Marching on Chicago

- After Action Report -

Jan, 2017


The livestream coming out of a Chicago apartment last week awakened countless White Americans to what the politicians and lying press have been trying to hide for decades; that multiculturalism is actually dangerous to each and every single one of us. Multiculturalism is dehumanization, violence, and even torture.

White Nationalists have long been the voice for the White Americans who have been abandoned, ignored, and forgotten by the corrupt system. The politicians and media want us to die quietly, to accept our demographic displacement, and to not fight back against the murder, rape, torture, and persecution that our people face.

As soon as the case in Chicago of this kidnapping appeared, nationalists jumped into action. Our comrade Paddy Tarleton wrote a ballad about the case, singing that “ Whitey ain't playing around this year . ” This is one hundred percent accurate. We would not ignore this case, we would not just post about it, we were honor and duty bound to do something about it.

Organizing a public White Nationalist demonstration in Chicago has not been done in several years. Chicago is the land where political corruption is king, Black gangs make it more dangerous to walk Chicago streets than to patrol the streets of Baghdad as an American soldier, radical Leftists roam the city like orcs in Mordor, and the Jewish power structure is firmly in place.

The massive menorah hovered ominously in the background. It always does in Chicago.

To host an event, it was going to take organization and dedicated men and women; and we had that in abundance. Comrades from all over the country volunteered to come to this event, the response was truly overwhelming. We have future events planned in Chicago for the nationalist movement from all around America to participate in, but for this event, the local nationalists in the area around Chicago decided that it was better for those of us who were local to address this local issue.

We as nationalists must be organized in our local areas that whenever a case like this, a natural disaster, or other incident occurs; we can be the first boots on the ground to help those in need, raise awareness about the issue, and provide support.

Comrades from the Traditionalist Worker Party, the National Socialist Movement, The Right Stuff, and the Soldiers of Odin all came together for this event. The days of movement division based on subculture, organization, or religion, are all in the past. 2016 saw a great leap forward for nationalist solidarity with the creation of the Nationalist Front. This unity is only increasing in 2017, and the event in Chicago proves this.

A model for nationalists of respect, finding common ground, supporting one another, and focusing on the 14 Words is the path forward for nationalist unity.

To decide the location for our event, we looked to the area that is most to blame; city hall. The government of Chicago, like many major American and European cities, works night and die to hide the human cost of their genocidal diversity programs. Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago is no different than Angela Merkel, Mayor Henriette Reker of Cologne, François Hollande; or any other globalist politician. When diversity leads to their citizens being hurt, they fall back on Jewish talking points and try to downplay the horrific acts their citizens undergo.

Until the public outrage shut them down, the police brass and politicians in Chicago tried to downplay the Hate Crime as “kids being kids.” They said that the kidnapping and torture of a White man as Black criminals are shouting “Fuck White People” and “Fuck Donald Trump” while scalping the young White man had an “undetermined motive.”

It is the politicians who are to blame for covering up these horrific crimes. This is the standard operation procedure for the globalists, around the entire world.

For example, at the Bataclan Massacre in France, the French police and politicians hid the horrific crimes of ISIS militants where,

Wahhabist killers reportedly gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls…But prosecutors at the hearing claimed these reports of torture were ‘a rumor' on the grounds that sharp knives were not found at the scene. They also claimed that maybe shrapnel had caused the injuries.

It wasn't until nearly a year later that the truth came out.

This is repeated time after time, where the politicians try to hide these crimes and throw the facts down the Orwellian Memory Hole, and we were not going to let them get away with it on our watch. One of our sons was the victim of a horrific crime, and we were going to take a stand for him, and against the lying and treasonous politicians and their political machine that tried to make sure that he wouldn't get justice. We decided to march on city hall, and march we did.

This event took a lot of work, and I must thank my good friend and longtime activist, Max Macro, who provided detailed plans of the local situation in regards to parking and marching routes.  Our comrades assembled for lunch at a local restaurant prior to the event enjoying fellowship, networking, and good homestyle food. When we were all together, we convoyed into downtown Chicago.

With military precision, thanks in part to our comrades who are veterans, we headed towards city hall.

When we arrived, we were not surprised to see a massive menorah set up directly across from city hall. The Jews have long claimed Chicago, so we set up our protest facing city hall, and in front of the menorah.

With TWP and Celtic cross flags unfurled and a banner that read “White Lives Matter”, we marched to our position and began giving speeches. Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement, myself on behalf of the Traditionalist Worker Party, and McCarthy from The Right Stuff all gave speeches on the importance of speaking out about this case, the importance of nationalist unity, and how we will ensure that our people will always find a voice thanks to White Nationalists.

Several Chicago residents, White and Black, came over to our protest and shook our hands, took group photos and encouraged us for standing against this horrific hate crime and the political Establishment.  Besides a few hecklers–all White Leftists of course–the response was nothing but positive from those passing by. Even in Chicago, White people are tired of multiculturalism and the lies of the Establishment.

After giving our speeches and talking with interested locals, we marched back towards our vehicles, holding our flags and banner high. We will march in Chicago, and any other city, for the sake of our people. We came, we saw, and we were successful in this march.

Afterwards we gathered for supper, and made plans for more unity events in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana for the upcoming year. This is just the beginning of what will be a very active year.

I am proud of every single man and woman who marched with us into the belly of the Beast, and look forward to marching with them soon.

Hail Our People and Hail Victory!

Matthew Heimbach
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