The Will to Fight!
Commander Jeff Schoep

It is of tantamount importance, that each and every one of us as White Patriots be of steel will and determination! I will refer to a quote by a great American NS martyr, Capt. Joseph Tommassi "We must prepare to seize the day". Our Aryan peoples have triumphed throughout history!

A few examples: in Germany we had Adolf Hitler who fought Communism and Jewry (one and the same), in Romania the great Vlad Dracul (who drove the Turks out of his land), in Serbia the great Prince Lazar who repelled the mongrel invaders out of Kosovo, etc.

We are of the Race that drove Genghis Khan and the Huns from Europe, the Race that claimed America, and nearly rid it of the pestilence of the American Indians, the Race that drove the mongrel Mexicans out during the Mexican-American war, and many other glorious accomplishments throughout history!

We have a lot to live up to, as today's White Racial Patriots!

We (all pro-White groups) are the last vestiges of our Race who have refused to lie down and die in Multi-Racial, Internationalist, Jewish lead filth. The American economic system is headed towards what could be another great depression.

What brought National Socialism to power in Germany? Economic misery, accompanied by fanatical believers who pushed NS into the mainstream. The Founding Fathers of America used similar situations to liberate America from King George, (no offense to our British Comrades).

All seasoned Racial Patriots understand, to expand means to sacrifice. No sacrifice can be too great, if it helps bring our struggle one step closer to Victory!

Thinking back to what I wrote about being timid, when duty calls. I am not trying to dwell on the issue, I just do not understand the rational. The will to protect and defend one's own, should be a natural instinct!

One time, several years ago while driving through a poor neighbourhood in St.Paul, I noticed a white woman fighting a large nigger male who was trying to steal her purse (interestingly, several unconcerned white males were standing nearby watching the spectacle aimlessly!!!),

I slammed on my brakes, left my car in the middle of the street and chased the nigger away. To my further surprise, were many angry motorists honking and yelling for me to move my car! I went after the nigger instinctively, as I had seen one of my own Race attacked (a stranger at that).

Now, regardless of group affiliation, we as White Patriots must all stand united with one another in times of need!

Zog is breathing what could be its last death gasps, like Babylon, or the Roman Empire, what is corrupt must come crashing down! It is a fact, if we are not ready to grab the reigns, history will bypass us!

That means we must strive to be as Elite as we can possibly be. Whether Movement veteran, or fresh new enlistments, we all must put the collective Racial, and National whole, above self.

An assault on one of us, must be viewed as an assault on all, regardless of Rank, position, group affiliation, etc.

We have Senior Citizens, and women who rise to the occasion and fight along side us in Rallies, ect. Surely, Aryan men should be expected to do the same! Those unwilling (or too cowardly) to get with the program, are not suited for street level combat situations, and should never venture out around the front lines in times of danger.

 As for myself, I have been a frontline fighter since my teens, and have been shot at, had my family threatened (by zog), been clubbed in the head with tire irons, had knives and bats pulled on me, etc.

To me that is a sacrifice, to serve the greater good of National Socialism. No sacrifice would be too great! Once a soldier gets past his fears, whether it is jail or death, he becomes unstoppable! We must all seal our resolve, and brace for whatever awaits us, National Socialism will prevail!

Duty Calls, White Patriots will you answer the call?

See you on the Frontlines!

Hail Victory!

Commander Jeff Schoep/NSM

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