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The newest additions to our stock of White Power and Nazi CDs

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Audio visual spectacular

White Supremacy (2.3Mb download). Requires Media Player or similar program. (Really needs a high speed connection for satisfactory operation).

The soundtrack for White Supremacy comes from Day of the Sword - Ear to Ear CD available from the NSM for just $14.88.

The following table shows you the groups whose CDs you can buy from the NSM

Nazi and White Power Bands and groups
Absurd Aceface Achtung Juden
Action Group 88 ADF Aggravated Assault
Aggressive Force Aggressor Agrese 95
Andre Luders and Nordmacht Angriff Angry Aryans
Annett Aryan Brotherhood Attack
Avalon Avalon/ White Wash Axis
Bakers Dozen Barking Dogs Battle Cry
Battle Flag Battle Standard & Bail Up Battlefield
Battlefront Before God Beowulf
Betrayed Blood Better Dead than Red Better Dead than Red / The Skulls
Biely Odpor Blood & Honour Blood Red Eagle
Blood Revenge Blood Stained Boots Bloodshed
Blue Eyed Devils Blue Eyed Devils / Aggravated Assault Blue Max
Boiling Blood Bootleg Bill Boots Brothers
Boots of Hate Bound for Attack Bound for Glory
Bound for Glory / Mistreat Brainwash Brigade M
Broadsword Brutal Attack Brutal Attack/ Bully Boys
Brutal Combat Bulldog Breed Bully Boys
Calcio Dinizio Celtic Warrior Chaos 88
Code 13 Conflict 88 Crusade
Cut Throat Das 3rd Reich Das Reich
Day of the Sword DC Stormtroopers Deaths Head
Deaths Head / Purification Definite Hate Desolated
Deutsche Patrioten Deutschland Die Fahne
Dirlewanger Division East Europe Division S
DMS Eingar Eisenherz
Ekspansja Empire Empire Falls
End Up Dead Endlöser / Kampfhandlung Endlosung
English Rose Entwarnung Ethnic Cleansing
Excalibur Extreme Hatred Festung Europa
Final Stand Final War Final War / Stoneheads
Fist of Steel Foierstoss Force Fed Hate
Fortress Fraction / Hauptkampflinie Frank Rennicke
Freikorps Frontalkraft Frontline
Frontline Fighters Galkammer George Lincoln Rockwell
German- British Friendship German-British Terror Machine Germania
Gnadenlos - Letzte Instanz Gods of War Griffin
Grinded Nig H8 Machine Hammerboiz
Hassgesang Hate Society Hatemonger
Hatework Hauptkampflinie Headcase
Hegemoon / Runes of Dianceht Hellas Attack Hellenic / Ukrainian Friendship
Heroes Heroes in the Snow Hets Mot Folkgroup
Heysel Honor Ian Stuart
Ian Stuart & Stigger Imperium Inborn Hate
Infantry Involved Patriot Iron Clad
Iron Eagle ISD Jew Slaughter
Johnny Rebel Jungsturm KC Die-Band
Ken McLellan Ken McLellan & Stigger Kick to Kill
Kolovrat Koma-Kolonne Kommando Freisler
Konkwista 88 Konzepte für die Zukunft (KFZ) Kraftschlag
Landser Last Battle / Thor's Hammer Legion of St. George
Legion of Thor Leitwolf Les Vilains
Lions Pride Locked and Loaded Macht & Ehre/ Division Germania
Macht und Ehre Max Resist MEX
Midtown Bootboys Might of Rage Mistreat
More Hate Eighty Eight Murder Squad Nahkampf
Nahkampf / Kolovrat Nahkampf / Schwarzer Orden Neckbreaker
Neubeginn Neue Argumente No Controll
No Escape No More Brother Wars No Quarter
No Remorse No Surrender Noie Werte
Nokturnal Mortum Nordic Blood Nordic Thunder
Nordmacht Nordwind Normannen
Northeim Northman Nostalgia
Nothung Oberon Odessa
Odins Law Oi Dramz Oidoxie
Operation Race War Ortel Outlaw
Ovaltinees Pantheon Panzer Marches
Panzerjäger 38 Parabellum Path of Resistance
Patriot Patriotic Front People Haters
Pig Killer Platoon 14 Plunder and Pillage
Prussian Blue Race Riot Race War
Racist Redneck Rebels Ravenous Razor's Edge
Razor's Edge / Breakdown Razors Edge Rebel Hell
Rebel Yells Rebell Retaliation
Retaliator Retribution Revolt BGD
Rights for Whites Riot S.O.F. (Soldiers of Freedom)
Sachsonia Saga Saltus / Legacy of Blood
Salut Schutt & Asche Schwarzer Orden
Schwurbrüder Sedition Selbststeller
Siege Skinhead Legion Skrewdriver
Skrewdriver / Public Enemy Skullhead Sleipnir
Sniper Sokyra Peruna Southern Storm
Spearhead Squadron Stahlgewitter
Standrecht Steelcap Storkraft
Storm Straight Laced Nightmare Strikeback
Strikeforce Sturm 18 Sturmtrupp
Sturmwehr Suomi 2002 Svea Rike 2 (compilation)
Symphony of Sorrow Symphony of Sorrow (featuring Saga) Teardown
Tengereken Territory Terror is a Man
The Gits The Good Ole South The Klansmen
The Nation The Pints The Rebells
The Voice This Time the World Those Opposed
Thunderbolt Tollschock Tribute to Bunker 84
Trouble Makers Ultima Ratio United Blood
Utgard / Selbststeller Vandal Various
Viking Vit Aggresion Voice of Britain
Volkszorn Volkszorn/ Kruppstahl Warbutcher
Warfare 88 Warlord with Stigger We will never die
Weisse Wolfe White American Youth White Devils/ Violent Division
White Diamond and Stigger White Fist White Law
White Pride White Pride World Wide White Resistance
White Solidarity White Wash White Wash/ Straight Laced Nightmare
White Wolf Whites Load Wir Sind Weider Da!
Words of Anger Wotanorden Youngland

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