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A Great idea National Socialism then and Now

Jordan, Colin

Pamphlet $4.00

Adolf Hitler Quotations

Hitler, Adolf

Paperback 62 Pages $12.00

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Adolf Hitler Speaks to His Youth

Selected quotations

Paperback 68 Pages $10.00

Adolf Hitler's Family Tree --- The untold story of the Hitler family

Konder, Alfred

Alfred Konder is a professional genealogist.

Paperback 90 Pages $12.00

Advance to Barbarism

Veale, F.J.P.

In this humane and provocative study, the author - an English attorney with a profound understanding of military history - skillfully debunks the simplistic image of World War II as a conflict between Good and Evil. Veale examines, for example, the authentic holocaust of civilians perpetrated by the Allies, as in the infamous fire bombing attacks on Dresden and Hamburg. He establishes that it was Britain's wartime leaders - not Hitler - who introduced the policy of strategic terror bombing.

Veale compellingly argues that the "War Crimes Trials" at Nuremberg and Tokyo, and their more numerous and barbaric imitations in Communist-controlled eastern Europe, established the perilous principle that "the most serious war crime is to be on the losing side."

Veale traces the evolution of warfare from primitive savagery to the rise of a "civilized" code that was first threatened in the American Civil War, again in the First World War, and finally shattered during the Second World War - the most destructive conflict in history.

"I have read the book with deep interest and enthusiasm," wrote Norman Thomas. "It is original in its approach to modern warfare, cogent and convincing... His indictment of modern warfare and post-war trials must stand." Francis Neilson praised it as "indispensable to earnest students of the nature and effects of warfare. It contains trenchant criticism of the Nuremberg trials, and exposes the stupidities of 'peace-loving' politicians." Prof. Harry Elmer Barnes called it "the best general book on the Nuremberg Trials... A very readable and impressive volume and a major contribution to any rational peace movement."

With a foreword by the Very Rev. William Ralph Inge, Dean of St. Pauls. This rare C. C. Nelson edition includes a dust jacket, photos, bibliography and index.

Paperback $16.00

Against the Grain Volume One

Oliver, Revilo

Soft cover 256 Pages $16.00

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An American Sees the New Germany

Brinkley, Doug

Translated from the Third Reich Original Ein Americkaner sieht das Neue Deutschland)

Paperback 92 Pages $12.00



Translated by H. L. Mencken.

The Antichrist, writes H. L. Mencken in the introduction, "is strident, it is often extravagant, it is, to many sensitive men, in the worst possible taste, but at bottom it is enormously apt and effective -- and on the surface it is undoubtedly a good show."

In this brilliant, perceptive and scathing polemic -- which should perhaps more accurately be translated as "The Anti-Christian" -- Friedrich Nietzsche is at the height of his powers. The radical German philosopher (and son of a Lutheran pastor), furiously blasts Christianity as a corrupt and depraved religion of pity and equality, while also harshly assailing Jews and their role in history.

Henry L. Mencken, one of the most influential writers american writers of the 20th Century, provides a forceful, fluid translation of this powerful work. In a fervent and informed introduction, the great American satirist puts Nietzsche's work in historical and literary context, and offers unflattering observations of his own about Christians and Jews.

Paperback $12.00

Aryan Portraits by famous SS artist Wolfgang Willrich

Willrich, Wolfgang

Translated from German Original $12.00

Aryan Race, The

Morris, Charles

This is a reprint of Charles Morris' 1882 book. It focuses on the concept of racial or biological destiny, seeing the caucasoids as a genetically superior race destined to lead mankind. Builds upon the historic and prehistoric role of the Aryans as a militant, conquering people, fair skinned, who had pride in their lineage and who sought to preserve the purity of their descent.

Softback 347 Pages $22.00

Attack against the National Socialist World View

Schwarz, Dieter

Translated from the SS original. Examines ideological opponents, including "political Catholicism".

Paperback 42 Pages $10.00

Auschwitz: End of a Legend

Weber, Mark

Searching, devastating analysis of French investigator J.C. Pressac's attempts to shore up the Holocaust myth with Auschwitz blueprints and records long secreted in the Moscow archives. Mattogno painstakingly analyzes crematory records and capabilities, the "testimony" of Auschwitz commandant Höss, and a wealth of other documentation -- to convert the latest, most tangible evidence from the German concentration camp into hard, new nails hammered into the coffin of the Auschwitz lie. Cutting-edge Holocaust revisionism.

Paperback $12.00

Bolshevism in Theory and Practice

Goebbels, Joseph

Booklet 39 Pages $5.88

Bolshevism is Jewish

Leese, Arnold

Pamphlet $4.00

Bolshevism: Jewish Sub-humanity

BOLSHEVISM - JEWISH SUB-HUMANITY is translated from the Schutzstaffel original Bolschewismus - jüdisches Untermenschentum, which was originally published by the Reichsführer-SS / SS Main Office - Education Office and marked "only for officers".

Paperback 46 Pages $10.00

Capitulate, Never!

Naumann, Werner

CAPITULATE, NEVER!, recently translated from the Third Reich original, is the famous speech by Dr. Goebbels' State Secretary Werner Naumann delivered on March 23, 1945 in the Hofbr„uhaus in Munich. This speech is an example of the Aushalten! - Hold Out! - theme of the time. Furthermore, it specifically mentions the National Socialist Werwolf resistance movement. Werner Naumann was also the head of the famous "Gauleiter circle", which after the war infiltrated the postwar FDP (Liberal Democratic Party) as part of a planned National Socialist take-over of the postwar regime in Germany.

Paperback 47 Pages $12.00

Command and Obedience - SS Leadership Guide

Kotz, Alfred

(Translated from the Third Reich Original book Führen und Folgen)

Paperback 80 Pages $12.00

Communism with the mask off

Goebbels, Joseph

Booklet 32 Pages $5.00

Conquest of a Continent

Grant, Madison


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Courier Adolf Hitler 1914-1918

Written by a close comrade of Hitler who served in the same courier unit for three years!

Paperback 48 Pages $10.00

Dachau: Reality and Myth

Cobden, John

For millions of Americans, the Dachau concentration camp has for years been regarded as proof positive of Nazi genocide. This well-written, illustrated booklet systematically demolishes a major historical legend, including the extermination "gas chamber," and exposes its makers. Also documents real, but little-known (Allied) war crimes committed at Dachau, including the summary slaughter of the captive camp personnel. Written with passionate devotion to truth and sensitivity for the suffering of the camp's victims.

Paperback 49 Pages $12.00

Enemy of Europe / the Enemy of Our Enemies, The

Yockey, Francis Parker

Paperback 147 Pages $15.00

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Führer's Courage, The

Dickmann, Ernst Günther

Hitler as an example of faith and confidence for the entire folk in difficult times. Translated from the Third Reich original.

Paperback 40 Pages $10.00

Fallen for the Fatherland

(Translation of an original Third Reich Book to Comfort the Families of the War Dead)

Paperback 87 Pages $12.00

For my Legionaries

Codreanu, Corneliu

Paperback 353 Pages $18.00

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Founding Myths of Modern Israel

Garaudy, Roger

In this headline-making work, a prominent French scholar delivers one powerful blow after another to the pernicious historical myths cited for decades to justify Zionist aggression and repression, including the Israeli legend of a "land without people for a people without land," and the most sacred of Jewish-Zionist icons, the Holocaust extermination story. For financial gain, as an alibi for indefensible policies, and for other reasons, Jews have used what the author calls "theological myths" to arrogate for themselves a "right of theological divine chosenness." The wartime suffering of Europe's Jews, he contends, has been elevated to the status of a secular religion, and is now treated with sacrosanct historical uniqueness.

This readable, thoroughly documented study examines the brutal dispossession and mass expulsion of Palestine's Arabs, exposes the farce of the Nuremberg victors' show trial, and shows that the notorious German "final solution" term referred to a "territorial" program of resettlement, not extermination. Founding Myths details the secret collaboration fo prominent Jews withthe young Nazi regime, and the 1941 offer by some Zionists, including a future israeli prime minister, to join Hitler's Germany in a military alliance against Britain. The author presents a frank assessment of the powerful Jewish-Zionist lobby in the United States, showing how it effectively controls US policy regarding Israel, and plays a crucial role in shaping American public opinion.

For decades Roger Garaudy was prominent in the French Communist Party, making a name for himself as a Communist deputy in the French National Assembly, and as a leading Marxist intellectual and theoretician. Later he broke with Communism, eventually becoming a Muslim. When Founding Myths first appeared in France, it touched off a storm of controversy among intellectuals and a furious uproar in the media. Soon Garaudy was charged with violating France's notorious Gayssot law, which makes it a crime to "contest" the "crimes against humanity" as defined by the Nuremberg Tribunal of 1945-46. A Paris court found him guilty and fined him $40,000. His trial and conviction for Holocaust heresy prompted wide international support, above all from across the Arab and Muslim world.

Relying on a vast range of Zionist, Soviet, American, and German source references, this well-documented study is packed with hundreds of eye-openning quotations, many by prominent Jewish scholars and personalities. Here, at last, this important work is available in a handsome, professionally edited English-language edition, with a valuable foreword by Theodore J. O'Keefe.

Paperback 230 Pages $17.00

Germany Reborn

Goering, Hermann

Translated from the Third Reich original published in 1934, this book covers the Nazi party rise to power and the first year of rule, including a chapter on Goering's tasks.

Paperback 58 Pages $10.00

Germany not Guilty in 1914

Cochran, M H

A devastating refutation of The Coming of the War, American historian Bernadotte Schmitt's 1930 attempt to salvage the "accepted" thesis of primary German responsibility for the outbreak of the First World War. With a foreword by Harry Elmer Barnes, and a 1972 introduction by IHR Journal contributor Prof. Henry Adams.

Paperback $13.00

Germany's Hitler

Heinz, Heinz M

Paperback 284 Pages $16.00

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Heinrich Himmler's Camelot

Cook, Stephen & Stewart Russell

Hardback 256 Pages $88.88

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Hitler We Loved and Why, The

Christof, Friedrich & Eric Thompson


Horst Wessel: Life and Death

HORST WESSEL: LIFE AND DEATH is translated from the Third Reich original Horst Wessel: Leben und Sterben. It includes a short biography, memories of him written by his comrades, three S.A. fighting songs written by him (We Wear on Our Brown Uniform, Edelweiss Song and the later National Socialist party anthem the Horst Wessel Song also known as Raise the Flag), two poems about him, and two accounts of this death by his nurse and by his doctor as well as 23 photographs. His comrades memories include the beginning of his famous storm-troop five, marches and debates, the S.A.'s first marching band and the S.A.'s first "visit" to the communist-infested Fischerkietz, combating red terror in Berlin and jubilation at the NSDAP Party Day in Nuremberg in 1929. (Note: This book is a new translation of an old favorite.

Paperback 80 Pages $12.00

How odd of God to choose

Booklet $2.00

Ian Stuart Nazi Rock Star

London, Paul

An excellent book covering Ian Stuart's life and career from an objective point of view. Lots of good photos. an excellent read!


Ian Stuart Song Book


Impeachment of Man

Devi, Savatri

The acclaimed Aryanist and keeper of the Hitler flame (her book, The Lightning and the Sun, inspired such postwar Hitlerites as George Lincoln Rockwell) argues passionately for a society that transcends the human-centered to recognize the value of all living things. Vegetarian, anti-vivisectionist, and opposed to Jewish ritual slaughter, The Impeachment of Man will infuriate, inspire, and inform across the ideological spectrum. Makes a great gift for the young person who thinks that concern for animal rights is "left-wing" and began with PETA.

Paperback 156 Pages $12.00



No other work in defense of the West possesses the eloquence, erudition, passion and mystique of Imperium. This prophetic masterwork is at once a clarion call to arms in defense of Europe and the West, and a sweeping historical-philosophical treatise in the Spenglerian mold.

A magisterial work of matchless prose, with historical insight on every page, it skewers Allied wartime propaganda, and philosophizes with a hammer in favor of a coming Western empire of "absolute politics."

Revilo P. Oliver, University of Illinois professor of classics, praised Imperium as "a work that we must study and ponder, if we would act intelligently in our time... The great value of Imperium is that it forces us to reconsider our position realistically. We cannot afford the lease sentimentality or illusion; we must not equate words with deeds; we dare not mistake mistake wishes for possibilities. Our situation is too desperate. ...If Imperium shocks us into a realization of how precarious are our chances of survival, and how hard we shall have to fight for everything that we have, it will mark an epoch in our history."

The book's Chicago-born author, Francis P. Yockey, was just 30 years old when he wrote Imperium in six months in a quiet village on Ireland's eastern coast. His masterpiece continues to shape the thinking and steel the will of readersaround the world. One expression of its enduring impact was the publication in 1999 of Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International, an ambitious 640-page biography by Kevin Coogan.

Tens of thousands of copies of Imperium have been sold worldwide, with foreign-language editions in Spanish, German, and Hungarian. For this handsome Noontide edition, Theodore J. O'Keefe provides an eloquent, informative introduction.

"In this book," writes Yockey, "are the precise, organic foundations of the Western soul, and in particular, its Imperative at the present stage."

"...What is written here is also for the true America, even though the effective America of the moment, and of the immediate future is a hostile America, an America of willing, mass-minded tools in the service of the Culture-distorting political and total enemy of the Western Civilization."

"The mission of this generation is the most difficult that has ever faced a Western generation. It must break the terror by which it is held in silence, it must look ahead, it must believe when there is apparently no hope, it must obey even if it means death, it must fight to the end rather than submit. ...The men of this generation must fight for the continued existence of the West..."

"The soil of Europe, rendered sacred by the streams of blood which have made it spiritually fertile for a millennium, will once again stream with blood until the barbarians and distorters have been driven out and the Western banner waves on its home soil from Gibraltar to North Cape, from the rocky promontories of Galway to the Urals."

Paperback 626 Pages $30.00

Innocent at Dachau

In this moving memoir and carefully researched historical study, an insider tears apart the popular image of the postwar American-run "war crimes" trials of Germans. As a young court reporter at the U.S. war crimes trials held at Dachau, the author returned to the transcripts -- and his memories of those proceedings -- after more than 40 years for a fresh look at how injustice was done to the defendants, and to historical truth. Incorporates the personal experience of a sensitive American observer and original archival digging to make a major contribution to the study of the postwar trials. Banned in Germany!

Hardback 337 Pages $21.00

International Jew, The

Ford, Henry

4 volume set 1003 Pages $60.00

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International jew (exerpts) Kol Nidre and eli eli expl, The

Booklet 15 Pages $3.50

Into the Darkness

Stoddard, Lothrop

Into the Darkness: An Uncensored Report from Inside the Third Reich at War

Twentieth-century America's most perceptive, influential, and prophetic writer on race - Lothrop Stoddard - spent four months in late 1939-early 1940 covering National Socialist Germany, as its leaders and its people girded for total war.

Stoddard criss-crossed the Third Reich to observe nearly every aspect of its political, social, economic, and military life, and he talked with men and women from all walks of life, from Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Joseph Goebbels to taxi drivers and chambermaids.

The result - Into the Darkness - is not only a classic of World War II reportage, but a unique evaluation of Germany's National Socialist experiment.

Stoddard was no ordinary journalist. A Harvard Ph.D in history, the author of The Rising Tide of Color and other works that played a key role in the enactment of America's 1924 immigration act, fluent in German and deeply versed in European politics and culture, Stoddard brought to Into the Darkness a sophistication and a sympathy impossible for William Shirer and a myriad of other journalistic hacks.

To be sure, the New England Yankee Stoddard was no supporter of the Hitler dictatorship, but he was deeply interested in National Socialist policies, above all in the social and the racial sphere.

Reading Into the Darkness brings you to hearings before a German eugenics court, to an ancestral farm in Westphalia, to the headquarters of the National Labor Service, to German markets, factories, medical clinics, and welfare offices, as keenly observed and analyzed by Stoddard.

You'll read, too, of Stoddard's conversations with German policy makers in all fields: Hans F. K. Guenther and Fritz Lenz on race and eugenics; Walther Darré on agriculture; Robert Ley on labor; Gertrud Scholz-Klink on women in the Third Reich; General Alexander Löhr on the Luftwaffe's Polish campaign, as well as Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and many other leaders. And you'll travel with Stoddard to Slovakia, where he interviews Monsignor Tiso, the national leader later put to death by the Communists, and to Hungary, where the Magyars, still at peace, gaze apprehensively at Soviet Russia.

Into the Darkness (so named from the mandatory air-defense blackout that Stoddard found so vexing) shines a torch of sanity and truth against the vituperation of all things National Socialist that has been practically obligatory for the past sixty years. Knowledgeable, urbane, skeptical, and above all fair, Stoddard's book is a unique, an indispensable historical document, a time capsule for truth, and a stimulating page-turner for everyone interested in the Third Reich and the German people.

Softback 310 Pages $17.00

[No image available] Jews and their Lies, The

Luther, Martin

Booklet 64 Pages $10.00

[No image available] Legal Psychological & Political Warfare

Rockwell, George Lincoln

Booklet $14.00

Life and Death of the Luftwaffe, The

Baumbach, Werner

Remarkable saga of the rise and fall of one of history's great air forces, as told by one of its most decorated and honored officers, Werner Baumbach. A key figure in the aerial campaigns over England, Russia, the Mediterranean, and the Arctic, Baumbach became head of the Luftwaffe's Bomber Command before his thirtieth birthday. In Life and Death he gives a detailed, frank, inside account of Germany's air war, seen from the top: Hitler as leader and strategist; assessments of such Luftwaffe leaders as Göring, Milch, Udet, Jeschonnek, and Galland; and the great controversies over tactics and strategy that helped decide the war

Hardback 220 Pages $21.00

[No image available] Mein Kampf

Hitler, Adolf

Hardback $25.00

Mein Kampf

Hitler, Adolf

Paperback $18.00

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My Part in Germany's Fight

Goebbels, Dr Joseph

translated by Dr Kurt Fielder, slightly modified by the publisher.

Paperback 220 Pages $15.00


Rhöm, Ernst

by S.A. Chief of Staff Ernst Röhm. Dual English/German text. Translated from the Third Reich original published in June 1934 just before the "Night of the Long Knives".

Paperback 48 Pages $10.00

Oi Tattoo Book


Original Stormtrooper Magazine

Paperback $20.00

Our Nordic Race

Hoskins, Richard Kelly

Booklet 39 Pages $5.88

Positive Christianity in the Third Reich

Fabricius, Prof.

Refutes the claim that the Third Reich was anti-Christian. Translated from the Third Reich original.

Paperback 56 Pages $10.00

[No image available] Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


Booklet 72 Pages $7.88


Translated from THREE original Schutzstaffel publications. It includes articles and speeches by Heydrich himself, articles about Heydrich, eulogies to Heydrich by Hitler, Himmler, Daluege and Bormann, plus a biography written postwar.

Paperback 80 Pages $10.00

Race and Population Pictures Speak

Reprint of original SS picture book contrasting Aryan and non-Aryan. Dual English/German text.

Translated from German Original 47 Pages $12.00

Reconstruction Trilogy

Dixon Jr, Thomas

The epic that inspired the film classic Birth of a Nation! These three gripping historical novels on the beaten South's bitter "Reconstruction" years chronicle the birth of the first Ku Klux Klan; they helped give rise to the second. Published together for the first time in this magnificent volume are three classics: The Leopard's Spots, the story of Yankee oppression in the occupied South (1865-1900); The Clansman, on white resistance to tyranny and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan; and The Traitor, which traces the Klan's fall.

Born of the author's own experience, the work captures all the poignancy of the tragic post-Civil War era in the South, and all the passion with which its despoiled and disenfranchised people rose up to reclaim their rights and safeguard their heritage.

No popular work has addressed America's race problem with more searing frankness. You'll marvel at the parallels between the efforts in the 1860s and 1870s of money-hungry Yankee capitalists and earnest, misguided do-gooders to throttle white Southerners, and today's still-unfolding drama of American racial politics. Long out of print, now completely reset in a modern, easy to read typeface.

A new preface by attorney Sam Dickson tells of the author's life and times, including his collaboration with famed director D. W. Griffith in the making of the enduring American film classic Birth of a Nation.

Paperback 557 Pages $21.00

Reich Government, The

Translated from Third Reich originals. Covers economics, social welfare, law and legislation plus several short profiles of political leaders.

Paperback 111 Pages $10.00

SS Culture Volume One : Germanic Crusade in the East

(Translated from an Original SS Publication)

Paperback 52 Pages $10.00

SS Defender against Bolshevism

Himmler, Heinrich

This book, by Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler (Translated from the SS Original Die Schutzstaffel als antibolschewistische Kamforganisation) shows how the SS defended Germany against jewish communism.

Paperback 37 Pages $10.00


Translated from the SS original.

Paperback 70 Pages $10.00


Translated from the SS original.

Paperback 40 Pages $10.00

SS Man Be Fruitful

Translated from German Original


SS Picture Book River of Life

Translated from German Original


Selected Quotations from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf

Hitler, Adolf

An inexpensive introduction to the the thoughts of our Führer and an easy way to find some interesting quotations.

Paperback 48 Pages $10.00

Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln

Dickson, Sam

A strong dissent on America's sixteenth president. Georgia attorney Dickson marshals evidence from throughout Lincoln's career to make the case that Abraham Lincoln was a hypocrite, an opportunist, an instigator and wager of ruthless war against his fellow white Americans, and the nation's first political tyrant. Lincoln through Confederate eyes, but also as seen by such diverse commentators as Francis Parker Yockey and General J. F. C. Fuller.

Must reading for every American nationalist -- pro-Lincoln or anti -- interested in the meaning and legacy of America's most storied leader. An expanded version of the author's presentation at the Seventh IHR Conference.

Paperback 28 Pages $8.00

Soldiers against Death and the Devil: Our Crusade in the Soviet Union

Slesina, Horst

(Translated from the Third Reich Original)

Paperback 175 Pages $15.00


Feder, Gottfried

Translated from the NSDAP original.

Paperback 78 Pages $10.00

TOTAL WAR speech

Goebbels, Joseph

Translated from German Original


The SS Calls You!

Translated from an original SS recruitment booklet (Dich Ruft die SS!) aimed at youth and their parents. Describes Waffen-SS career options, training, promotion opportunity, SS war stories (including anti-partisan activity by the security police on the eastern front) and Waffen-SS / Heer (army) rank comparison.

Paperback 89 Pages $12.00

This Time the World

Rockwell, George Lincoln

Paperback 442 Pages $20.00


The OTHER "final solution". Dual English/German text. Translated from the Third Reich original.

Paperback 70 Pages $10.00

What the Socialism in National Socialism Really means


Booklet 20 Pages $4.14

White Power

Rockwell, Commander George L.


With Rommel in the Desert

Schmidt, Heinz Werner

No episode in modern warfare can match the drama and romance of the 1942-1943 North African campaign, in which its undisputed hero, even for his British adversaries, was German commander Erwin Rommel.

For nearly two years, outnumbered and undersupplied, the "Desert Fox" led his celebrated Afrika Korps to one brilliant victory after another, until he was finally overwhelmed by the sheer weight of men and materiel of the combined forces of Eisenhower and Montgomery (who were enormously aided by their ability to intercept secret German battle plans).

Serving at Rommel's side throughout his desert campaigns was the book's author, his South African-born Aide-de-Camp. Schmidt was with the legendary General from his first victories at El Agheila and Abedabia, in triumph at Tobruk, and in defeat before El Alamein.

Dispensing with the larger-than-life image of propaganda and legend, the author provides a close-up portrait of Rommel the officer and Rommel the man as he confronts the challenges of a new kind of warfare in a harsh, unforgiving environment. This firsthand account puts the reader at Rommel's side as he bends over battle maps in his command tent, planning a new attack or anticipating the next enemy onslaught.

Written with dry humor and warm human sympathy for the soldiers of all sides, the author provides a detailed, objective account of Rommel's desert campaigns. More than that, he takes the reader bounding across the Libyan desert in a Panzer outside Tobruk, dining on fresh-shot gazelle in the north African desert, and dodging rifle bullets and tank shells in dozens of engagements from Egypt to Tunisia.

"It is all here," commented the Irish Press on this military classic, "the thrust and counter thrust, the stratagems and deceptions practised on great armies, the deadly surprises and in the end the wholesale and complete defeat."

Hardback 240 Pages $21.00

Yellow Peril, The

Oliver, Revilo P


You and Your Folk

(Translated from the Third Reich Original Du Steist im Volk)

Paperback 52 Pages $12.00

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