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o        Brown shirt - $20.00 entitles supporter to certificate and one year subscription to NSM magazine.

o        Black shirt $60.00 entitles supporter to certificate, one year subscription to NSM Magazine, Bulletin and NSM T-Shirt.

o        Silver shirt - $100.00 all entitlements as Black Shirt PLUS NSM ARMBAND.

o        Gold Shirt - $250.00 or more all entitlements of Silver Shirt. PLUS $50.00 certificate toward ANY NSM merchandise.






  1. Supporter donations are nonrefundable.
  2. Supporter status is non-transferable.

3. Supporters agree to focus on improving the professional knowledge and expertise of

critical areas of the Party through an education-oriented rather than activist approach.

4. Supporters agree to promote services and products of the National Socialist Movement.




To Submit Form: Complete and return with payment. Check or Money Order must be made payable in US dollars drawn on a US Bank. Make check or money order payable to NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT. Returned checks will be electronically re-deposited along with a return fee of $30.00, plus an additional $16 fee to cover NSF check charges to NSM. (or as allowed by state law).


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Send completed membership form, check or money order / credit card payment to:



National Socialist Movement

P.O. Box 13768

Detroit, MI. 48213

Phone: (651) 659-6307


By completing this Supporter application, I certify that I am seeking to become a supporter of NSM and that I agree to abide by the principles of the National Socialist Movement.