Support the NSM

You can now support the National Socialist Movement via online monthly donations here at the following link:
This link can be used for monthly membership donations to NSM, or by anyone wishing to support the work we do on behalf of white civil rights, political activism, putting boots  on  the streets, running our websites, sending out communications , printing flyers, traveling to events, and so much more. 

Most of you that are familiar with the NSM know that we rarely solicit for donations, and we do not want to ask anyone for anything, However, the reality of the situation is, we do need finances to operate. Those of you that are Party members are expected to contribute at least the minimal amount of $20 per month. Those of you outside of our Party, we appreciate any  help,  or pledge you can give us towards our work. Monthly pledges in any amount that you can afford helps us. And we greatly appreciate all of you who have sacrificed so much for this struggle.


New HATREON Link for signing up.

Once you submit info Hatreon will send you a code. Be sure to check your spam box. It may take a day to receive the code.

Thank you, and once again, here is the link:




NSM88.ORG    National Socialist Movement, P.O. Box 13768 Detroit, MI. 48213 (651) 659-6307