What a Viking Youth Is

A Viking Youth is a young man or woman whose love for their European heritage and Nation drives them to be better members of their families, neighborhoods and Nation. A Viking Youth strives to excel in all aspects of life, in school, in sports, in their community, etc.

A Viking Youth also has a concern for the cleanliness of their neighborhoods, parks, and environment. Cleaning up trash in parks, neighborhoods, roadsides, recycling and removal of graffiti are just a few things Viking Youth Corps units endeavour in.

A Viking Youth learns and embraces their rich European heritage. Learning such things as native languages, genealogy, history, and customs ensure that they do not become lost to our future generations. This is a cornerstone of the Viking Youth Corps.

A Viking Youth is an example to his or her peers. The Corps Oath and Code is part of the Viking Youth's life, all that he or she does, or does not do is based on the Oath and Code.

A Viking Youth is, above all, the future of our ancient heritage. The link between our past and our future and the ones who carry on where their ancestors left off.

  • Must be no younger than 14 years of age but not yet 18.
  • Must be the child of the N.S.M. or other pro-white organization, or have written, signed and notorized letter of consent from parents.
  • Must be of pure European or European decent.
    • No blood lines to that of Jewish or non-white races.
  • Males and Females both can join.
  • Cannot be using drugs, smoking, or drinking.
  • Must have a basic understanding of Racial loyalty and National Socialism.
  • Must be willing to live by the Code and Law of the V.Y.C. as part of your daily life.
  • Must be willing to obey regulations of the V.Y.C. in regards to activism, participation in N.S.M. activities, and obey the laws of the land.

N.S.M. regulations state that no person under the age of 18 can join or be active in the name of the Party. The Party does, however, know the value of our youth as the future of our race as well as the Party.

The V.Y.C. is an organization that teaches young men and women the skills and abilities needed not only to become future officers in the N.S.M. but to instil honor, discipline, sound morals and loyalty needed to survive in today's corrupted society.

Some of the things the V.Y.C. offers today's youth.

  • Physical fitness.
  • Military skills.
  • Camaraderie free of gang style elements.
  • Help with skills that establish self reliance.

What the V.Y.C. offers for youth who desire to become officers in the N.S.M.

  • Education in National Socialist Theory and Practice.
  • Officer training in related N.S.M. Fields
    • Propaganda
    • Public Speaking
    • Unit Operations
    • Public Relations
    • Staff Operations
    • Education in the theories of Communism, Zionism, Capitalism, etc to ensure a more effective warrior against the enemies of our race.
    • To join the Viking Youth Movement you need to send in an initial joining fee of $20 which covers the cost of 3 handbooks, a video, a magazine, bulletins, and a bunch of flyers. Continuing membership of the Viking Youth Movement costs just $5 per month

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