State of the Union

By: Jeff Schoep

As an American Patriot we know that most of you did your duty and listened in on the Presidents State of the Union Address.  While some of what Obama is proposing seems as if he took his pointers straight from the National Socialist Movements' manifesto on clean energy - clean nuclear power in particular, ending special tax breaks for oil companies, those that make over $250,000 per year and vowing to ramp up government spending on our future by financing science and research & development, other things mentioned are quite alarming.  In particular, we find the extremist lefts goal of homosexuality in the military and the lack of wording in regard to cutting foreign aid to leech nations something that must be examined further.

Obama promises a government spending freeze in 2011, though there was no mention to cutting off the billions of US Tax dollars sent to Israel and other leech nations. While a "spending freeze" sounds good there needs to be clear wording in that the leech nations will be cut off.  However, Obama continued in his speech speaking of interfering with other nations sovereign rights to develop Nuclear technology for energy such as that of Iran while stating that his administration will "reward" those nations that play nice to the rules set forth by the UN and USA on what they can and can't do on their own land.  Rather than a military imperialistic empire built with military might, the Obama administration and UN plan to build an empire by "rewarding" aka financing other nations with billions or not trillions of US tax payer dollars and military aid and so forth.  Can anyone say, New World Order?

Obama continues to attach family values and our nations purity by promising to force the military to allow homosexuals into their ranks.  Obama said: "This year, I will work with Congress and our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay Americans the right to serve the country they love because of who they are." This sends a demented message to our youth, that is acceptable to be a deviant and throws a damaging blow to those fighting for family values.  It is the belief of the National Socialist Movement that homosexuality is a crime against God and Nature and that those that practice homosexuality have major underlying mental problems and many of the people practicing such life styles come from dysfunctional families and have had abuse in their lives. Rather continuing to hurt these people, under a National Socialist Movement majority, the Party would work to make available extensive medical assistance to cure those with homosexual tendencies before they ruin their lives, get diseases and turn to drugs as many homosexuals currently do.  There is no place for immorality in the disciplined and honorable ranks of this nations military.  Could you just imagine having to share a bunk or shower with homosexual?  No one should have to be subjected to such a circumstance.  There is a reason that men and women do not share the same showers. locker rooms and bunks in the military.  Now, under Obama and his extremist left supporters, he proposes to make it okay for a homosexual to have unlimited access to the showers, bunks and locker rooms!  Sinful, harmful and destructive are the words that come to mind when we think of the extremist left!  Perhaps they should study their history and learn what happened to the Roman Empire when homosexuality, pedophilia and deviant ways corrupted their society from the inside out!  Fellow Americans, whether you agree with National Socialism or not I am sure as Patriots you would agree that allowing homosexuals in our military is not only shameful, destructive and dangerous to our national security but would bring dishonor to a military that has protected this nation from its enemies for over 200 years.

For those that missed the State of the Union address, here is a summary: americas/8484400.stm

Gays in military Obama priority, americas/8301207.stm


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