Stop the Carnage in Gaza

The only way to stop a blood bath in the Gaza strip is for the American government to ban all financial transactions both public and private to and from Israel.

Cutting off the money supply to the Israelis will destroy their powerbase.

Fund raising by all Muslim groups is treated with suspicion even when the object is genuine charity and humanitarian aid. Fund raising by Jewish and Israeli groups is never questioned. The billions of dollars contributed by the American taxpayers goes straight into the coffers of the Israeli terrorist military machine.

If the American government does not halt all financial transactions to and from Israel then there really will be a holocaust as the overwhelming force of the Israeli army annihilates the Palestinian population in Gaza.

The National Socialist Movement calls upon concerned Americans to:

Write or email your Congressman and senators

Call talkback radio

Submit letters to the editors of newspapers across the nation.

Spread news of this protest in relevant Internet newsgroups.

This campaign is being kicked off by the National Socialist Movement but we call upon Americans of all political and religious persuasions to

Stop the Carnage in Gaza

Commander Schoep
National Socialist Movement


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