National Officers & Departments

A warning about Hoax Emails


Party National Director
Commander Jeff Schoep

Email: commander (at)

Public Relations Department
Capt. Brian Culpepper
Office phone: #423-408-3737
Office Email:
nsmregion4hq (at)

Chief of Staff
Capt. Butch Urban
Office Email: nsmchiefofstaff (at)

Assistant Chief of Staff

nsmsecretary (at)

NSM Ambassador
Aryan Knight
Email: nsmambassador (at)

Acting Director of NSM Media and Audio/Video
Kevin James
Email: nsmmedia (at)


HQ Webmaster:

Report Site Errors - Site Related Tech Questions - Advertise

Email: webhq (at)

HQ Web Master Emeritus
SS Mann Wilson

Information Technology & Network Security Director
Network Outages, Privacy Policy Compliance & Abuse Reports

Email: bugreports (at)

NSM Security Director
Email: nsmssdivision (at)
Major Mike Schloar

NSM Magazine Editor

Kevin James
Email: nsmmedia (at)


Press Contact: Public Relations Liaison 
Organization Name: National Socialist Movement 
Email: pr (at)
Phone: 651-659-6307

National Socialist Movement
Attn: Public Relations Liaison
PO Box 13768
Detroit MI 48213

False sites and email addresses

There are many sites on the Internet which purport to belong to the National Socialist Movement, our Commander, Officers or Men.

Most of these have been set up to bring discredit to the NSM.

Please note that only the email addresses and websites listed on this and the following Units' pages are legitimate NSM addresses and sites.

New Saxon

Contact our units across the Nation


NSM88.ORG   National Socialist Movement, HQ P.O. Box 13768 Detroit, MI. 48213 (651) 659-6307