New Director of Community Outreach

- Announcement -

We are pleased to announce the addition of Matthew Heimbach, former leader of the Traditionalist Worker's Party (TWP), to the ranks of the National Socialist Movement as Director of Community Outreach. Our new Director of Community Outreach will closely work with Public Relations, International Relations, as well as various other community outreach projects. Matthew has led on front lines here in the United States and has been a featured speaker in Europe; his activist experience and charismatic skill set are a great addition to our struggle.
The NSM welcomes Matthew Heimbach and those whom have fought alongside of him; they are true warriors of our folk.

Uniting the best and brightest minds together under the NSM banner will bring about victory instead of disarray and infighting. Now is the time to show the enemies of our people the strength of a united front.

A new era of National Socialism has been unleashed upon the United States.

These are desperate times for our nation. It is time for all good men and women to come together to face off against the evil which has consumed our land.

For blood and soil,
Comander Jeff Schoep
NSM HQ Detroit



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