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Weisse Jager $  14.00 CD1149

This CD is banned by the German authorities!


George Lincoln Rockwell

Brown University Speech $  14.00 CD320

GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL, THE BROWN UNIVERSITY SPEECH, Made from the original master of Rockwell - not a record or tape. GREAT SOUND!!, Liner notes by American political prisoner, James Mason


George Lincoln Rockwell

Lost Recording $  14.00 CD818

In 1965, two years before he was murdered, George Lincoln Rockwell, formerly a U.S. Navy combat pilot, campaigned as a gubernatorial candidate in Virginia. Running under an NS platform during his campaign, he gave a fund raising speech to a group of 75 sympathetic businessmen in Dallas, Texas. In a very interesting presentation, he outlined the problems of the day and his plan for the course of action America should follow. This recording sat in an attic in Dallas for more than 35 years before its recent discovery.


George Lincoln Rockwell

Nazi Rockwell Vol 1 $  14.00 CD816

The late George Lincoln Rockwell, The man who revived Hitler's National Socialism in postwar America, was one of the most controversial - and misunderstood - men of recent times. In this CD, he describes his political ideas and how he planned to implement them. Volume one of the Lincoln Rockwell Albums.


German- British Friendship

Live Split CD $  14.00 CD1155

Featuring six songs from Steffen of Noie Werte and 15 songs from Stigger of Skrewdriver recorded at a concert in Saxony.


German-British Terror Machine

German-British Terrormachine Vol. #3 (split CD) $  14.00 CD1124

Featuring Preussenheads and Grade 1

German / British RAC Split.

Böser Bruder
Der Erwecker

Grade 1:
Hail the New Land
Let's Rock
Boots 'Round Britain
White Race
Socialist Worker
I'm not a Bad Man.

Bonus: Blut und Wille - Outro.


German-British Terror Machine

Volume 2 $  14.00 CD463

GERMAN-BRITISH-TERROR MACHINE, VOLUME 2, Blitzkrieg (Blitzkrieg, Goetter Der Germanen, Oessterreich '99, Die Fahnen Hoch, Startsschutzmann, Eye for an Eye), Warhammer (Odins Cry, Red Enemy, Easy Prey, Violence, After the Fire)



Illusion $  14.00 CD1140

One of Sweden's (And the world's) best Nationalist skinhead bands singing tunes in both Swedish and English:

Track Listing:

Ett Hjärta Av Sten
Vårt Arv
Forgotten Past
Falling For Ever
Free Me
Under The Above
Blow Your Mind
Blod & Ära.


Gnadenlos - Letzte Instanz

Ruhe vor dem Sturm Split-CD $  14.00 CD1147

A split CD from two Saxon bands.


Gods of War

Volume 1 & 2 $  14.00 CD577

GODS OF WAR, VOL. 1 & 2, Compilation. No Remorse (Shadow of Death, White Pride), Brutal Attack (Allright Now, Think Again, End), Sudden Impact (Ready and Waiting, White Revolution,), Skrewdriver (Land on Fire, The New Boss, I'm a free man), No Remorse (No Freedom, Backstabber), Plastic Surgery (Anche Domani), Vengeance (Pride of Pain), Brutal Attack (The Panther Stalks the Bear, Free Me from the Grave), Skrewdriver (Rising, We can't be Beaten), Klansmen (White Power, Tomorrow Belongs to Me)


Gods of War

Volume 3 & 4 $  14.00 CD541

GODS OF WAR, VOL. 3 & 4, Compilation. Brutal Attack (Gods of War, The Hungry and the Hunted), Squadron (Time for Change, Behind a White Mask), No Remorse (We're Back Again, Up 2.3.4), Skrewdriver (Showdown, Deep Inside), Klansmen (What Happened, The Man Who Fly the Flag) New Glory (Afghanistan, New Era), Squadron (White Law, Too Strong to be Changed), Lionheart (Take No More, White Storm, Ice Breaker) Skullhead (Skinhead Rock Band), Brutal Attack (You Give Me, From the Inside), No Remorse (Last Train to Freedom), Stormbringer (Stormbringer)



From the Heart $  14.00 CD890

Track List:

Hey Brother, Green Fields of France, Take Me Back, Rudolph Hess, Freedom Give Me Freedom, Hush My Children, Deutschland, Road to Valhalla, Mr. Hangman, Pride, Honour and Purity, Sons of Our Race, 1916



Thunderclap $  14.00 CD866

Track Listing:

Carried By the Valkyries, Thunderclap, Celtic Moon, The Pride in You, Off to Valhalla, Nightmares of Balders, Stand Triumphant, Prayer for the Dying, Rise Up, Young Patriot Soldier, Set My Brothers Free, Good o'l Rebel, Memories, For My Mother & England, Upon the Sea

Thunderclap is second Griffin album with ballads . This one is dedicated to victims of Dresden bombardment on 13th of February of 1945, when in only one night, the beautiful old German town disappeared under bombs of Allied aircrafts. In that night more people died than in nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Grinded Nig

Freezer full of N*gger heads $  14.00 CD957

One listen to this cd can land you in the mental ward! Grinded Nig's lyrics are harsh, over the top and quite frankly, insane! This cd should come with anti-depressives and Thorzine - definitely not for the weak at heart or the sane: Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads - Hatred In My Heart - Black Ass Nigger - Barnacle Yid - Racial Slur - Hinkle Dinkle - Race Card - 88 Mother Fucker - Faggot Cowboys - There Is A Surprise Gonna Be In Your Mailbox - 3rd Reich Nightmare - Aryan Mental Hospital Visit 1 - Bored Jap - Dead - Fucking Around - Wake Up And Grind - Aryan Mental Hospital Visit 2 - Jackhammered Nigger Pussy - I Kill For The Aryan Race - Nigger Trash - Haitian Horror - Sissified Faggot - Nigger Circus - Sadness Of The Aryan Race - Skinhead Dick Suckers - Maniacal Mike - Rocking Roll White Power - Stormtrooping Till Death - Confession I - Confession 2 - Splatter Day - Fuck You - Nigger Cemetary and Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads.


Guess Who

Guess who is coming for seconds $  14.00 CD897

TRACK LIST: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, OPA, Rassenkrieg, My Rebel Flag & Me, I Hate Commie Scum, Fliegen nach St. Paul, Gunned Down, Lonesome Cowboy Burt, White Men on Welfare, Chucker, Hey You, 88 RnR Band :HILARIOUS SKINHEAD PARTY ALBUM


H8 Machine

Hard Core for Life $  14.00 CD917

Track Lisitng:

Intro - Built To Last - Discipline Through Punishment - Judged - Hardcore For Life - Street Justice - Resistance - Only You - Crucified - Put'em Up - Lifetime - Coming Back Strong - Shit Talker - Untitled (Nothing Left To Say) :NEW JERSEY HARDCORE (EX DYING BREED). CD INCLUDES BONUS VIDEO CLIP



Steel City Brewed $  14.00 CD980

TRACK LIST: Johnny - Resolve - For All You Do - Beerist - Oh Canada! - Let's Drink - Common Man - Cherry Docs - Burns' Pub - Steel City Brew - Pigskin Pete - Anthem :OI! FROM CANADA



B.Z.L.T.B. $  14.00 CD817

Hassgesang, the pride of Brandenburg, Germany, explode onto the scene with one of the best debut NS albums of all time! This production contains 18 tracks with over ONE FULL HOUR of quality NS tunes that should thrust them into the ranks of the greats such as Stahlgewitter, Landser and Sturm 18. This promises to become one of the biggest German NS albums of all time: Intro, Freiheit oder Tod, Deutschkurs I, Kein Demokrat, Final Fight, Die Hölle von..., Ein ganzes Volk, 18 (Adolf Hitler), Deutschkurs II, An den Kanzler, Mord verjährt nicht, Denunziant, Skinhead für immer, B.Z.L.T.B. (Bis Zum Letzten Tropfen Blut), Deutschkurs III, Schuldpropaganda, Israel and Dann holen wir uns uns're Ehre wieder. B.Z.L.T.B. / Bis Zum Letzten Tropfen Blut translates into English as: Until The Last Drop Of Blood.

Comes complete with a 16 page booklet

Mp3 Downloads

Hassgesang - Final Fight(1.8 mb)

Ein ganzes Volk (2.3 mb)


Hate Society

Sounds of Racial Hatred $  14.00 CD403

Hate, Rahowa, Kill Them All, Soon You are Free, Rule the World, The Klan will Rise Again, Hail Blood & Honour, Bad Song 2, Immigration, This is Your World, Don't Bother Me, N.S.



Spread the Hate $  14.00 CD819

Spread the Hate - Nation of Islam - Chosen Ones - Demonstration - Pub Smasher - Riot - No Place in Society - 300 Commies - Dr. Mengele - Jew Boy '98 - Better Off Crazy - Reich & Roll Part III

Members of The People Haters with a harder and meaner sound



No blood soil for Oil $  14.00 CD563

HATEWORK, NO BLOODSOIL FOR OIL, Fuck Bush Intro, No Bloodsoil for Oil, Warriors of Another Time, Our Time, Hail the New Age, Where have the Rights Gone, Battle for Freedom, Dead but not Forgotten



Barenwut $  8.88 CD1100

(HKL) (Mini-cd)

Track Listing:

1. Skinheads
2. Volkstreue jugend
Plus 2 Bonus songs
4. Donnars wilder haufen
5. Wir kommen wieder



Skating into Multikulti $  14.00 CD1173

High quality booklet/artwork to along with some of the best German NS music heard to date:

Skating Into Multikulti, Zurück von den toten, Rebellion im Klassen Zimmer, Auf Den Barrikaden, Tausend Indische Elefanted, Mein Liber Freund, Bis In Den Tod, Ungebrochen, Song For Timo, Amerikas Jesus, Eure Welt, Texas, Schönen Dank!, Helga, Im Kreis Der Schwarzen Sonne and Auffe Party



Coming Home $  14.00 CD964

Headcase's first full-length release. 12 tracks of streetpunk / Oi heavily influenced by the British bands from the early 80's: Not Invited, Ain't Got A Clue, Headcase, Come On, Here We Go Again, Stand Up, Avengers, Artificial People, Why?, This Town Belongs To Us, Oi! For The World, Coming Home and It's All Over Now.


Hegemoon / Runes of Dianceht

Split CD $  14.00 CD1010

Track list:

1. Intro
2. Majestat Poganskiej Nocy
3. Miniony Praojcow Czas
4. Pragnac Mrokow Przeszlosci
5. Wedrowka Do Ksiecia Cieni
6. Opetaj Mnie
7. Jestem Twoja Sciezka 
8. Rytual Dopeinienia
Runes Of Dianceht 
9. Ja Govoru
10. Lishonnyje Rassudka
11. Ostanovis i Oglyanis
12. Ja vyrvalsya iz Bozheskogo Plena
13. Ty Chelovek
14. Bud Predan


Hellas Attack

Hellenic WP Forces Greece NS comp. vol. #1 $  14.00 CD990

Track Listing:

1. Iron Youth - To Him
2. Iron Youth - Respect Defend Create
3. Boiling Blood - Lost Generation
4. Cause of Honour - Working CLass awake
5. Stosstrup - Nigger Stigger
6. The Shadow Order - End of a Journey
7. Der Sturmer - Megali Ellas
8. No Surrender - No Surrender
9. Wolfnacht - Wehrwolfsschntre


Hellenic / Ukrainian Friendship

Split CD $  14.00 CD1106

Hellenic/Ukrainian Friendship Split cd featuring Greek and Ukrainian NS Bands.

Featuring Sokyra Peruna and Whites Load from Ukraine/ and No Surrender and Bannerwar from Greece



Devils Game $  14.00 CD905

Tracks: Owe you nothing - Pain - "45" - Live before you die - Naked - Fire - True Romance - A world full of madness - Valkyrian marsch - Keeping my dreams alive - Tribute song - Heroes in the Snow


Heroes in the Snow

That's how it goes $  14.00 CD996


Hets Mot Folkgroup

White Power $  14.00 CD429

HETS MOT FOLKGRUPP, WHITE POWER, Back in There Place, Omänskligt Pack, Ett Sista Skjut, Bluut, Land of Ice, Ian Stuart, Rövknullande Svin, Antisemit Och Stolt, Folkmord, ACAB



Motstand $  14.00 CD1084

Heysel play aggressive hatecore.



Violent Justice $  14.00 CD1083

(good Swedish hatecore - all songs in English - with Matti -Svastika & Drew - Blue Eyed Devils on backing vocals)



The Fire of the Final Battle $  14.00 CD865

TRACK LIST: To Be The Last To Laugh, The Mask Of The Red Death, Fighting For The Lost, Thunder Of War, My Heart Beats On The Right Side, Sham Of Freedom, Nation For Nation, Sources Of The Decay, The Fire Of The Final Battle and Some Day You'll Be Free. :LATEST RELEASE FROM LONG RUNNING POLISH NS BAND


Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial: 10 Years in Valhalla $  14.00 CD1102

Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial concert recorded live in the Ukraine on 10/04/2003:


1. Hail The New Dawn
2. Slav
3. Under The Banner Of Victory
4. Ukrainian Vendetta
5. We Are With You, Brother!


6. The Time Is Coming
7. White Power
8. Aryan Warrior
9. We'll Overcome (Legion88)


10. Svarog
11. Wind
12. Our Cities
13. My Russia
14. Sturmfuehrer (Landser)


15. The Strikes
16. When The Boat Comes In
17. Rest In Peace (Squadron)
18. Ninth Wave Of White Power


Ian Stuart

No Turning Back $  14.00 CD241

IAN STUART, NO TURNING BACK, Intro - To Freedom We Ride, Triumph of the Will, Firepower, Campaign In The East, Fortress Europe, Battle Cries, Behind Blue Eyes, No Turning Back, It's a Hard Road, The Wheel Goes Round, The Flight of the Eagle, Red Flags are Burning, In the Ghetto


Ian Stuart

Patriot $  14.00 CD576

IAN STUART, PATRIOT, Patriot, When the Lies Begin to Crumble, Living on Borrowed Time, Phoenix Arising, Stand Up, Ship of Destiny, Calm Before the Storm, Sooner or Later, Fight the Poison, Paint it, Down in the City


Ian Stuart

Slay the Beast $  14.00 CD543

IAN STUART, SLAY THE BEAST. Slay the Beast, Radar Love, Fantasy, Long Time Gone, Long Memories, Sympathy for the Devil, Freedom Hunters, By the Wayside, Ride the Wind, Sacred Road, Wall of Tears (Tear it Down)


Ian Stuart & Stigger

English Pride $  14.00 CD366

IAN STUART & STIGGER, ENGLISH PRIDE, Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Phoenix Rising, Gone with the Breeze, The Red Threat, The Land Is Ours, Stand by Your Own, The Green Fields of France, Who Cares, Suddenly, White Blues, Something to Believe In, The Snow Fell, Another Prayer for the Dying, The Lion's Roar, We Stand Alone, One in a Million, Wasted Life, Never Give In, Glory, Left to Drown, Europe On My Mind, Our Time Will Come, Tuesday's Gone



Vita est Militia $  14.00 CD1036

(Produced by Raido and RTP)

It is the musical heart of an Italian organization, Raido, involved in years of constant work to preserve the culture, the origins and the traditions of Europe. This album "Vita est militia" covers the true meaning of the activities behind Raido, focusing on Europe and the people who fought to make it proud, brilliant and nation!


Inborn Hate

Filled with Hatred $  14.00 CD939



Sambo First Blood $  14.00 CD918

TRACK LIST: Pro-Death - Never Trust A Bitch - Even Niggers Hate Faggots - The King Of Jews - Say Yes To Drugs - Flies And Sand - Every Time You Get High - Holocaust Museum - Auction In DC - Afrika (The Motherland) - Inner City - Checkered Youth :RAW U.S. PUNK-CORE! FEATURES BOTH RARE 7" E.P.s AND SONGS FROM THE LONG OUT OF PRINT T.S.T. COMP. CD.


Involved Patriot

The Right Way $  14.00 CD894

Hardcore/ Death metal from a Canadian Hammerskin band: No More Guilt, Our Heroes, Sers Toi De Ta Tete, Don't You Care, Sheep of Christ, Self Destruct, Imported Society, The Right Way, Vision Brutale, Another One Died and Betrayer.


Iron Clad

Lost in a Dream $  14.00 CD967


The Conquerer (intro)
Last Crusade
Medieval Times
Middle Ages
Ruins (Memories of the Past)
Travel Through the Night
On the Wings of the Wind
Flemish Victory
Land of NOD
Deadly Force
The Loss (outro)
...Lost in a Dream (bonus track)


Iron Eagle

Sieg Heil $  14.00 CD1014

The first CD from the NSM's own CD label

Track list:

1. Was Willst du von mir?
2. Gestern heute, morgen, ewig
3. Retribution
4. Race traitor    (FULL SONG)
5. Gondolkozz!!
6. Der teufel selbst
7. Sieg Heil
8. Do nothing
9. They are still among us
10. Kivagy te?
11. Dieses land Gehort uns
12. Arische Kampfer
13. No more lies
14. This is our Country
15. Hazug Vilag
16. Monkeyman

Check out the New Iron Eagle T shirt



Australian Memorial 2003 $  14.00 CD1086



Jew Slaughter

Alcoholocaust $  14.00 CD820

Jew Slaughter - Again As it Was -
SHARP Shooter - Hooper Detox Hooligan - Gary's Gotta Knife - Adolf Hitler - Josh's Song - Mengele's Rig - Alcoholocaust -
Fuck Morris Dees - Jew Slaughter Whore

Portland haterock!



Johnny Rebel

Realm of Deutschland - A tribute to Johnny Rebel $  14.00 CD1074


Johnny Rebel

The Complete Johnny Rebel Collection $  14.00 CD821

This is the absolute BEST sing-a-long collection of ALL TIME!

This CD features 30 of the most popular and funniest "Nigger-hatin'" songs ever written:

Looking For A Handout, Still Looking For A Handout, Nigger Hating Me, Coon Town, Who Likes A Nigger, Move Them Niggers North, Nigger Nigger, Federal Aid, Stay Away From Dixie, Keep A Workin' Big Jim, Kajun Ku Klux Klan, Cowboys And Niggers, Some Niggers Never Die, Johnny Rebel, She Ran Off With a Nigger (Texas BS Band), Ship Those Niggers Back (Odis & The 3 Bigots), We is Non-Violent Niggers (Odis & The 3 Bigots), We Don't Want Niggers In Our Schools (Coon Hunters), That's The Way A Nigger Goes (Unknown), Marty & His Beatnik Band (Son of Mississippi), The South Shall Rise Again (The Confederates), The South's Gonna Rise Again (Jessie James), The Great Society (Ski King), Segregation Wagon (Col. Sharecropper), Move Them Niggers North (Col. Sharecropper), Move Them Niggers North 2 (Col. Sharecropper), Nigger Hating Me (Big Reb), Dixie (White Riders), NAACP Prayer (Colonel Lou) and Stand Up and Be Counted (White Riders)

Mp3 Downloads

Johnny Rebel - Sound Samples From Numerous Tracks (740 k)
Johnny Rebel - Looking For A Handout (3.5 mb)


Johnny Rebel

Volumes 1 and 2 $  14.00 CD894

The South's Gonna Rise Again - Stand Up and Be Counted - Dixie - The Great Society - We Don't Want Niggers in Our Schools - Nigger Nigger - NAACP Prayer - Ship Those Niggers Back - We is Nonviolent Niggers - Marty and His Beatnik Band - The South Shall Rise Again - Segregation Wagon - Move Them Niggers North - She Ran Off With a Nigger - Nigger Hatin' Me - Some Niggers Never Die - Stay Away From Dixie - Nigger Hatin' Me - Who Likes a Nigger - Nigger Nigger - Kajun Ku Klux Klan - Lookin' for a Handout - Federal Aid - Keep A'workin Big Jim - Coon Town - Still Lookin' for a Handout - Cowboys and Niggers - Johnny Rebel

All the infamous Johnny Reb songs on one compact disc!!!

(This is about the same as the Complete Johnny Rebel Compilation)



Wir Bleiben Deutsch $  14.00 CD949

At last the debut album from this impressive German RAC band. Comes with a beautiful booklet with all the texts.

Track List

1. Ritterorden
2. Der Junge mit der Panzerfaust
3. Blutzeugen
4. Der Tag X
5. Bismarck
6. Der Fremde
7. Das Jüengste Gericht
8. Terror
9. Göetterdäemmerung
10. Ausstellung der Lüege



Wir bleiben Deutsch $  14.00 CD1148

Excellent music and lyrics. If you like RAC (Rock Against Communism) you will love this CD!


KC Die-Band

Hungrige Wolfe $  14.00 CD1145

Track Listing:

Frei Wie Ein Vogel
Kategorie C
Der Lauf Der Dinge
Noch schlimmer
Den Weg Frei
Ausser Kontrolle
Deine Freunde
Easy Baby

Kategorie C - German Skinhead Oi


Ken McLellan

Don't Think Twice $  14.00 CD1015

Track Listing:

Don't Think Twice - Ordinary Man - One - Freedom - Party Time - Inside of You - Scotland Sweet Scotland - That Look In Your Eye - Green Fields of France - Let Me Rest (Forever Free)

The Brutal Attack frontman's gone solo!

A reviewer on wake up or die wrote:

"Don't Think Twice" is an acoustic, working man Folk-song album that touched me and sometimes made me long for a more fully produced version of some songs. Apparently Ken McLellan took time out from his hard rock bands for an acoustic album with sometimes minimal production. The effect is that of a friend singing for you. One song I particularly like from this CD is "Freedom". The liner notes say (in English spelling): " A traditional Scottish ballad dating back to the 13./14. centuries and the time of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Listen and maybe when you feel a little disheartened you can realise we are not the first to struggle and we won't be the last...But can we be as brave???". "Inside of You" is a song I would like to sing with friends. "Let Me Rest (Forever Free)", the song of a slain Viking warrior, is a song I would like to hear with full production.


Ken McLellan

Hauptkampflinie $  14.00 CD472

KEN MCLELLAN & HAUPTKAMPFLINIE (THE BETRAYED), JUST SHORT OF GLORY, The Warrior Peace The Warrior Death, I Will Bleed for You, Salvation, Where-Why-When, I'm My Own Man, Mr. Media, Rain Down on Me, Working Like a Dog, Just Short of Glory, White Man Awake, Betrayed, The Guardian


Ken McLellan & Stigger

Stand $  14.00 CD479

Tracks include:

The Golden Rule, I Should Have Known Better, Tears of the Gods, We Will Never Fall, Look Me in the Eye, I am No Fool, No-One Cares/No One Dares, Memories (Better Times), Remembrance, They Call Me.


Kick to Kill

Arise $  14.00 CD862

TRACK LIST: Haterider, Crush The Crippled, Freikorps, Kick To Kill, Tribal War, Arise, String Em Up, Spectre Of War: NS OI!-CORE FROM WESTCHESTER NEW YORK. FEATURES MEMBERS OF THE UNRULY AND MARCHING ON.



Blood of Patriots $  14.00 CD1108

NS rock from the biggest Russian skinhead band:

Track Listing:

Moscow Skinheads, No Chances For Marxists, Kosovo Front, White Wolves, 88 Rock'n'Roll Band (Landser), Our Ultras, Pride For Race And Nation, Mama, Pump The Iron!, Russia Belongs To Us, Blue Sickness, Shitskin, Blood Of The Patriots, Colossal Man, Hail Victory!, People's Theme and Kolovrat. Russia.



Prisoner of Conscience $  14.00 CD985

Track Listing :

Total War
Third Way
Legion Blanche
P.O.T.B. 2003
Call of Ancestors
Prisoners of Conscience


Commie Scum
United, White & Proud



$  14.00 CD1176

Superb skinhead party music from Germany:

Großstadtrebellen, Koma Kolonne, Glaube fest daran, Angst in der Nacht, Gute Freunde, Fussballzeit, Skinheads On The Road, Für Immer, Romans wirre Welt, Bierpatrioten and Sag mir warum.


Kommando Freisler

Geheime Reichssache $  14.00 CD893

Intro - SU-Sturm vom Fuldastrand - Tyrann - Dem Deutschem Soldat - Im Wagen vor mir - Dass Giftgas - In Belsen - Die Tragische Geschichte vom Schwarzem Neger - Der Ku Klux Klan - Die Fahne Senft - Judenschwein - Bibi Blochfsberg - Deutschland wach auf - Ich bin Stolz - Such die Wahrheit - Geffenlied - Tina La Cantina - Stahlhart - Echte Skinheads

Verboten! This CD is full of outlawed music from one of Germany's most extreme bands. Killer Hate Rock.


Konkwista 88

10 Years on the Frontline $  14.00 CD1013

"Best Of" CD for one of Poland's best National Socialist bands: Krew Naszej Rasy, European Song Of Glory, My Idea, Betrayed Nation, Your Hate, Wolnosc lub Smierc, Wrog Number Jeden, Skinheads, R.S.A., Jeden Front, The Hour Of Vengeance, Fight, 1981, Ojczysta Ziemia and Bramy Valhalli.


Konkwista 88

What have you done for the cause $  14.00 CD962


Konzepte für die Zukunft (KFZ)

Konzepte für die Zukunft (KFZ) $  14.00 CD1138

Track Listing:

Korps der Toten
Unsterbliche Liebe - Part 1
Der letzte Mai
Licht des Nordens
Der König der letzten Tage
Ein Schritt zu viel
Von drinnen nach draußen



After 10 Years $  14.00 CD1072



Die Wilden Jahre (Hits from 89-95) $  14.00 CD1070



Musik Attacke $  14.00 CD1071


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