Why Obama is Good for Our Movement

President-Elect Obama is going to be the spark that arouses the “white movement”. Obama’s win is our win. We should all be happy of this event.

For far too long, 60 years or so, our race has been doing nothing but losing ground. We have been sold out by our elected leaders and we have been led by impotent leaders of our race. The NSM needs to lead the way in this movement.

Our elected leaders have sold our race out time and time again. They have made concessions to the “minorities” of this nation. Those minorities are rapidly becoming the Majority!

This is our fault.

Our race has had leaders who have watched, complained, and preached about all the injustice that is happening to our race but they have done little more. We have let them lead; this is our fault. These leaders have not provided a concrete plan of action to take our rights back and to lead us to our rightful place as rulers of this nation. NOW, because political correctness and “civility” have been jammed into our heads and our children’s’ heads, a black has been elected President.

Past actions have led other white people to believe we are the “evil” ones although they do not understand our message and our goal. For too long, violent actions have been carried out in the name of the white race.

We need a plan of political action!

Flag waving, holding signs, and yelling disparaging remarks are useful tools for recruiting. But we need new ideas, new methods, and fresh campaigns.

Recently there has been a couple of alleged white supremacist that planned to kill Obama. How unfortunate for our race if they would have succeeded!

Obama is better for our race just as things are; Obama as President. Obama will be under the microscope of the media, the republicans, and, most importantly, by us. We need to publicize every misdeed he commits.

There is a suspicion, although he denies it, that Obama supports Reparations.

That is great!

If he does support reparations and he tries to pass legislation that enacts Reparations, the white people of this nation will rise up enflamed and outraged, wanting to fight against it. What could be better for our movement than a nation of enflamed white people to finally stand up for themselves?

We want you to help the NSM climb to the forefront of this movement.

We need to get organized because we cannot just react to situations.

We need to organize, plan, act and react.

We need to lead our race to the forefront and get back what is ours.

We need to keep our race alive and pure.

Working together we can get things done!

Support the NSM and let’s start moving forward with setting things straight.

We are the white race and therefore, we are the leaders.


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