The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

This donation will be the final legal donation necessary for criminal cases, in both Arizona and Florida. Commander Colucci has not and will never lose faith in the White/Aryan race, so please DO NOT lose faith in him! The outcome will either be a win, or decades in prison. The Jews must be taught that we will not be bullied – and Whites must learn that it is worse to be complacent, than to speak out against tyranny. Help us to help you!

Our Commander Burt Colucci is in the fight of his life. While exiting a hotel in Arizona, Commander Colucci observed a pack of Niggers dumping trash out of their car, onto the parking lot. He yelled at them to pick it up, so they drew weapons – which caused Burt to draw his and hold it low and at the ready. The Niggers backed down. As a result, Burt has been charged with felony assault due to blatant anti-White bias, also known as Nigger Privilege™. He needs $10,000 in order to have the best possible legal representation at trial. His opposition in this battle are feral, criminal, drug-dealing Nigger scum – the same wilding beasts we White people are currently being replaced with, by the Jews.

While these sub-human apes are what the Jews see as the most desirable people on earth, we do not. Their representation in court provides an unfair advantage being funded by the taxpayers of Arizona, with the prosecution willing to spend every penny they must, in order to achieve the wrongful conviction of a “White racist.” Commander Colucci is a White, Christian, male and a National Socialist (Nazi) – so what are his chances in court when these feral Niggers chimp out and scream “dat be ray-ciss an' sheeit” in front of a bunch of leftist jurors?

We need your help!

The Commander can't receive actual Justice in this matter, without proper legal representation – which is why we are asking for your help. Please donate as much as you are able, to help defend White civil rights!

Donations by money order may be made out to Burt Colucci and sent to:
National Socialist Movement
PO Box 423223
Kissimmee, FL 34742

For donations by Bitcoin, use the BTC address below.

Bitcoin Address: 1LRWztxGTHxXJoazfYY26gNcMEbPBGhZ4M

Currently, White people have precious few rights remaining – and we will soon lose what few rights we have left, unless you take a stand, now! Won't you stand with us and donate toward our Commander's legal defense? Thank you! 🙂

Goal $10,000
23 NovUpdated