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The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Kynan D. is the Unit Leader for Salem, OR. Kynan can be reached at " nsmsalemor@gmail.com .

NSM Magazine Spring/Summer 2017 (Internal Link)

The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Robert is the new Unit Leader for the State of Minnesota. Robert can be reached at minnesotansm@gmail.com .

NSM Iowa - The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Luke E. is the new Unit Leader and Contact Person for the State of Iowa. Luke can be reached at  nsmiowa88@gmail.com

NSM South Carolina- The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Jacob is the new contact person for South Carolina. Anyone interested in the NSM can contact Jacob at  nsm88.sc.myrtle.beach@gmail. com

NSM Media - Announcement (Internal Link)

The National Socialist Movement would like to Congratulate Ken P. on his Promotion to the position of Regional Director for Region 3. This includes Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina. Ken can be reached at r3nsm88@gmail.com

NSM Indiana Leadership - The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Justin has accepted the position of Unit Leader for the State of Indiana. Justin can be reached at  nsm88indiana@gmail.com

New State Leader for NSM Ohio - The National Socialist Movement would like to congratulate Taylor as the new State Leader for Ohio. Taylor can be reached at nsmohio88@gmail.com .

KANSAS LEADERSHIP - The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Jim is now the Unit Leader for the State of Kansas. Jim can be reached at nsm88kansas@gmail.com .

NSM Response to Kentucky Senate - Press Release (Internal Link)

- After Action Report (Internal Link)

National Socialist Movement Rally in Harrisburg, PA - After Action Report (Internal Link)

Harrisburg Rally Nov. 5th 2016

National Socialist Movement - Announcement November 4th, 2016 (Internal Link) (Internal Link - doc)

NSM Magazine Summer/Fall 2016 (Internal Link)

The National Socialist Movement is pleased to endorse Dr. Kiumars Kiani (pronounced Q-Mars) for Congress in the 1st District of Ohio. (Internal Link)

Georgia Peach Oyster Bar - Temple, GA
- Photo Gallery -

On Saturday, September 10th, groups from all over Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana came out in solidarity for a white unity gathering held on the property of Sargent Major Smith, Region 7 Director. The groups that came out were the Texas Rebel Knights, American Front, Aryan Resistance Society, NSM, Traditional Workers Party, and White Lives Matter. New NSM probates there where there as well, bringing the total about 35-40 people. After we ate, we had a cross lighting and a swastika lighting. The camaraderie lasted late into the night. New friends and 'family' where made by all. Great people great food great time - priceless! - Photo Gallery -

- Photo Gallery -
NSM Mississippi meeting 8-20-2016

NSM Media Radio Network Launches 5th Radio Show - Announcement (Internal Link)

The Alternative Media w/ Farren Shoaf – August 13, 2016 – Hour 2

NSM Media Radio Network premieres FOURTH internet radio show "NSM Hoff" (Internal Link)

The National Socialist Movement Officially endorses Rick Tyler for Congress in District 3 in the State of Tennessee - Announcement (Internal Link)

A fund has been set up in defense of freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly, and in support of the TWP protesters who were attacked during the June 26 Rally in Sacramento. Its goal is to help pay for hospital costs and expenses incurred by our comrades in California. Thank you for your support! Link: https://rally.org/Nationalist-Youth

Anti-Fascist Leader All-But-Admits to Have Created Illegal Atmosphere of Intolerance among Anti-White Groups - Press Release (Internal Link)

NSM TEXAS Unity Event - After Action Report - June 11th, 2016 (Internal Link)

NF meeting - After Action Report - June 25th, 2016 (Internal Link)

NF Meeting in Ohio, June 25th

NSM activism in Georgia and Texas on June 11th After Action. NSM and our allies in the NF 2 events on the same day.

NSM Worldtalk,NSM Nationalist-Talk and NSM Weekend Move Shows to Their Own New Network (Internal Link)

Organizational Merger: NSM welcomes Werwolf 88 to the ranks (Internal Link)

- Photo Gallery -

NSM Nationals and Rally a Success, Over 150 Attend Two-Day Event - Press Release (Internal Link-PDF)

Historic Alliance formed by U.S. White Nationalists - Press Release - April, 2016 (Internal Link)

N.S.M. National Meeting & Rally - Rome, Georgia - After Action Report - April 23, 2016 (Internal Link)

(Click on photo to enlarge)

White Rights Leader Calls NAACP Racist (Internal Link) (Internal Link PDF)

NSM magazine Winter / Spring 2016 (Internal Link)

In Memorium: NSM Regional Leader Mark Scholler (Internal Link)

The National Socialist Movement is proud to announce that JM is now the contact person for Maryland. JM can be reached at nsmmaryland@gmail.com

National Socialist Movement Condemns Turkish Downing of Russian Military Aircraft (Internal Link)

NSM Magazine Summer/Fall 2015 (Internal Link)

NSM Rally in Tupelo, Mississippi - After Action Report - November 7, 2015 (Internal Link)

- Photo Gallery -

The National Socialist Movement endorses Art Jones for U.S. Senate in Illinois. Art is working on getting ballot access, and we are asking that any of our Folk who are in Illinois assist Art in this campaign by helping him to get the 5,000 signatures that are needed to get his name on the ballot. Anyone else who wishes to assist via financial contributions, contact Art Jones for Senate at: http://artjonesforsenator.com/


The NSM is pleased to announce that Shawn K. is stepping up to be the Contact Person for the State of Colorado. Shawn is new to the NSM but has been in the Movement for years. Shawn can be contacted at: nsm88colorado@gmail.com

Joint NSDAP/AO / NSM Flier Project (Flier .pdf) (Flier #1) (Flier #2)

Pro-White Leader Warns of Escalation in Wake of Journalist Killings at Hands of Black Former Co-Worker (Internal Link)

Save the Stars and Bars Rally in South Carolina - After Action Report - July, 2015 (Internal Link)

Stars and Bars flag rally news link (External Link)

- Photo Gallery -
Save the Stars and Bars Rally at SC State Capitol a success with over 100 NSM, KKK, and other white patriots who marched in through the opposition to take the State Capitol steps on July 18th, 2015.

NSM Media Launches THIRD Internet  Radio Show  for NSM (Internal Link)

NSM Michigan Summer Solstice event June, 2015

Civil Rights Leaders Blast SC Flag Decision - Press Release (Internal Link)

NSM Press Release Regarding Charleston, SC. - Press Release - 2015 (Internal Link)

NSM's PR Director Brian Culpepper in the news (External Link)

National Socialist Movement and its logo, were distributed in at least one southside neighborhood this week (External Link)

NSM distributing flyers in local neighborhoods (External Link)

NSM and NSDAP/AO Joint Project "National Socialist Solidarity Worldwide" (External Link)

NSM Michigan meeting May, 2015

NSM Magazine Winter/Spring 2015 (Internal Link)

Baltimore Press Release (Internal Link)

- Photo Gallery -

N.S.M. National Meeting & Rally - Toledo, Ohio - After Action Report - April, 2015 (Internal Link)

NSM Toledo meeting April 11th, 2015

NSM Detroit meeting March, 2015

The National Socialist Movement takes on ENG 401 at Arizona State University - After Action Report - March, 2015 (Internal Link)

NSM Candidate running for Mayor - National Socialist petitioning to run for Elkhart mayor (External Link)

NSM Response to Executive Order on Immigration - Press Release (Internal Link)

National Socialist Movement Condems President Obama's abuse of executive power for immigration - Press Release (Internal Link)

N.S.M. Nationals, Rockwall, Texas - After Action Report - Nov. 2014 (Internal Link)

Photo Gallery

Arizona Border Operation - After Action Report - October, 2014 (Internal Link)

NSM Media is pleased to announce the publication of the most recent "NSM Magazine!" In it, you will find some of the best of the best writing, with news, commentary, and analysis by a variety of writers and photographers. NSM Magazine is provided by the professionally trained volunteers of NSM Media. Pursuant to the 'green' aspects of National Socialism, this periodically published journal is available EXCLUSIVELY via nsm88.org ! (Internal Link)

NSM Response to Ferguson Riots - Press Release (Internal Link)

Nationwide call to action (Internal Link)

Pictures and border patrols of Harry Hughes, Region 11 Director and NSM Media Producer, make news (External Link)

NSM Georgia on NBC news (External Link)

National Meeting & Rally, Chattanooga, TN - April 25-26, 2014 - After Action Report - (Internal Link)

Photo Gallery

'National Conversation on Race' - After Action Report - February, 2014 (Internal Link)

Photo Gallery

Historic Meeting between NSM Leaders and Black Civil Rights Leaders a Success. Despite attempts by the communist party and their anti-racist/anarchist allies to shut down the event, the event was a success, and brought both white and black groups to a panel discussion on Racial issues effecting both of our communities. Full report to follow.

Conversation about Race (External Link)

Beverly Hills Hosts A 'National Conversation on Race and Equality' (External Link)

The NSM’s 2nd Internet radio talk show is on the air! - Annoucement (Internal Link)

NSM Detroit meeting Jan. 2014

Former Imperial Wizard of the KKK Joins NSM 2013 - Announcement (Internal Link)

NSM Kansas City, MO - After Action Report - November 9th, 2013 (Internal Link)

Photo Gallery

National Socialist Movement Condemns Brutal Killing of 12-Year-Old White Girl For Not Being Prosecuted as ‘Hate Crime' - Press Release (Internal Link - pdf)

NSM Town Hall Meeting in Leith, ND. - After Action Report - Sept. 22nd, 2013 (Internal Link)

Exclusive interview with NSM Public Relations Director Capt. Brian Culpepper on American Nationalist Network Radio show (External Link)

NSM Media has just finished the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of "NSM Magazine!" Interesting and controversial stories, stunning and shocking photos, and much, much more... [Click here to read online - Internal Link]

Photo Gallery

NSM National Meeting & Rally - Atlanta, GA - After Action Report - April 19th, 2013 (Internal Link)

Memphis Rally - Solidarity - After Action Report - March 30, 2013 (Internal Link)

Civil Rights Group Links Amnesty, Gun Control - Press Release (Internal Link)

Why Support the NSM? (PDF file) (Internal Link)

(External Link)

Quentin Tarantino's Django unchained is racist, venomous and anti-white - Press Release (Internal Link)

Residents Respond to White Activist Fliers - 12/28/2012 (External Link)

N.S.M. Arizona December Meeting and Yule Celebration - December 15, 2012 - Report&Photos (Internal Link)

Pro-White Group Targeting Basin to Recruit Followers, Membership Numbers Rapidly Growing (External Link)

Announcement: The Merger of The White Preservationist Organization into The National Socialist Movement. The NSM is pleased and honored to bring this excellent group of dedicated Comrades into our ranks. Link to their merger statement: (Internal Link)

NSM March in Charlotte - After Action Report - Saturday, Novemer 10th, 2012 - After Action Report (Internal Link)

Photo Gallery

NSM adopts part of NKY highway (External Link 1) (External Link 2)

Petition for Northern Arizona University to formally reprimand Professor Stephen A. NUÑO PH.D. for his anti-white, racist comments in NBC Latino - Press Release (Internal Link)

North Texas White Unity Meeting - Report and Photos - September 8, 2012 (Internal Link)

NSM Arizona Border Patrol Operation Hrani - After Action Report & Video (Internal Link)

National Socialist Movement Border Operations on Cable TV show - After Action Report - July, 2012 (Internal Link)

American politicians should not resist "Anglo-Saxon" (Internal Link)

White Pride America merges with the National Socialist Movement (Internal Link)

National Socialist Movement celebrates supreme court SB1070 decision as victory (Internal Link)

NSM to be featured in Border Patrol Documentary (Internal Link)

NSM Mobilizing in Norfolk, VA (Internal Link)

NSM Investigating anti-white hate crimes in Mobile, AL (Internal Link)

NSM investigating anti-white hate crime in Baltimore (Internal Link)

NSM Nationals 2012 videos

2013 NSM Budget Proposal and Solution to America's Economic Downfall (Internal Link)

Photo Gallery - NSM in Frankfort, KY

NSM Nationals: After Action Report (Internal Link)

A couple of the NSM members involved in the Patrol in Sanford, FL. April 10th, 2012 - photos (Internal Link)

Civil rights group patrolling Sanford (External Link1)
NSM pledge to descend on Sanford, Fla., where Trayvon martin was killed, to protect white citizens
(External Link2)

Gov. Steve Beshear says NSM has right to march in Frankfort (External Link)

NSM members now patrolling Sanford (External Link)

Racial Unrest in Seminole County Florida - Announcement (Internal Link)

Operation Heimdallr - After Action Report - January, 27-29, 2012 (Internal Link)

The BBC tours the infamous Vekol Valley with the NSM - After Action Report (Internal Link)

NSM Martyrs Day Gathering, Dec. 2011 - After Action Report (Internal Link)

NSM Martyr's Day Gathering in the South

Florida Street action and after event - Dec 17th (Internal Link)


NSM Pomona Rally - Nov. 5th, 2011 - After Action Report (Internal Link)

In Defense of White America Rally Sept 3, 2011 - After Action Report (Internal Link)

In Defense of White America Rally in Milwaukee WI.

NSM Britannia After Action Reports (Internal Link)

NSM & Militia Border Operation - After Action Report - July 27, 2011 (Internal Link)

- Photos -

Operation Line in the Sand II - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

- Photos -

NSM's "Reclaim the Southwest": Las Vegas - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

NSM WI Protests against Pridefest - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

BBQ: Northern California Unit, NSM Detroit - Reports + photos (Internal Link)

Protest against illegal immigration in Florida - After Action Report (Internal Link)

NSM Wisconsin Takes Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis - After Action Report (Internal Link)

NSM WI Protests against Communist Symbols - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

NSM Border Ops: After Action report from Arizona + photos (Internal Link)

NSM WI Fond Du Lac River Clean Up - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

Photo Gallery

Battle in Trenton, NJ - After Action Report (Internal Link)

Let's take a few moments to support breast cancer research.  We all have a woman in our lives who has suffered, survived, or died from breast cancer.  Here's you opportunity to show them you care.  Donate or join the NSM Wisconsin team at the link above.  Our goal is minimal and I will be walking the 5k path on May 07th, 2011.  So please pass this link out everywhere and to everyone you can.  Let's show the world that National Socialists and White Nationalists care! (External Link)

Stop the Boer Genocide Pickett, Central London 9th April, 2011 (Internal Link)

NSM Wisconsin meeting - After Action Report (Internal Link)

Unity In Claremont! - After Action Report + video and photos (Internal Link)

NSM Britannia White Pride World Wide Day - After Action Report + photo (Internal Link)

NSM Florida Feb. 26, 2011- After Action Report + photo (Internal Link)

N.S.M. AZ Nogales, AZ/Sonora Mexico Excursion - Photo Report (Internal Link)

NSM Britannia Launches new Radio show (Internal Link)

NSM Florida - After Action Report (January 22, 2011) + photo (Internal Link)

Washington State NSM 01/01/2011 - After Action Report + photo (Internal Link)

NSM: "Harry Hughes" running for School Board seat in Pinal County, Arizona (Internal Link)

NSM Florida - After Action Report (December 11, 2010 )+ photo (Internal Link)

Phoenix, AZ rally - photos (Internal Link)

Reds Riot In Phoenix: NSM Pushes Through! + videos (Internal Link)

NSM Activity from North West Coast to the South East Coast + photos (Internal Link)

NSM Celebrates 27.79% of votes with 100% Precincts Reported (Internal Link)

NSM receives 27.79% of votes in California Election (Internal Link)

Jeff Hall: Saving the Environment for Future Generations (Internal Link)

Open letter from National Socialist Movement Candidate: Jeff Hall (Internal Link)

NSM Candidate for Office: Political Announcement from Jeff Hall (Internal Link)

NSM WA: Controversial flier spurs dialogue at Clark (External Link) (Link 2)

Photo slideshow: NSM Border Patrols in Arizona (External Link)

Region 2 meeting - July 18 , 2010 - After Action Report (Internal Link)

Stand in the South: Knoxville - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

70 NSM members and approx. 30 supporters from various different organizations
participated in the Stand in the South Campaign in Knoxville.

The Party That Gives! (Internal Link)

Morning Patrol: Dead Body Recovered... - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

Rally in Michigan - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

NSM-Arizona Border Patrol - After Action Report + video + photos (Internal Link)

Report from the Front lines in Arizona and California - After Action Report + video (Internal Link)

NSM patrols the border in two states! (Internal Link)

NSM After Action report from the frontlines in Arizona - After Action Report + photos + video (Internal Link)

Citizen's group taking border battle into own hands (External Link)

Las Vegas After Dark + report, video (Internal Link)

The NSM March through Downtown Las Vegas + reports, video, photos (Internal Link)

NSM Defends Community! + video footage and report (Internal Link)

NSM rally and Nationals - After Action Report + 6 photos (Internal Link)

NSM Nevada confronting illegals and their supporters (Internal Link)

WPWW Day - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

Las Vegas march - After Action Report + photo (Internal Link)

Region 3 Meet and Greet - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

Rebel Hell & Total War show (NHS): - After Event Report (Internal Link)

Region 8 Meeting - After Action Report (Internal Link)

Region 2 Meeting - After Action Report + photo (Internal Link)

Region 2 - After Action Report (Internal Link)

NSM Colorado - Highway cleanup photos (Internal Link)

NSM vs. ACORN - After Action Report + video + photos (Internal Link)

The Region 1 office of the NSM conducted a membership meeting on January 9,2010 in New York City which was a most successful meeting that also resulted in several new members that day.

We had a great showing of about a dozen new comrades and worked on very important issues for the movement and specifically in the Detroit/Michigan area. We are getting organized in Detroit and great things are on the horizon for us here in the area and for the movement as a whole. Thank you to all that made the meeting possible and keep your eye out for things coming soon from the Detroit unit!

Protest at the Temple Beth El in Riverside - Report + Photos (Internal Link)

NSM Russia - After Action Report + Photos (Internal Link)

Region 2 meeting/literature handout - After Action Report (Internal Link)

A weekend in the Southwest - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

"America First" Rally in Phoenix, AZ - After Action Report (Internal Link)


California After Action Report 10-24-09 (Internal Link)


NSM beats down Mexican Brown Berets (Internal Link)

NSM Denver Adopts a Highway (Internal Link)

Rally against communism and illegal immigration - After Action Report (Internal Link)

NSM Twin Cities YWCA Protest - After Action Report (Internal Link)

Belleville Rally - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

Riverside Anti-Illegal Immigration Protest - After Action Report + photos (Internal Link)

October 24th Protest in Riverside (Internal Link)

NSM California: Meetings Every Month (Internal Link)


NSM S.E. Conference + Concert + photos (Internal Link)

1st Annual Rudolf Hess Memorial Campout - report (Internal Link)

We had our Annual NSM bbq at a local park here in the Metro Detroit area - photos (Internal Link)

NSM South East Minnesota Leader Sam Johnson confronts Mayor and City Council over illegal immigration (Internal Link)

Austin, MN rally against illegal immigration - report (Internal Link)

Austin, MN rally against illegal immigration - photos (Internal Link)

Tupelo MS June 27 th Meet & Greet Photos + Report (Internal Link)

NSM-MO/SPU Protest report + photos (Internal Link)

Report from NSM HQ on NSM MN actions + photos + news articles from the event (Internal Link)

Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York Joint Meeting Report (Internal Link)

National Socialist Movement Responds to zionist carpetbaggers in Springfield (Internal Link)

A report from the front lines (Internal Link)

NSM rally under the St. Louis Arch - photos (Internal Link)

NSM Iowa: After Action Report - photos (Internal Link)

Report from Skokie - photos (Internal Link)

NSM 35th Anniversary & After Action Report from St. Louis: Over 100 March (Internal Link)

North California Forms up latest NSM Chapter - report photos (Internal Link)

(Internal Link)

WPWW Day - report, photos (Internal Link)

S. California - Pictures and report from BBQ (Internal Link)

Florida Meet and Greet Feb. 28, 2009 - event report (Internal Link)

Racist Music Just a Download Away on Mainstream Music Sites (External Link)

Official WI After action report from January 31st, 2009 (Internal Link)

NSM Russia concert - After action report (Internal Link)

NSM Women's Division and Springfield Unit meeting - After action report (Internal Link)

NSM Women's Division and Springfield Unit meeting photos (Internal Link)

Southern California meeting photos (Internal Link)

NSM Adopt a Highway

NSM Missouri Springfield Unit Adopts Highway (Internal Link)

Mid-Atlantic Leafleting Event Action Report (Internal Link)

Virgina Patriots Unite - Event Report (Internal Link)

Why should you join the NSM? (Internal Link)

The NSM is not just about Words, we're about Action also... and we can prove it!

NSM Southern California headed to the U.S. Mexico border, the following is their report - pictures (Internal Link)

Photos from the Tyler, TX NSM Rally (Internal Link)


Omaha Rally report (Internal Link)

Nationals 2007 (Internal Link)

Reno, Nevada - After Action Report (Internal Link)

Kalamazoo Rally report (Internal Link)

Jefferson, MO rally report (Internal Link)



Global News Archives

Berlin bans fast-growing national socialist group (External Link)

US police killer 'will be caught' (External Link)

Hungarian Guard Uniform Outlawed (External Link)

SS man proud of his WWII service (External Link)

While many of you learned from the history books written by the "victors" of the Second World War about human experimentation performed on prisoners in Germany did you know the United States did the same thing?  In some cases, the United States experimented on people without their knowledge including the poor, non-violent mentally ill and prisoners. (External Link)

New Jewish organ theft gang busted (External Link)

Rabbis busted for trade of kidney's among other crimes (External Link)  

Rabbis and New Jersey Politicians Arrested for Corruption  (Exterlnal Link)

The head Nazi-hunter's trail of lies (Exterlnal Link)

Irish National Socialists? (Internal Link)

Bill will give Obama National Internet Off Switch

A Bill disguised as a Cyber Security solution would give President Barrack Hussein Obama the power to shut down the Nations private networks (the Internet) at his command upon anything he declares a Cyber-Emergency.  This bill would also allow him to shut down access to certain nations and even certain sites. (External Link)

The history of co-operation between fascist Italy and National Socialist Germany did not only happen in the European theater of War (Internal Link)

Day of Honour in Budapest (External Link)

National Socialist Party Members and supporters remembered the heroic Hungarian and German defenders of Budapest during WWII at Heroes' Square

2009 Dresden - Memorial March (Internal Link)  

Capitalist System Judges Admit Taking Kickbacks

Two US judges charged with taking more than $2m (£1.4m) in kickbacks from a privately-run detention centre have pleaded guilty to fraud. (A prime example of why the extreme capitalist system of private for profit enterprise in government affairs should be outlawed.) (External Link)

We Control Stupid Americans

"We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can't criticize Israel." -Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache (External Link)

Despair spreads amid mounting job losses (External Link) 

Watching the news tonight (Internal Link)  

David Irving: "I'm Hitler's biographer" (External Link)

Hitler returns to front page as Nazi era papers hit the streets

Facsimiles of original Nazi-era newspapers are being reproduced and are going on sale across Germany. The weekly publication costs €3.90 ($5.25). The start-up print run is 300,000 and kiosks in Berlin are reporting brisk sales. (External Link)

What You Don't Know About Gaza

NEARLY everything you've been led to believe about Gaza is wrong. Below are a few essential points that seem to be missing from the conversation, much of which has taken place in the press, about Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip. (External Link)

When Terrorists are Muslims? (Internal Link)

The Path to the White House

Zionist Path to WH

The Chosen: The 45 Zionist members in the 111th U.S. Congress (External Link)

Israel 'prepared to attack' Iran nuclear plants

Israel is drawing up plans to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and is prepared to launch a strike without backing from the US, it has been reported. (External Link)

What's in the water at Carleton University, Ottawa?

Whereas cystic fibrosis has been recently revealed to only affect white people and primarily men, be it resolved that: (the Carleton University Student Association) discontinue its support of this campaign." (External Link)

Mexican cops and drug dealers

Which guy is the cop and which the drug dealer? Almost half of Mexican police officers examined this year have failed background and security tests, a figure that rises to nearly 9 of 10 cops in the border state of Baja California, the government reported Thursday. (External Link)

Israeli hawks ready to fly on Iran

U.S. Never Warned Israel Against Iran Attack states Olmert (External Link)

Prepare for War: Events are moving quickly. The Israeli Atomic Energy Commission has estimated that Iran will have produced enough highly enriched uranium by the end of next year to produce a nuclear bomb. Next year is widely regarded in Israel as year zero for the strategic decision about Iran's nuclear program. This Israeli war will inevitably involve the United States. (External Link)

"Israeli intelligence sources say the prospect of military action against Iran has increased significantly in the past few weeks." Translation: This is something the Israelis want to do while George Bush is still president. Welcome to America's new war, folks. (External Link)

Iran claims Israel spy ring broken

Iran's revolutionary guards ratcheted up the war of nerves with Israel yesterday by claiming to have broken a spy network run by Mossad, the Israeli espionage agency. (External Link)

Chinese Spies in US

Chinese spies, working for a Chinese government owned company have been convicted of the most serious crime under the Economic Espionage Act (External Link)

Sealed Memo in Spy Case: Ming Zhong and Fei Ye were part of massive economic espionage by the Chinese government (External Link)

"The indictment does not charge that the Chinese government was a conspirator"- Yeah, right (External Link)

US Influence

NIC Intelligence report says US influence set to decline. (External Link)

Communist Party backs Obama

Communist Party USA supports the Obama Presidency, that sure says it all. Well, well, the left wing fanaticals finally have their first U.S. President. Now more than ever National Socialism must Rise in order to protect our national security, heritage and rights. Join the Fight against zionism & communism today! (External Link)

Proud to be White .. Someone finally said it (Internal Link)

Nazis clash with Cops in Czech Republic

Analysts warn of “ethnic war” as local people cheer neo-Nazis in The Czech Republic town of Litvínov (External Link)

Mexico drug wars spill across the border

The drug violence that has left about 4,000 people dead this year in Mexico is spreading deep into the United States, leaving a trail of slayings, kidnappings and other crimes in at least 195 cities as far afield as Atlanta, Boston (External Link)

Obama's Zionist Chief of Staff

President Hussein Obama appoints Israeli Zionist as "Chief of Staff" (External Link)


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