NSM Missouri meeting

- Event Report -
March 15, 2009

NSM Missouri registered yet another success as about 20-25 of our most active members gathered for our state meeting/working week-end/Commander Rockwell birthday party. Just to give you all an idea of the quality of comrades I have the honour of working with here, two comrades and a guest arrived as early as late Tues. night to begin working. Special thanks to Sgt. Ellison and Pvt. Bradley Keene for all their hard work. Others arrived late Fri. night and Sat. morning and immediately got to work. I was worried that we had so much work to do that we wouldn't get it all done. But with everybody pitching in, not only did it get done, but it got done early and more besides. We were interviewed by a reporter from a Kansas City radio station and then held our state meeting.

After we got the business done, we all gathered to pay tribute to Commander George Lincoln Rockwell at which SS Lt. Boswell read from ch.2 of White Power entitled “Spiritual Syphilis.” Afterwards we enjoyed cake, ice cream, and homemade apple pie, and then gathered around the fire pit where Pvt. Keene led us in passing the horn in tribute to Commander Rockwell. By then, it was starting to get late and some comrades had to leave. The ones who stayed were up until the not-so-wee hours of the morning enjoying each others camaraderie. I am always overwhelmed how much the NSM feels like a family. I would gladly give my life for any one of my comrades and consider it well spent.

We welcomed two new members and two new supporters into our family. And as we begin the clean-up, I already miss my comrades and can't wait to see them again in a month at Nationals. I think Rockwell would be proud. I know I am.

Hail Victory!
SS Lt. Steven Boswell


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