National Socialist Movement: Announcement

- Announcement -

Nov 4th, 2016

NSM Party members, supporters, and all in attendance. First off, the Party would like to thank all of those whom have stood with us, fought alongside of us, and especially those whom have sacrificed so much, in some cases their very lives, to bring our struggle one step closer to victory.

Some of you will remember on April 20th, 2008 the National Socialist Movement retired our brown shirt uniforms and went to the black bdu (battle dress uniforms). That day marked a new era in American National Socialism. The old party uniforms had been in use since the 1960's, and it was time to modernize, and move our Party into the modern era and prepare us for the future. Not everyone liked the changes, but you stood with us knowing our Party is the answer to America's problems, and trusting in us that such changes were and are for the best of our Party, and more importantly our ability to reach the masses whom we need to bring about positive change in this Nation. That was over 8 years ago, and today we are making another important change.

Effective November 4th, 2016 we are enacting another change, and it is something that we have been thinking over for a number of years. On how to best launch our Party into the mainstream, and out of the so-called fringes where the system, the media, and the far left would like to see us stay forever on the fringes of American politics. Our European counterparts in organizations like the Golden Dawn of Greece have come from the fringes like where we are, and now hold seats in the Government, and the same can be said of many other European Movements, Nationalism is Rising Worldwide! The NSM is designated even by our enemies as the largest Nationalist Group in America, and our growth has remained steady, but not on par with our European counterparts. Nationalism in the U.S. is rising now as well, with even mainstream politicians using our talking points, and centering their campaigns around issues that we have been hammering on for years. Our time to RISE is NOW, and for us to effectively do that and reach the masses, we are doing a slight re-branding.

The NSM will be ceasing public use of the swastika effective Nov. 5th, 2016. Our flags and banners now bear the Odal Rune, and our patches will soon follow suit. To some this may seem a major change, as we have fought long and hard under the swastika for decades. This change is not up for debate, nor was it done on a whim. The Party Leadership has every intention to bring our Party, our Leaders, our Members and Supporters into the halls of Government here in the United States, and to do that we must reach more of the public. The masses  believe exactly as we do, but have steered clear of us due to our use of the swastika. Your Party Platform remains the same, your Party remains unchanged, it is a cosmetic overhaul only.

In Service to our Folk,

Commander Jeff Schoep
National Socialist Movement



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