The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

In reply to by I hate white people (not verified)

> I hate white "people" and I believe that they are inferior to black people.

Come on, don't make yourself look ridiculous here. Again I cite that White man walked on the moon. Asians are only just now starting to enter space for the first time – let alone walk on the moon. And everything you use to get into space, was first innovated by White people, decades ago. You steal technology from Whites and pretend that you created it. Pathetic. White superiority is beyond question at this point. White American men even invented the Internet that you are using right now, to tell me how inferior White American men are. Does this not seem ridiculous, even to you? And that superiority claim is being made over Asians – not Niggers (your claim).

> I am an Asian that immigrated to the United States and I absolutely hate all white "people".

So, you emigrated to the USA because you hate White people? Or did you come here to be closer to White people, to have access to White people, so you could suck wealth away from us, eat the crumbs that fall from our table so to speak – because even YOU realize that you are better off being with and around Whites, than being with or around your own (less intelligent) fellow Asians. Truth hurts, so suck it up. Claiming the White race is not the master race at this point is ridiculous – since the White race is as much superior to you, as you are to a dog. And to be frank, most dogs are demonstrably superior to Niggers. Back when Whites ended the enslavement of these Nigger ape beasts, we didn't move forward to make pets out of them – we didn't even want them, as they are disgusting. Prior to mechanization, they were moderately useful as farm animals. Today they have largely become a cancer that is consuming and slowly destroying our Republic.

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Who was the leader of Germany during WWII? (just his last name)