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Asgardsrei $  14.88 CD943

Track List:

Leben ist Krieg, Krieg ist Leben
Für Germanien
Tod vor Sonnenaufgang
Crux Gammata
Als die Alten Jung noch Waren
Germanien über Alles



Krzyk Switu $  14.88 CD1191

NS rock from Poland: Krzyk Switu, Mogila, Zrodlo mej mocy, W lesnym majestacie, Krwawa lza horyzontu, Dwie twarze mroku, Denga, Ledzianin, Kontyna and Wiecznie we mgle.



God Save the Hooligans $  14.88 CD987


Achtung Juden

Straight Arm Salute $  14.88 CD850

Extremely radical White Power rock: Intro - Soldiers Of The Streets - White Nationalist / White Separatist - Going To Argentina - Hail White Pride - Sharp Skin, Sharp Skum - White Nations On Fire - Achtung Juden - Proud White Man - Stalingrad - The Drowned And The Saved and Stand Up And Fight.

Mp3 Download

Achtung Juden - Soldiers Of The Streets (2.3 mb)


Across the Hudson

Our side of the Story $  14.88 CD1287

New York / New Jersey patriotic - and not-so politically correct - band combining RAC with a shot of hardcore and rock guitars.

They were featured on last year's Pure Impact promo CD and this is now the full-length version.


Action Group 88

Proud White Man $  14.88 CD921

TRACK LIST: Proud White Man - Soldiers Of The Street - The White Flame Will Never Die - The Drowned And The Saved - Stand Up And Fight - Son Of Odin (No Remorse) - Going To Argentina - Hail White Pride - Stalingrad and Martyrs To The Cause :MUSICALLY REMINISCENT OF THE U.S. OI! BANDS OF THE 80'S, BUT WITH N.S. LYRICS



Nur Fur Euch $  14.88 CD1005

The Debut Album from this German Bandwas released in the early the 90's. The sound is like the first "Kraftschlag Trotz Verbotnicht tot" a good RAC Sound with a aggressive Voice! A cult cd! Limited pressing.


Aggravated Assault

It Could Happen to You $  14.88 CD1058

Track Listing:

Aggravated Assault, Kill a Red, The Eternal Jew, Get Out, Krystallnacht, A.C. Boys, Fetch the Rope, Sieg Heil, Border Patrol, We Salute You


Aggravated Assault

Out on Bail $  14.88 CD1090

Shotguns & Whiskey - Out On Bail - Legends In Time - Filthy Whore - Skin For Life - True Romance - Sammy Jackson - Out On Bail - Hammer Joe - True Heroes - Mud Control - Barfly - Terrorist Action

Legendary East Coast hate.


Aggressive Force

Aggressive Force $  14.88 CD882

Time for War - Leading the Way - Stand Tall - Face to Face - Closet Coward - The Captain - WP Skinheads - Might is Right - It's OK to be White - Drink, Fight, Kill! - Finnegan's Wake - ­Pride! - Securing What's Sacred - O.C. Belongs to Me - Before the Night Falls

Fast-paced Oi!core from Orange Country, California.



For an Aggressive Youth $  14.88 CD1063

The debut album of this group from the Saarland (Germany). The music style is a combination of Oi / Street Punk with hard RAC. 10 Songs and Text in English and German. Playing time 26 minutes. Full Color booklet.


Agrese 95

Hard Reality $  14.88 CD995



Nastal cas $  14.88 CD1251

Track Listing

1. Zabudli
2. Proti nam
3. Budu sa nas bat
4. Zrada sa tresta
5. Nekonecna vernost
6. Ocista
7. Hrozba
8. Teba caka smrt
9. Rudolf Hess
10. Politicke klamstva
11. Mozme byt hrdi
12. Ancestors

Hate Core band from Solvakia

The guitarist is from the Neo-Nazi band Judenmord


Andre Luders and Nordmacht


ANDRÉ LÜDERS & NORDMACHT, SCHLACHT DER FREIHEIT,Werte der Realität, Kampf der Lüge, Zweifel eines alten Mannes, Das Ziel ist klar, Schlacth der Freiheit, Voran Vorwärts voran, Zensur, Mann der Treue, Friedensfest, Refuse/Resist


Anger Within

Fight - Live Act - Give $  14.88 CD1179

This full length CD contains 13 tracks of heavy, melodic RAC/ Hatecore, with lyrics that are pure NS in every sense. This CD has a high quality recording and CD insert. Song titles include "For Freedom", "Smash the Lie", "Act of Bravery", "Fight. Live. Act. Give", and a cover of the classic Judge song "Fed Up".



Throne of Rats $  14.88 CD1151

This top Swedish RAC ( Rock Against Communism) band sing everything in English. There is no mistaking the politics in the 12 songs on this CD!

The deep singing voice of the lead singer gets a thumbs up from our European supplier!



Valkommen till $  14.88 CD1245

Released by the Polish WP-Label Strong Survive Records together with Sniper Records

01. Upplopp
02. Ni är inte som oss
03. Hail 318 (Weisse Wölfe Cover)
04. For Blood and Honour
05. Europeisk Union
06. Death to ZOG
07. Illusion
08. Välkommen till riket
09. Revolution
10. Triumph of the Will (Skrewdriver Cover)
11. Död åt kommunismen
12. Hata mer, känga ner (Pro Patria Cover)
13. Kampen mot ZOG
14. Strenght (Lyric by Bosse Öhman)
15. Tortyr
16. Hjältar

Bonus Tracks:
17. Sveas röst
18. För frihet
88. Sniper Records


Angry Aryans

Racially Motivated Violence: Still Just a Nigger $  14.88 CD1055

Track Listing:

Aryan Rage
Joe Six Pack
Nigger Loving Whore
Asian Invasion
Long Way Home
Race Mixing Is Treason
Mud Man
Bring It Down
Fro-Bro (Nature's Woe)
Lock the Closet Door
Matter Of Race
Let's Start a Racial War
Islam (Religion of Whores)
Faggots (Give Rainbows a Bad Name)


Angry Aryans

Too White for You $  14.88 CD1056

Track Listing:

Snitch, North of 8 Mile, Miscegenation, Slick Willie Clinton, Advocation Of Violence, The Enemy Within, Browntown Burning Down, White Nigger Loser, Bombing Of Israel, Commited Revolutionary, Black Plague Terror, Racially Debased, Carjacked in Detroit, Self-Hate Suicide, Disturbing Visions



Eine Mutter klagt an... $  14.88 CD1113

German Nationalist folk music with female vocals:

Track Listing:

Deutsche Mutter, Ich, der Rebell, Hannes, Oder was glaubts Du..., Thors Enkel, Erik, Zeit, zu rebellieren, Sofis Ordner, Ollis Witwe, Alltagsleben einer Mutter, Verraten, Verkauft, Belogen, Verloren, Eine Rose fur mein Deutschland.



Voice of Blood split CD $  14.88 CD1197

Limited only 500 hand numbered cds released Russian NS Rock




Aryan Brotherhood

Fanatiker $  14.88 CD903

The powerful Uwe from Proissenheads side-project rolls on. Fast speed skinhead rock from track one...and thats how it goes on. Nothing for ballad lovers, but if you are into German wp-rock its a first hand choice!


1. Sturm über Europa
2. Die Würfel sind gefallen...
3. Unser Schicksal, Unsere Pflicht
4. Ich bin die Rache
5. Die Zeit ist reif!
6. Glaubst du wirklich?!
7. Linker Loser
8. Die Nacht der Nächte
9. Der erste Schritt auf dem Weg zum Sieg
10. Der Glöckner - Algor Mortis



We must ...(2005) $  14.88 CD1039

Originally recorded in 1999, Attack have remixed, remastered and added new vocal tracks to one of the first WP metal/hatecore albums ever recorded! "We Must... (2005)" features two unreleased tracks, new versions of the classic songs you've loved for years and an entirely new full-color artwork package with all lyrics: Fun and Happiness, Chosen To Die, Dying Breed, How You Wanted It, Wise Up, Gravedigger, Let's Start A War, Watch And Cry, Common Enemy, Superstar, White Girl, Fuck You, Dirty Bitch, Not For Me, Attack, Stepping Back and Show Of Hands.

As an added bonus, the original We Must... 1999 album recordings are also included! 17 hate-filled tracks of rude, crude and lewd WP metal / hardcore:

Fun and Happiness, Chosen To Die, Dying Breed, Wise Up, How You Wanted It, Superstar, 2 Sides To Every Story, Gravedigger, Let's Start A War, White Girl, Watch And Cry, Fuck You, Not For Me, Common Enemy, Dirty Bitch (Feminist), Broken Step and Attack.



Heritage $  14.88 CD401

AVALON, HERITAGE, ZOGs Nightmare (Hail Serbia), Find Your Voice, When Tommy Came Marching Home, Puppets Traitors Villians Fools, Refugee, Believe (We Can Win), What Happened to Freedom?, Are You My Enemy?, Come On - Come On (Down in Flames), The Blood Red Streets of Belgrade



Journey through Avalon $  14.88 CD506

AVALON, A JOURNEY THROUGH AVALON, As a Warrior, Still Fighting, Our Honour is true, England is My Rose, This is War, One People, Break the Chains, ZOGs Nightmare, What Happened to Freedom, Come On, Ian Stuart Donaldson, Don't Blame Us, Excalibur, Take Back the Streets


Avalon/ White Wash

Split CD Brothers through Blood $  14.88 CD893

Track List: - Ill Will; Patriotic Void; Hate Edge; Worst Friend; Fuck Off! Strength Thru Oi! Hail the Fallen; Ian Stuart Donaldson; Old Albion; Superstar; The Day Will Come; We Will Win.



(featuring Scott McGuinness/Fortress) Agitate $  14.88 CD1064

No Through Yet
Still You Sleep
Wings of Tomorrow
Chance to take
Rat Race
Losing Control

Strong side project from Scott, the singer of Australia's Fortress: Agitate, Not Through Yet, Still You Sleep, Deliverance, Wings Of Tomorrow, Chance To Take, Kindred, Pretender, Rat Race and Losing Control.


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