire has pointed out, when no Black has ever won the Fields medal. Note: I include this link only to show the now censored quote from a no longer available article, as the complete submission of course makes a feeble attempt to discredit Derbyshire, as that would be the only acceptable, politically correct thing to do. For example, the author is clearly conflating "Black" with "African" by insinuating that Euclid and Eratosthenes were Black. Euclid was a Greek with blond hair and alabaster skin, living in Ptolemaic Egypt. Eratosthenes was also Greek, living in what is now Libya. When we say Black, we mean sub-Saharan Africans. And blaming "racism" as to why there are no Black Fields medal winners is weak, in this era of government mandated affirmative action and an extreme Black preference, in everything. But nevertheless, Black female mathematicians are but one example of the most extremely implausible – and yet the Jews have successfully propagated this idea and convinced most of America, this story is true. The big lie technique – apparently it still works, flawlessly. ?

And finally, the pièce de résistance, a photograph of a former Black president, presenting Katherine Johnson with an award (apparently for being a Black hero). ? I can't help but notice in the photo, her thin lips, which are rather uncharacteristic of a Negro – or her not so broad, not so flat nose, or her white skin color, or that naturally straight hair and of course those striking blue eyes. Yes, the name Johnson may be quite Black-sounding to most people, but to me she is certainly not very Black-looking! Seriously, is this the best propaganda that Hollywood Jews could come up with?

To see this photo with maximum detail and at its highest and most revealing resolution, click here. There, I've just presented the official narrative, along with my own personal opinions, now all I ask of you my dear readers, is to review these logical arguments along with the claims made by the Jewish media – and please, simply draw your own conclusions. And if you should agree that there is more to this story than what you are being told, remember to always take a second look at everything which seems too fantastic to believe – and to never let Jewish anti-White deception win.

So what exactly were Blacks doing and thinking while
Whites were busy with their journey to the moon?

Imagine how the Goyim will react, when all at once they realize that everything they have been told is a lie?


If that’s the case then where’s Africa’s space program. Where are the astronauts on the ISS from Africa? Don’t worry I’ll wait……….


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

NASA had a female Blackstronaut that they washed out of the program for an undisclosed reason. The Negroes claim racism of course, rather than inability – but just as you said, if Blacks really wanted to be in space so bad, they can fucking build their own space program in Wakanda, rather than demanding we carry them there on our backs. Oh wait, small problem – Negroes have yet to build a two-story house made out of something more substantial than mud and sticks, let alone a space station. ? It is therefore impossible for them to ever get into space without our help.…

However Elon Musk decided to "make history" and Space-x sent their own first Blackstronaut, here's how he was selected for the position.

From stocking shelves to Blackstronaut in one easy step – but what are the qualifications for us Whites, if we wanted to work on the ISS?…

1. Be a U.S. citizen
2. Possess a master's degree* in a STEM field, including engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science or mathematics, from an accredited institution.

Okay, a master's degree – but what if you are Black?

1. Be Black.
2. Have a job – seven eleven stocking shelves is apparently all the skill you need as a diversity candidate. ?

Dead weight diversity in everything we are doing is just so important these days. ☹️ Aren't the highly qualified Asian astronauts "diversity enough" for these leftist Jews?


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

You know that female Blackstronaut that was pulled from the ISS program? The one that was supposed to be "the first Blackstronaut on the ISS?" Well now it has been scheduled onboard the first Boeing Starliner mission. ? Now that's one rocket on which I would never want to fly! Starliner is over budget by at least TWO BILLION DOLLARS and behind schedule by at least 4 years. My guess is that the mission probably won't go well, on their maiden voyage.…

Usually when you just can't get your shit together and your whole reason for existing is diversity – things usually don't go well. With purely capitalistic and privately owned Space-x constantly skunking all the corporate and government competition, why do we as taxpayers insist on throwing away so much money on competition for Space-x? ☹️


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

Yeah, Blackstronaut was what I went with, after thinking about a few alternatives: Blastronaut, Negronaut, Nigronaut, Nignaut and so on. ?

Even in 1969, NASA and the federal government would have been proud to show off any black contributions to the moon landing. By highlighting black contributions to the Apollo program, NASA could have kept blacks from singing songs like Gil Scott-Heron's "Whitey on the Moon" (which bemoaned how a rat could bite the black singer's sister while white people were on the moon). But this didn't happen.

Why didn't someone from NASA bring up Katherine Johnson back then to counter this negative publicity? Because her contributions were so insignificant no one with NASA noticed them enough to highlight them. Which is why Hidden Figures matters and must be lavished with awards and praise. It creates a new narrative, completely devoid of truth, about black participation in white man's greatest achievement in the face of discrimination. It's a narrative for a certain audience - it should be noted women made up 64 percent of the opening weekend audience, with minorities representing 57 percent of those seeing the film - what those in attendance want to hear. Yet surely audiences wanted to believe it in 1969 as well. Katherine Johnson, were her contributions so vital, could have been the much-needed minority public relations asset to parade around to the media back then. But her value as a symbol was limited - because her contributions were trivial. And she can only be brought up now because the real truth about black opposition to the space program has been forgotten or is hidden in plain sight.

The Jewish reason for doing these things is simple. It's just as George Orwell had said, "He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls our future." Jews fear the White race, or rather the return of the once-proud White race, which is why they create this anti-White agitprop. It should become clear to anyone, that the only way for us to save the White race from a Jew-planned White extinction, is for us to regain White majority control over the (now 100% Jewish) media.

It would take at least one generation of telling the truth, to right our course.


In reply to by BazingaBoiz (not verified)

George Orwell created the dystopian instruction manual being used by the Jews right now – to destroy Western civilization. He would be proud of how his work is being implemented to undo White Nationalism everywhere, ushering in a Marxist–Leninist–Mao Zedong Socialism with Jewish characteristics.

Guess Who The First Legal Slave Owner In America Was? Don’t Expect The Media To Report This
Many Americans think they know the history of slavery because it has been taught in schools, repeated through popular films, and mentioned on numerous occasions by those in the media.

But here is something you probably didn’t know: The first recorded American slave owner was a black man.

Anthony Johnson came to colonial America in the 1600s. He worked as an indentured servant to a tobacco farmer in Virginia. In colonial times servants typically worked under a contract of up to seven years to pay off their passage, room and board, and then their “freedom dues” — materials they would need to start life as a free person.

They were then released after the contract expired, with many of the former servants receiving land and equipment. This was the case for Anthony Johnson, who came to America under the name Antonio from Angola.

After his contract expired, he eventually received 250 acres of land. He then started a farm and enlisted the servitude of four white men and one black, who was said to be his son Richard Johnson.

While these contracts did not make one a slave, the case of John Casor — a black servant Johnson later acquired — would set a precedent and change that minor detail forever.

John Casor was working for Anthony Johnson on an indentured contract when he began seeking help from outsiders, claiming that his contract had well expired but Johnson refused to release him.

A neighbor, Robert Parker, brought a civil case against Johnson, demanding Casor be released. Parker intended to help Casor find another indenture contract.

The courts initially ruled in favor of Parker and demanded that Casor be released. Johnson did so, but after stewing in his defeat, he appealed.

On March 8, 1655, the court of Northampton County upheld Johnson’s right to hold Casor as a slave, stating in it’s ruling:

“This daye Anthony Johnson negro made his complaint to the court against mr. Robert Parker and declared that hee deteyneth his servant John Casor negro under the pretence that said negro was a free man. The court seriously consideringe and maturely weighing the premisses, doe fynde that the saide Mr. Robert Parker most unjustly keepeth the said Negro from Anthony Johnson his master … It is therefore the Judgement of the Court and ordered That the said John Casor Negro forthwith returne unto the service of the said master Anthony Johnson, And that Mr. Robert Parker make payment of all charges in the suit.”

This case marked the first time anyone who had not committed a crime was held as a slave for life, thus making Anthony Johnson one of the first, if not the most notorious, slave owners (H/T Gateway Pundit).

The problem with slavery is not a race problem, but a human problem. Greed, cowardice, and childishness made Anthony Johnson and countless other slave owners commit such treacherous acts against humanity.

More schools should teach about the story of Anthony Johnson … but while they’re primarily funded by the government, we don’t expect to see that happen soon.

Share this story on Facebook and Twitter and help spread the word — because government schools and the liberal media definitely won’t!

Web Source:

Attention always goes to those who complain the loudest – and the loudest complainer of all, next to the Jew, is the African Negro. African Negroes began arriving in Jamestown around 1619, however they were not the first to be enslaved in the colonies. The first enslavement in the colonies began in 1492 when Native American noncombatants, such as the Mohecans, found around Connecticut and who had surrendered to avoid fighting, were enslaved by the New Englander colonists and used mostly for clearing new land. European intellectual and technological superiority, plus a strong appetite for creating new tillable land, meant that if you look at the history of the colonies, slavery of Native Americans happened almost immediately. In fact, for the colonists, slavery was accepted as a normal part of their conquest. Typically for Native Americans, their servitude lasted until they were 30 years old. But Native Americans as it turns out, generally don't make very good slaves, which is why in total, only a small number were ever forced into servitude – most of the more useful ones during this period, were squaws captured by one tribe, from another tribe and then sold over to colonial farmers in exchange for useful metal trinkets. This is the reality of what happened in New England – there's no need to foist blame for slavery in America upon the Negroes themselves. It is important to realize at this point, that everyone back then was okay with slavery – the same as you are probably okay with owning (enslaving) a horse. The sub-humans (Native Americans and Negroes) were seen exactly the same as a horse, thus enslaving them was really no big deal. If you can look at slaves exactly the same as you look at a horse today – maybe you an then understand how and why it happened. If you find a beast that you can put to use, you use it. Zero fucks are given.

Regardless of all the hype of “Black Inventiveness” bandied about during “Black History Month”, it comes down to what is actually happening in the country.

The reason people refuse to acknowledge that differences in intelligence exist among the races is because such an admission would open the door to thoughts of superiority. We have no problem recognizing that Black sports stars perform better, on average, than other races due to inherent physical differences. But society consistently sidesteps the issue of intelligence by calling it a “racist philosophy” when it simply demonstrates academically what is already being proven time and time again athletically.

That is not to say ALL Blacks outperform all other races, but, generally, it seems true and could help to explain why the Sports are so dominated by Blacks. Unless you wish to blame Affirmative Action for shoehorning mostly Black athletes into the roles they are in today just to fulfill a quota.

Take for example the move in recent years to abolish SAT/ACT tests as requirements for entrance to higher education. That was done as a direct result of lobbying from Blacks and their supporters that such tests were “inherently racist” due to Blacks consistently scoring poorly. In actuality, such tests weed out those who do not belong in higher education.

If we remove any and all means to vet for proper candidates, we might just as well save every potential Black student the trouble of applying and simply mail them a degree for whichever track they wish to pursue. The end result is the same. A graduate who still knows nothing and cannot do the job. The only difference being that the effects would be felt NOW instead of 4–8 years hence.

In any event, not all universities do that, only those that are “test-blind”. Which means scores from those exams are not factored into allowing entry even if the student submits a test. Only those universities that are “test-optional” could still require it.

Another example is the rallying cry recently that “math is racist”. No, math is math. If you can’t understand it, try harder, hire a tutor, or read a book. Claiming that a branch of study is racist because the majority of Blacks do poorly is simply anti-intellectualism disguised as legitimate grievance. It is yet another example of how lack of academic ability is shown.

There are countless examples I could cite (including ones that highlight how “diversity is our strength” is actually weakening national security), but don’t wish to type all morning. If what you are expecting is data showing specifically that all Blacks are less intelligent, you will be moderately disappointed. One cannot point to any one case and say “it’s true for all” since there are always exceptions.

Take for example hybrids (or Mulattoes as they used to be called), they identify as Black, but are not and so will, generally, be slightly more intelligent then full-blooded Blacks. Then there are always the fringe cases for full-blooded Blacks. The Law of Averages suggests that, on occasion, you get one that is particularly intelligent.

Then, finally, there are the endless claims that “Blacks built America” or “Blacks invented everything”. That is simply more Liberal revisionist tripe. An attempt to co-opt the inventions of others in order to make Blacks seem like contributors and not simpletons. I refer you to this site for your enrichment.

The vast majority of “Black inventiveness” is overstated, grossly exaggerated or plain lied about. If Blacks were actually that intelligent we wouldn’t need to downgrade our educational systems to accommodate such brilliance.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

I am not surprised either. It's totally obvious to anyone who can pick up a history book and think for themselves that there is no other race of people on this planet that comes close to contributing to and sacrificing for the advancement of all areas of science and learning. This is why every area of the world that Aryans have come into contact with has seen advancements and experienced growth, (again as evidenced by history).

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