The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )
White Unity Conference

White Unity Conference

Longview, Texas

September 25, 2021

The White Unity Conference will be an indoor event, starting at 11:00 AM.

We will have many educational lectures, Aryan folk music, and Racial Unity among different organizations and individuals from all across North America. The White Unity Conference is being hosted by the staff of of the Aryan Freedom Network. We welcome all White Patriots from all across the movement. If you are a member of an organization that is planning on attending, you must contact us for further instructions. Any individual that is not a member, or has not been vetted with a background check by a White Racialist organization, you must first contact the Aryan Freedom Network at the link above, to apply for proper vetting. This event is not open to the public, but rather a private event, held for White Racialists to enjoy a day of fun and unity with like minded kindred.

卐 ࿕   Our own Commander Burt Colucci will be speaking at this event.   ࿕ 卐

For more information:

Remember: everyone MUST BE VETTED first.
🡺 Don't just show up with someone else who was vetted! 🡸
Click here and ask for further instructions on the vetting process.



I am from the Nazi Party and I believe in the success of the white race ا

Looking to carpool with someone. I'm in the Jonesville VA area if you're going to be close to coming this way I will help pay for gas I don't want to miss this if I have to I'll get a greyhound ( and I'll be in the front of the bus, believe that LoL)

What does the NSM think about the vaccines?


In reply to by Death to BLM (not verified)

The vaccine is Jewish slime injected to kill you. DON’T GET IT!!! Not an anti-vaxxer, simply an anti-covid 19 vaxxer.

Hahahaha. Sorry no vaccine for me or my children.

I too am looking to carpool with someone to the event in Longview, TX. I live in Flagstaff, AZ. If anyone is reading this and live close to the area here and wouldn't mind my riding along I would gladly pay for half of the cost of gas and food. Let me know at [email address removed by webmaster, post offer in this thread and we will work out contact details]

Suicide or Survival, white man is on the verge of suicide by bownie, that is black, brown, yellow, fearful of the truth will allow this to happen.

Reading some of the comments on the fucking internet makes me sick to my stomach. Everybody else can have pride in their 'race' but when white people show pride in their own race, they get fingered and called 'racists' and 'pieces of white trash'.
You know what? Fuck it. After what's gone in this world these past fucking few years I'm glad I'm white and I'm glad there are people in the world that fucking stands up for the white race. So all of you who come here and call them shitheads and whatever other words you can come up with, go somewhere else will you?
Hail victory!


In reply to by Chris (not verified)

I completely agree, it’s cathartic to hear someone else say exactly what you’re thinking. It’s insane that we have to stay quiet and not be proud of our race, whereas others have the social “approval” to shout theirs from the rooftops and get government help and college scholarships. Ridiculous!


In reply to by Taylor (not verified)

This planned and sanctioned discrimination against Whites and the ongoing denial of dignity, kinship, culture and pride, but ONLY for the White race, is 100% Jewish – as the Jews stealthily seek to completely decimate the White race by any and every means possible, in their attempt to drive the White race into complete and irreversible extinction, as quickly as they can, replacing us with non-Whites who will then serve the Jew as slaves. And so far, based solely upon the numbers, the Jews are succeeding with their multi-generational conspiracy to commit White genocide and to create Jeworld, a world ruled and owned by Jews.

WASHINGTON — America’s population of white children, a majority now, will be in the minority during this decade, sooner than previously expected, according to a new report.

Through deception and the White weaknesses (vulnerabilities) of shame and guilt, the Jews have achieved almost complete political, judicial/legal, media and monetary/fiscal domination over Whites, which they now use surgically to silence any opposition, to weaken loyalties among Whites and to weaken the strong among us, to instill cowardice in us, to excite fear in any and all Whites who do not submit to Jewish will – these Whites are "canceled, demonetized and de-platformed" here in America and even imprisoned for many years in parts of a darkening Europe (our own ancestral lands). However there do exist a tiny few oases such as NSM88.ORG where this is NOT taking place (in fact, quite the opposite) and we should all be thankful that the webmaster here, chose to save his own White race and to prove his White Supremacy over the Jew, to prove his White Superiority by singlehandedly defeating the Jew and ending their attacks, for now. However these attacks by the Jew and their servants are relentless, as this has become the final struggle for the very survival of an entire race of people that the Jews fear, thus can not allow to live any longer. And the overwhelming majority of Whites are not helping to prevent their own genocide – but in fact, most of them are helping the Jew parasite and their Nigger pets, to finally destroy us, to wipe us forever from the world. ☹️

This is the challenge we face as a race – and there is practically no one (not even among us) who will help us to stop it.


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

Who were 40% of slave owners. Jewish. Who Were the top people involved in the Slave trade. Jews. What have the Jews used the American Blacks for the past 300 years? A Distraction tool/punching bag/agenda tool/dividing tool.
Why is the jewish media convincing white college students of such absurd stuff such as, "Being white is evil" Why is the Jewish media trying so hard to give the blacks a Victim Mindset?
So We get angry at each other and we fight each other as the Jewcine (Covid Vaxxine) Kills all of us. For the Great reset.
We must all find common ground and Confront jews and the globalists and then we can have Racial Disagreement.
As Mr George Lincoln Rockwell Worked with the Nation of Islam and other Movements with common ground. The National Socialists of America should too. And lets stop dwelling on how black man has done such evil crime and lets focus on the Pure evil acts of Genocide the jews want to do on every race. They want to blend every race into a Quadroon type thing. To take away any sense of National or tribal identity.
Lets not divide lets all Unify behind a common goal.
The Word National means Your Country. Your homeland. The word Socialist means Collectivizing and grouping up with your people. A True national socialist would work with all sides of the people of his nation to Root the Worm out of his homeland.
I totally agree with Every Race making a National socialist movement and Becoming partners with every other National socialist movement.
Just for a movement to rise Now days you need lots of online content creators. And this is something this movement the NSM lacks.

Fuck nazis you guys are suckers for a dumb “aryan” race not real down with nazism down with racism we are all human not a superior race

Nazism is evil and racist just treat everyone with respect not with hate

Non-Whites seem to be unable to respect the fact that we don’t want them around. Since White people are clearly getting tired of it and coming to us in droves as a result, I’ll ask you to carry on. You’re helping us tremendously!!!

Nazism is evil I agree. That racist word is just stupid though it is weoponised against white people. We are the only race called racist .
We are probably the most respectful race as Aryans you fucking idiot we
Are the only ones Running around in a guilt trip scared to say certain words like nigger. Racist is a weoponised word created in the Soviet union
to help with white genocide and communism. Nazis are not gay in any sense they are anti-homosexual. We are all human then their are races within humanity you idiots. When people hate you you will hate them and Jews hate whites so whites will hate Jews. If Jews get blacks to hate whites like what is happening now then whites will hate blacks.
Some of the people on these comments seem extremely stupid. "Don't hate" fuck wake up to the real world people hate whites that's why they form things like this.

Most common way in which science has been used to support racial discrimination is through pronouncements that some groups are systematically less well endowed than others in important cognitive or behavioural traits. This is not to say that there may be no group differences in these traits, but rather that at this point there are no clear conclusions, which in any event would be irrelevant to issues of social and political equality. Nevertheless, there is again a long history of the use of such claims for oppressive purposes. For the first quarter of the twentieth century, there was particular concern over the results of early intelligence tests, which supposedly demonstrated that Southern and Eastern Europeans were not only intellectually inferior to their Northern counterparts, but were also unfit for self-rule. Some of the most important scientists of the time explained that Nordics, characterized as they were by greater self-assertiveness and determination, as well as intelligence, were destined by their genetic nature to rule over other races. In the last half century, the controversy over intellectual and moral traits has focused primarily on the differences between blacks and other races, which were often cited by those seeking to preserve white minority rule in South Africa and legal segregation in the United States.

At present, the most well known researcher to emphasize the importance of racial differences is Canadian psychologist J. Philippe Rushton, the author of Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective, which was distributed unsolicited in an abridged version to tens of thousands of social scientists in an unsubtle attempt to influence both fellow scientists and public opinion. In the preface to the abridged paperback, Rushton promised to explain why races differ in crime rates, learning ability and AIDS prevalence. In the ensuing account, he asserted that the behaviour of blacks, whether in Africa or the diaspora, reflected what he called a "basic law of evolution", in which reproductive strategy was linked to intellectual development, such that the more advanced the latter, the fewer the number of offspring and the greater the investment of time and effort in the care of each of them. Thus, he declared, in comparison to Caucasians and Asians, blacks tended to be more sexually active and aggressive, while less intelligent and less capable of self-control, complex social organization and family stability. Like Glayde Whitney, Rushton too has been a favourite speaker at conventions of organizations dedicated to political policies that would encode white supremacy officially into law.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, two conferences of internationally recognized scientists, held by the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), issued statements about race. Although there were some slight differences in their observations about the possibility of innate differences, both groups agreed that equality as an ethical principle concerning the rights to be enjoyed by all members of a society was not predicated on any scientific conclusion about racial characteristics. This position should still inform our thinking about race and science. Although the strains of thought discussed in this article do not have widespread support among contemporary scientists, whether they are appropriate issues for scientific pursuit is beside the point. Such claims, scientifically bogus or valid, should be utterly irrelevant to the entitlements enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Not sure, about the intelligence study on different Europeans, I think it might of been done with bias. Southern Europe gave us pretty much western culture, and the eastern parts had great empires, that kept the Muslim, conquest at bay.

I am new to this site and I am glad glad that I found it. What I want to know and say is what happened to white Americans why are so many white Americans ashamed to be white I live in the south and I'm ashamed of my own race not to mention white men and women tearing down Confederate monuments something has to be done before the white race is done away with and our heritage


In reply to by Steven (not verified)

You don't see them tearing down the black monuments. Oh but they can sure tear our white monuments. I like to see someone tear down the M.L.K Monument. It made me sick to see my mom's ex boyfriends daughter samantha ████ (███████) marry a black and have a child together race mixing should be illegal in our country. God made whites to be with whites. wish they would stay with their own race.

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to remove last names, a legal privacy breach.

Well according to your black movements page , the stereotypes you listed are all without any fucking context. DO You all fucking think that all blacks are the same ??? And there is no white hater (reverse racism) , it is all the anger that the black have against you for what have you done to them. You will all go to jail according to American Laws. Stop doing all this and fucking get a job. BTW you all are not ethnic Americans , you all are the generations of the colonialists that arrived there. AND wow , what motherfuckers are commenting about BLM and white legacy. Well your motherfucking ancestors bought fucking diseases like small pox to the Americas. Yeah, and fucking stop using Hatred for you all (reverse racism) to fucking justify your racism. Again (reverse racism) isn't a thing you mother fuckers , people learn history and history is a good teacher . You will not get a pence !!!!

I cannot fucking believe that they are giving Thursday's now too to traitor,rat,infiltrator joe Gibson who is not a national socialist at all. Thursday's were Ron Murrays day, and you replace him with Joe Gibson? ? Because of Ron's passion and hardcore style and beliefs got caught up in his anger? ? And you remove him?? Cmon with that shit. Ron had the best most straight in your face podcast out there and i will await his return with honor7


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

Hail Brother, let me first start by thanking you for your support. Now, lets get into it.
Your post is not entirely accurate, I definitely see how you came to this conclusion but you are wrong.
We all know who and what Joe Gibson is, but the NSM did NOT kick me off, to put Joe on.
I personally stepped away for an undetermined time to focus on other things. ie (Longview, video podcasts,etc)
Joe being on Thursday nights is just a simple matter of time and opportunity. He has the time and wanted the opportunity. Commander Burt Colucci personally reached out to me, and, (for a lack of better terms) got my okay for Joe to do shows on Thursday if he wanted to.
I don't like Joe and the World knows it. Everyone, including Joe, knows EXACTLY how i feel about him, but with that said, this fight we are in for our continued existence, is way BIGGER, then me and Joe, and i will not allow myself to drown in my own Morals, or my opinions of others, while my RACE is being DESTROYED! I'd suggest to everyone else to do the same.
The fight for our existence is and should always be number 1. The fight over Morals, Values, and Standards can wait until later!
I hope this clears up the situation, and once we are past the White Unity Conference I will be back on the air live every Thursday bringing Hell to the world with that dreaded thing called FACTS not fucking feelings. 88 SIEG HEIL!

Hello my name joshua carlton I am white to but I am part mexican I hate jews and I would for you all to agree that's whites and Mexicans and others Hispanics will team up to fight agisnt comumism for the rise of fascism/nationalism and nazism and hope to keep this country safe from safe from the evil jews and evil muslisms and some blacks may help the nazis but not all of them because some are agisnt us the only some blacks would only join the nazis is when they think that all lives matter is OK and white lives matter is OK because there has been history of Hispanics helping germany in ww1 and ww2 and same with the blacks for some fighting nazi germany and I read it on history books I hate jews because they kill Jesus and I hope to join the national socialist movement if your OK with it white power and Hispanic power

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Who was the leader of Germany during WWII? (just his last name)

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