National Socialist Movement: After Action Report: April 18th and 19th, 2008.
This year the NSM took its National Meeting and March directly to the White House in Washington DC. Approximately 60 NSM members and other White activists marched 1/2 of a mile down Constitution Ave. in DC all the way to the White House Lawn on April 19th. Along the march route were masked anti-white protesters, anarchists, jews, and homosexuals clashed with White Patriots. The NSM yelled USA, USA, USA, while the degenerate mob screamed death to the Nazis. Over 30 flags mostly NSM and USA flags whipped in the wind as we advanced down the middle of the road towards the White House. The NSM made History by marching through DC with our flags and banner for the first time ever at the Nation's Capitol.
During the march at one point a man broke through the Police lines about 1/2 way to the White House, the Police grabbed him and were yelling in his face asking if he was insane for being one man taking on a mob of anti's. The man jumped into the formation and said what are my orders. I recognized him from last years March in South Carolina, it was Brian C of the NSM Virginia unit. Brian missed the link up location for the march and broke through the anti-racists alone and was nearly tackled by the Police trying to get to us. Sheer determination and willpower apparently thrusted him through the mob.
Behind the contingent that was marching was a van full of members and supporters that rode in the march, including Waffen SS World War 2 Veteran Theo Junker who was one of the featured speakers at the Rally at the White House. It was Theo Junker who suggested the chant of USA, USA, USA for the March. We Honored his idea, as we made our way down Constitution Ave in Downtown DC.
Another featured speaker was Brian Holland of NSM Virginia. Brian announced his Campaign for President of the United States, and has received the NSM's Official Endorsement as our Candidate for President. A separate Press Release is being issued for Holland for President. Look for that soon at  and the upcoming Official site for the Campaign.
The area around the Capitol and main Historical sites in DC is a beautifull site to behold, yet after you drive a few blocks away from that you will find a City that is rotting from the outside in. We witnessed crack houses, people sleeping in the street in the middle of the day, junkies, and general unsavory conditions. If an unknowing tourist would venture to far from the Capitol he or she could easily end up a victim on the streets of DC. Credit should be noted and given to the men and women of the DC Police Dept. who did an excellent job making sure the anarchists did not riot, or burn the City down like what happened in Toledo.
April 18th, NSM Nationals 2008 was a success.
This years theme was Honor, Duty, and Loyalty. A few surprises were unvelied as usual.
The Party presented a $1,080. check to Kim Jannice the winner of the NSM College Scholarship Award. The winning essay will appear on the NSM website.
Commander Schoep presented all Party members present in DC with the new street gear for NSM members. A modern progression in American National Socialism was unvelied for street actions. We will now be wearing a more militant all black uniform, with the NSM Patch on the left shoulder. The traditional NSM uniform of Brown shirts will not be discarded as they are part of our heritage, history, and legacy as an Organization. The Brownshirts will be reserved for private Party functions, NSM Nationals, and other internal events. In the spirit of Commander Rockwell and his plan to keep modernizing the Movement, we have as a Party now progressed beyond the shock and awe era that Commander Rockwell had envisoned with the traditional ST. uniform. The change to new street gear will not be difficult for the Party membership, as we already own the boots, and fatigues. The new shirt/coats will be available soon to the rest of the Party membership soon at  Members who have not passed their 6 month probation period in the Party can order the shirts, but they will not get their patch until the 6 months passes.
The Future of the NSM is solidified as we March forward in a new era of American National Socialism.
Another surprise was the keynote speaker Theo Junker (Founder of the Hitler Memorial Hall in Wisconsin) and Waffen SS Veteran. Junker gave an unforgettable address to the crowd, and endorsed the work of the NSM.
Other great speeches followed by Lt. Wilson, Lt. Johnson, Sgt. Randy B., SS Boswell, Pastor Drew, Capt. Remer, VYC Leader Christina Boswell, and many other's. New NSM Security troops were sworn in, and new NSM probates earned their patches. There was so much more that happened, but you all will have to wait for the audio/video from the NSM Radio/TV team who had 3 video camera's filming, plus a digital audio recorder for NSM Radio. The full length video will be forthcoming.
The NSM Juggernaut is moving forward like a freight train, and this time we brought the National Socialist and anti-immigration message directly to the front of the White House! Our critics have been effectively silenced through their own lack of action, and we publically thank our allies who have stood with us all along. The NSM is stronger and more streamlined than ever before as we march forth into a new era in American National Socialism. We predict another large surge in the ranks again this Summer.
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Hail Victory!
Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement


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