Why You Should Join the
National Socialist Movement


1. We were established in 1974 and trace our roots back to Commander Rockwell and the original American Nazi Party and carry on his legacy!

2. We are the largest ACTIVE National Socialist group in America!

3. You will have the opportunity to attend the National Meeting, National Survival and Training Seminar, various State meetings and other events!

4. If you keep your monthly dues current you receive a free subscription to the N.S.M. Magazine. A No Holds Barred quarterly publication. You will also have the option of receiving various N.S.M. State publications!

5. Access to our Members Only section of our dynamic website www.nsm88.org!

6. Having the knowledge that you are working to ensure a safe, wholesome environment for generations to come!

What other White Peoples organization offers its members all these opportunities? NONE!

Active and inactive positions are available. Tell us where you can best assist our organization.

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Whatever you do, join today!


 Membership Application (HTML Format)



NSM88.ORG    National Socialist Movement, PO Box 423223, Kissimmee, FL 34742 (651) 659-6307