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100% Hooligan

$ 16.00 DVD107

Football hooligan history from 2001-2002. This video contains interviews plus violence. Firms include Cardiff City Soul Crew, Manchester United, Leeds, Millwall, Nottingham forest and many more British firms. Lazio, Ultras and other European firms are also featured.

Also featured are Combat 18 and the race riots of Oldham England with the Darren Wells confession as an informer to Searchlight.

Almost 3 hours of violence and Reckless Aggression.


2000 Jahre Deutscher Kultur

$ 20.00 DVD140

2000 Jahre Deutscher Kultur (2000 Years of German Culture) 1939 Historic documentation on the "2000 Years of German Culture" event during the Munich Festival of Art in 1939. Contains rare Agfacolor footage of this historical event. Agfacolor 60 min. English subtitles


Apothosis of Olympia 1938

$ 20.00 DVD141

Produced by the Famous Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, with English subtitles


Blue Eyed Devils 2002

$ 16.00 DVD116

This video is one hour of the Blue Eyed Devils performing in Buffalo New York, Toronto Canada & various locations throughout Europe.

Includes an interview with the band.

There is some footage of supporting bands Attack, Vinland Warriors and Nordic Thunder

Runtime: 1 Hour - Color.


Bound for Attack

Bound for Glory & Brutal Attack $ 16.00 DVD122

Pennsylvania, USA 1992.

The largest show that the USA had ever seen. Brutal Attacks first concert in the USA supported by Bound for Glory. Speech by Art Jones of the American First Committee.

Interviews with Brutal Attack included.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Min - Color.


Der Ewige Jude

$ 16.00 DVD103

Original German film. 43 minutes long; Black and White


Der Marsch zum Fuhrer 1941

$ 20.00 DVD134

Der Marsch zum Fuhrer (The March to the Fuhrer) 1941 Dfg Dir: Fritz Hippler Prod: Baldur von Schirach

Official film of the Hitler Youth preparing for the annual Reichsparteitag at Nuremberg in 1938.. B/W 60 min. German w/English subtitles


Deutsche Skinheads Vol. 2

$ 16.00 DVD113


Proissen Heads - Tonstorung - Storkraft - Commando Pernod - Enstufe -Kraftschlag - Bohse Onkelz - Radikahl - Noi Werte with Stigger - Boots Brothers - Frank Rennieke live and interview - Oithansie

Run time: 1 hour: Color.


Die Frontschau 1942

$ 20.00 DVD135

Die Frontschau (The Front Show) 1942 Deutsche Wochenschau Dir: Fritz Hippler

German newsreel film series, "The Front Show."

Historical documentation of the war from the German side

B/W 60 min. German w/English subtitles


European Skinhead Army Vol. 2

$ 16.00 DVD111

From 1980 to the late 90s. A collection of TV documentaries, some very rare, experience the growth of the Skinhead movement in the late 20th century.

Loads of American footage and interviews.

Run time 2 hours: Color


European Skinhead Army Vol. 3

$ 16.00 DVD117

Takes off from where Volume II left off.

This is a great video with the newest news from the Skinhead front in Europe and the U.S.A. Most footage is from the year 1997 to 2003. Razors Edge in Poland, Blood & Honour Sweden, Blood & Honour U.S.A., Combat 18, Swiss Hamerskins, loads and loads of behind the scenes footage and interviews Kriegsberichter style.

Also includes S.H.A.R.P. and assorted red scum interviews and details of two S.H.A.R.P.s murdered in the U.S.A

Runtime: 3 Hours - Color



$ 16.00 DVD104

This is a great original propaganda video from the 3rd Reich about the elite German Airborne commandos.

Run time 45 minutes, Black and White.


Fortress/ Brutal Attack in Germany

$ 16.00 DVD118

This video contains video footage of 2 different concerts within Germany in 1996. Over 1200 skinheads attending these concerts. Two different cameras are used during the filming giving a very professional look to the finished production.


Brutal Attack


George Lincoln Rockwell

$ 14.88 DVD128

You've read his books, you've been inspired by this great Nazi. Now see and hear him in action on this great video tape.

This video tape costs $14.88 and is worth every cent of it! The DVD costs $16 and is also worth evey cent of it!

A documentary of the life and death of one of the most controversial men in America, George Lincoln Rockwell. This is one of the best video biographies that was ever made on George Lincoln Rockwell, made from a National Socialist perspective.

Please note Now available on DVD at $16 -

Please make it clear if you want the DVD or the Video tape when you mail in your order. (we will get this tidied up in the New Year!)


Hans Westmar aka Horst Wessel 1933

$ 20.00 DVD130

Hans Westmar aka Horst Wessel 1933 Volksdeutschefilm Dir: Franz Wenzler

Biographical account on the life of NS martyr Horst Wessel. B/W 92 min. German Dialog or English Dialog


Hitlerjunge Quex 1933

$ 20.00 DVD129

Hitlerjunge Quex (Hitler Boy Quex) 1933 Ufa Dir: Hans Steinhoff

Well-known film of the Hitler Youth, featuring the true account Herbert Norkus, the HJ boy who was killed by the Communists in 1932.

B/W 102 min. German Dialog or English titles

Starring Jurgen Ohlsen, Heinrich George, and Berta Drews


Hitlers 50th Birthday 1939

$ 20.00 DVD136

Hitlers Geburtstag (Hitler's 50th Birthday) 1939 Ufa Dir: Fritz Hippler B/W 60 min.

German w/English subtitles


Hooligan's Documentary

$ 16.00 DVD105

Football thugs or the last of the berserker breed? Judge for yourself in this unique video documentary of the raw force behind "hooligan power".

The video contains rare and bloody footage and shows the impact of National Socialist action groups on the football/battle field.

Controversial and frightening to some, it still shows the fighting spirit of young White warriors. The White Pride rock'n'roll sound track gives this explosive documentary an extra dimension of Aryan Power!

Run time 1 hour: Color


Hooligans Rule

$ 16.00 DVD106

One action packed hour of Hooliganism throughout Europe. Lots of riot and violence from Eastern Europe. Firm battles, police getting stomped, all set to a a more settle soundtrack.

Guaranteed to make you want to riot!

Run time 1 hour: Color


Ian Stuart and Stigger

Patriotic Ballads $ 16.00 DVD123

August 8th 1992 Stuttgart Germany

Songs performed
Chapter 1 Road to Valhalla Chapter 14 Glory
Chapter 2 Tomorrow belongs to me Chapter 15 To Freedom we Ride
Chapter 3 Patriot Chapter 16 The Snow Fell
Chapter 4 Suddenly Chapter 17 When the Boat comes in
Chapter 5 One Land Chapter 18 One in a Million Part 2
Chapter 6 Devils Right Hand Chapter 19 Johny joined the Klan
Chapter 7 Green Fields of France Chapter 20 White Power
Chapter 8 Hail the Thunder Chapter 21 Green Fields of France
Chapter 9 Bang goes the Neighborhood Chapter 22 Europe Awake
Chapter 10 One in a Million Chapter 23 Strikeforce
Chapter 11 Gone with the Breeze Chapter 24 Smash the I.R.A.
Chapter 12 Blood & Honour Chapter 25 The Snow Fell Part 2
Chapter 13 46 Years Chapter 26 Ending


Jude Suss

$ 16.00 DVD102

JUDE SUSS : The story of how the Jews tried to control Germany , were caught and hung. This film was required viewing for all the SS German Officers and enlisted men before being deployed to the Eastern Front.


Kreigsberichter Vol. 3

$ 16.00 DVD108

Kriegsberichter Video Magazine VOL. 3

Following the incredible success of Kriegsberichter Volume 2, Summer of 1997 Volume 3 is now available and better then ever on DVD.

Definitely a must for all activists.

Run time: 1 hour: color.

This is a professionally mastered DVD complete with menu soundtrack and an interactive motion chapter selection.

Comes with DVD case, Color cover and chapter listing insert.



Kreigsberichter Vol. 4

$ 16.00 DVD109

Kriegsberichter Video Magazine VOL. 4

As if the first three editions of Kriegsberichter were not good enough, volume 4 takes it to an all-new level of professionalism and filming excellence!

There are vast amounts of improvement in every aspect of these tapes... everything from the sound quality to smoothness of editing to the incredible animation sequences has been improved upon!

When it comes to the White Nationalist music scene, there is nothing as hot or exciting as the Kriegsberichter video series, and Volume 4 is definitely the best! With a run-time of 104 minutes of pure video superiority, Kriegsberichter Volume 4 offers unmatchable collections of interviews and concert footage.

Definitely a must for all activists!


Kreigsberichter Vol. 5

$ 16.00 DVD110

Kriegsberichter Video Magazine VOL. 5

See the latest news and views of the International White Power Movement.

This great DVD is both entertaining and informative, bringing you coverage from around the world.

Watch memorial marches, demonstrations, concert footage, movement news, band interviews, racial cartoons, tattooing, Zine reviews and top 10 list


Leibstandarte- SS Adolf Hitler in Einsatz 1941

$ 20.00 DVD133

Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler im Einstaz (SS-Bodyguard Regiment Adolf Hitler in Action) 1941 Dfg Dir: Fritz Hippler

Historical documentation on Hitler's SS-Bodyguard Regiment in combat during WWII. B/W 45 min. German Dialog w/English subtitles


Midtown Bootboys in Texas

$ 16.00 DVD124


Live in Dallas, Texas
Live in Cleveland, Texas

Runtime: 45 Min - Color.


Panorama Color Wartime Newsreels 1943-1944

$ 20.00 DVD138

Panorama Wochenschau (Panorama Weekly Shows) 1944 Deutsche Wochenschau Rare historic Agfacolor footage of the final days of the Third Reich in battle during 1943 and 1944. Agfacolor 60 min. German w/English subtitles


Random Riot

$ 16.00 DVD121

Another football hooligan video from Ainaskin. A collection of video clips and footage of hooligan battles between riot police, each other and anything that stands in their way.

Runtime: 1 Hour - Color.


Rudolf Hess Memorial Marches

$ 16.00 DVD114

A unique documentary of the German and Danish initiatives to celebrate the NS peace martyr RUDOLF HESS and honour the brave National Socialists who keep his memory alive.

Run time: 45 Minutes : Color


SA-Mann Brand 1933

$ 20.00 DVD131

SA-Mann Brand (SA-Man Brand) 1933 Bavaria-Film Dir: Hans Seitz

Heroic story during the early 'kampfzeit' days of the Nazi struggle. B/W 82 min. English Dialog version/German Dialog version


Sieg im Western 1941

$ 20.00 DVD132

Sieg im Westen (Victory in the West) 1941 Ufa Dir: Svend Noldan Prod: Fritz Hippler

Official OKW film on the Campaign in the West in 1940. B/W 120 min. German w/English subtitles



The Hail Victory Sessions $ 14.88 DVD126

This is a video tape of Skrewdriver in the studio. This covers the "Hail Victory" sessions, their final album before Ian Stuart's death. $14.88

Please note that this item is only available on Video Tape


Skrewdriver: 1977-1993:

$ 14.88 DVD127

(A video History of Skrewdriver. From their beginnings in the 1970's British punk scene, through the White Power movement, up until the death of Ian Stuart in 1993. $14.88

Please note that this item is only available on Video Tape


Skrewdriver: German British Friendship 1992

$ 16.00 DVD119


Boots Brothers
Ian Stuart


Skrewdriver: Ritorno a Camelot 1991 in Italy

$ 16.00 DVD120


Peggior Amico


State Enemy No # 1 C18

$ 16.00 DVD115

Combat 18 was the first attempt to take European National Socialism a step further than the usual revolutionary rhetoric which has dominated the neo-Nazi scene during its whole post-war existence. This video is a compilation of various TV documentaries on Combat 18.


Swedish Skins Vol. 4

$ 16.00 DVD112

This is #4 of a set of 4 great documentaries about the Swedish Skinhead Movement.


Swedish Skins 4: Salem Marches 2002 reports see reds fighting the police, Pluton Svea interview + live footage, Hess memorial march from Stockholm 2000, Völund Smed live 1994, Heroes live 1996, NS demos from Gothenborg, Svastika live, Midgårds Söner live + interview just before the singer Nitton jumped off the movement, interviews with Jäsä & Pierre of B&H Scandinavia, Agent Bulldog live + interview, Division S live, Antifa demo in Helsingborg disturbed by B&H Helsingborg.

"Racist? Of course!" documentary of Stockholm skinheads

Run time: 2 hours: Color


The Speeches Collection of Adolf Hitler 1932-1939

$ 20.00 DVD137

Sprache Sammlung von Adolf Hitler 1932-39 Dfg Film collection of Hitler's political speeches: 1933-39. B/W 60 min. German w/English subtitles


Those Opposed and Vinland Warriors

$ 16.00 DVD125

Altoon, Pennsylvania March 13th 2004.

Hosted by the Keystone State Skinheads.
This video contains the last performance of Vinland Warriors plus great footage of one of America's newest and best bands, Those Opposed.

Interviews with bands included.


Vinland Warriors
Those Opposed


Triumph of the Will

$ 16.00 DVD101

All original German! No translations

about 2 hours long

If you weren't a Nazi before you watched this film you will be once you have seen it!

A brilliant film, a must have for all collections.

Triumph of the Will is one of the most important films ever made. Leni Riefenstahl's masterpiece combines the strengths of documentary and propaganda into a single, overwhelmingly powerful visual force.


Vi er Vidkun Quislings Hirdmenn

$ 20.00 DVD139

Vi er Vidkun Quislings Hirdmenn (brethren)

This film is like a Norwegian version of Triumph of the Will. Very rare footage, once thought to have been lost or destroyed by the allies. Great film, but no English subtitles.

Norsk-Film Dir: Walter Fyrst
Produced by the Norwegian Fascist Party


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