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A Tribute $  14.88 CD1111

Another tribute CD featuring some of the world's best NS bands coming together to pay homage to Landser with their own renditions of classic Landser songs:

Bound For Glory - "Freedom"
HKL - "Rebell"
Spreegeschwader - "Ostpreusenlied and Fredericus Rex."
Intimidation One - "Rock gegen ZOG"
Estirpe Imperial - "Lenker der Schlachten"
Max Resist - "Signale"
DST - "Vergeltung"
Northeimer Philamonie - "Rudolf Hess"
Nahkampf - "Allein machen sie Dich ein"
Veit - "Wenn's zum Regenbogen geht and Der Oko"
Nemesis - "Ian Stuart"
Gegenschlag - "Sag mir wo Du stehst"
Radikahl & Intimidation - "Ostmarklied"
Lusitanoi - "Proll Power"
Storm - "Nordland"
Brutal Attack - "Tanzorchester Immervoll"



Best of Landser $  14.88 CD1031







Das Reich Kommt Weider $  14.88 CD1003

Walvater Wotan
Arische Kaempfer
Berlin bleibt Deutsch
Schlagt sie tot
Fuer Arne
Kanake verrecke
Das Reich kommt wieder
Danzig, Breslau und Stettin



Die Lunikoff Verschworung $  14.88 CD1069

Landser are back with their new cd - Die Lunikoff Verschwörung "Die Rückkehr des Unbegreiflichen!" Prosecuted for singing their so-called "illegal" lyrics, the band bounces back with a completely legal, yet equally rebellious CD!

The German government is fuming, but there is nothing they can to stop this one... Landser is the band that won't be silenced: Praludium In A, Stuttgart-Stammheim-Blues, Nr. 1 in den Charts, Was wird aus Deutschland?, Lynchlied, Der letzte Ritter, Vom Frühstück bis zum Abendbrot, Eure Eltern sind Geschwister, Bolle, Die Jungs Furs Brobe, Uber Leichen, Audacia (Instrumental), Fels in der Brandung, Totsaufsong and Zeit zu gehn.



Landser in English $  14.88 CD822

Intro Live 4/20/03 (German) - Landser - German Wrath - Africa - Friedirich the Great - Aryan Child - Freedom - Portland - Ian Stuart - Middle of Europe - Gypsy Pack - In the Ass - Rebel - Terrorist with a Guitar - Rudolf Hess - Retribution - SturmFuehrer - Northland - The Reich Comes Again - Nordland (German)

This CD is a tribute from USA to Germany. All proceeds from this CD will be donated to the POW legal fund, Operation "Break the Chains". Current fund directives are assisting members of "The Order" in their sentence appeals.

This is a Collaboration between Intimidation One, Landser, Radikahl, Thora, Death Before Dishonor, Valhallas Patriots, Roy from Final War and the Former Might Of Rage Rhythm Section.

To visit the Landser band page,Click Here



Ran an den Fiend $  14.88 CD1033

Regarded by many to be Landser's best album, this is a must own CD! If you don't have this CD you mind as well be listening to the New Kids On The Block:

Track listing:

Indizintro - Rock gegen ZOG - Ran an den Feind - Ole, Reichskoloniallied - Bundeswehrpilot - Ballade von den fickenden Chinesen - Der Hetzer - Sag mir wo du stehst - Volk ans Gewehr - Rattenplage - Niemals! - Wacht an der Spree - Mitten In Europa - Braunhemd am Wedding - Lenker der Schlachten - Immernoch am Leben - Widermal kein Tor (Fur Turkiyemspor) and Tanzorchester immervoll.



Republik Der Strolche $  14.88 CD1032

Track Listing:

Kein Herz fur Marxisten (Fortress)
Klan Song
Mord in Ahrensbok
Ian Stuart
Signal zum Aufstand
10 kleine Kommi-Schweine
Republik der Strolche
Afrika Lied
Allein machen sie Dich ein (Ton, Steine, Scherben)
Koma Kolonne



Rock Gegen Oben $  14.88 CD823

Landser are touted by many as the best NS band in the world and "Rock gegen Oben" is one of the most popular WP albums of all time! This classic continues to inspire and entertain tens of thousands, depite being one of the most banned cds on the market:

Freiheit, Zigeunerpack, Sturmfuhrer, Vergeltung, Polacken Tango, In den Arsch, Verkauft und Verraten, Rudolf Hess, Kreuzberg, In den Bergen von Ruanda, Doner Skins, Deutsche wut and Rebell.

Mp3 Download

Landser - Kreuzberg (2.1 mb)



Tanzorchester Immervoll $  14.88 CD1123

Landser greatest hits CD! 14 songs scanning the world's greatest NS band's history:

Track Lisiting:

Das neue Lied
Ian Stuart
Allein machen sie Dich ein
Rudolf Hess
Fredericus Rex
Müller Meyer Icke
Mitten in Europa
Lenker der Schlachten
Tanzorchester immervoll
Wenns zum Regenbogen geht



The Early Years / Final Solution Demo $  14.88 CD1110

Compilation of early demo tracks from the World's most notorious NS band - Landser: Arische Kind, Ostpreussen, Sahra, Horst Wessels, Asylanten, Wenn's zum Regenbogen geht, ????, Danzig, Breslau und Stettin, Sie haben Dich gerettet, Chef Lief, Paul Panzen, Immer noch am Leben, ????, Popperschwein, Liebeslied and Outro.


Last Battle / Thor's Hammer

Ultimatum $  14.88 CD1109

Demo collection of two Moscow Oi!/RAC bands that are now musicians in Clockwork Times and Moscow Band:

Track Listing

The Last Battle

1. Ultimatum (intro)
2. At Our Century
3. The Last Battle
4. Our Struggle

Thor's Hammer

5. Thor's Hammer
6. NS Troops
7. White Order
8. Oi! and Beer
9. Russian Land
10. We'll Tell Them "No!"
11. Swastika Of Faith
12. Bang-Bang
13. D.T.
14. Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Skrewdriver Cover)
Bonus track: 15. At Our Century (Performed by Whiteland)
Bonus video:
16. Our Struggle


Legacy of Blood

The Fall $  14.88 CD1266

TRACK LIST: Intro, The Return, In Dreams, Stronghold, Call Of Blood, March Across The Europe, The Fall, Fatherland and Ancient Rights



Legion 88

The Best of Legion 88 $  14.88 CD1217

Track Listing:

Reve de Gloire, Rudolf Hess, Ein Volk ein Reich ein Führer, Terroristes, Vaincre, Legion 88, P.N.F.E., La Race des Seigneurs, Violence Nocturne, Leon Degrelle, Enfin Leve, l'Avais un Kamarade, Revolte Blanche, Legion Blanche, Soviens Toi, Demo Song, Demo Song, - LIVE '87 Skinhead, Ein Volk-ein Reich-ein Führer, Violence, L'accident, Rudolf Hess, Conquerant de L'Europe, Terroristes, Vaincre.

One of the best NS bands from France


Legion of St. George

Out of the Rubble Comes Revenge $  14.88 CD646

1. Expressions of Freedom, 2. Out of the Rubble Comes Revenge, 3. On the Prowl, 4. We Fly the Butchers Flag, 5. Nothing But Nation, 6. Alone Together, 7. We will not be Stopped, 8. On Her Majesty's Service, 9. 007, 10. Buried Alive, 11. Wrecking Ball, 12. Black Sun Rising, 13. Blood Feud.


Legion of Thor

2000 $  14.88 CD1082


Legion of Thor

Blood, Pride, Pain $  14.88 CD1112

Powerful German RAC:

Track listing:

Intro, Legionen des Thor, Traume, Excalibur, Geistige Wunden, Gestern heute Morgen, Apokalyptische Reiter, Penetentiam Agite, Glory, Die Schlacht, Outro, On The Dole and Junge Wolfe.


Legion of Thor

The 4th Crusade $  14.88 CD904

German NS rock: Beginning Of The End - Verachtung - Berlin - Hate - Vater Odin - Hort Ihr Uns - New Wave Nobless - Dem Vater Meines Vaters - Harris - Tausend Augen and Outro. Bonus tracks: TXY City (System Of A Down) and Fisch Mob Tier.



Un einem fernen Tage $  14.88 CD1141

German NS rock

Track Listing

Staatsfeind Number 1
Nichts ist fur die Ewigkeit
Sie Sagte Nazis raus
Zahl jede Stunde
An einem fernen Tag
Heil! Heil!
Heil! Heil! (live)
Musterdemokrat (live).


Les Vilains

Les Derniers Rebelles $  14.88 CD989

Les Vilains have a very classic skinhead oi! sound and have played some big gigs with many of the world's top skinhead bands (Condemned 84, Section 5, Brutal Attack, Bagadou Stourm, Headcase, Legion Of St George, Menace, Vicious Rumours, Celtic Warrior, Mistreat, Steelcapped Strength, English Rose and more!): Les Vilains, Nous Serons Toujours La, Ambiorix, Jet Set Skinhead, La Loi Du Plus Fort, Skinhead Girl Warrior, Vengeance, Les Derniers Rebelles, Trou Du Cul, Ferme Ta Gueule, Le Violeur, Belgique Hooligans, Michael and Dure Realite.

Read a review of Les Dernier Rebelles


Lions Pride

Stand and Defend $  14.88 CD1052

The new skinhead / RAC sensation from Belgium. This is a band made up of well-seasoned musicians, very varied music with a metal touch in the guitars and vocals without overdoing it. This blows away 90% of the RAC bands out there, musically and also lyrically they take it to another - intelligence - level. The songs are inspired by today's social problems and history. The 16-page booklet features the lyrics to all songs as well as an explanation to the lyrics, and the CD contains a professionally made videoclip.


Locked and Loaded

We Will Get Our Revenge $  14.88 CD1002

01. Intro
02. Crime land
03. Under moonlight (instr.)
04. Night scenery
05. Revenge
06. Napeshot
07. Outro



Violent Behavior $  14.88 CD1272


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