2008 was a big year for the National Socialist Movement. In January, the year started by getting the last of our HQ moved from our longtime base in Minneapolis Minnesota to Detroit, Michigan. The NSM had been based in Minneapolis since the late 1980's, so the move was something to launch a new Era in the Party, and thrust us even moreso onto the frontlines of the fight in the U.S. January was also the month Commander Schoep was Officially banned from entering England as a threat to their National Security: commandersdesk/commander% 20banned%20from%20britain.html

In March we hit the streets in Downtown Detroit and passed out NSM literature as a film crew from National Geographic followed us around filming the action. The next day we we joined with NSM Ohio for a meeting and book burning: book_burning_2008/book_burning_2008.html

In April we headed to Washington DC for the NSM National meeting: html During the meeting the NSM announced the new all black street action uniforms for public events. A Historical change to reflect the growth, progress, and moving forward for the modern day NSM. The next day National Socialists gathered for the first openly National Socialist March in Washington DC since the 1970's. The NSM Flags were unfurled and whipped in the wind as we marched down the center of the main street leading to the Nations Capitol: washington_2008/washington_march_2008.html

In May on Memorial day NSM Missouri organized a well attended event, amongst the many NSM events held in MO.: memorialday2008/memorial_day_2008.html

In June NSM Wisconsin hit the streets in opposition to a large homosexual event: milwaukee2008/milwaukee_protest_2008.html
Also in June NSM MO. were back in the streets in St. Louis protesting a jewish film festival: st_louis_2008/st_louis_protest.html

In July the NSM went into the heart of the Mexican ghetto in Omaha Nebraska for a Rally against illegal immigration. After the event was a swastika lighting and live music from Stormtroop 16 & Slaghammer on NSM Iowa's private land: omaha_2008/omaha_photos_2008.html

In September NSM HQ held a end of Summer BBQ in Detroit.

On November 8th for the first time in NSM History we set a March and Rally against illegal immigration on the same date in two different States to showcase the growing strength and momentum of the Party. NSM Marched through the Capitol of Missouri: jefferson_2008/jefferson_2008.html
NSM Texas did a rally against illegal immigration: tyler_2008/tyler_2008.html

NSM West Virginia and Virginia also organized meetings and literature drives in November.

In December NSM Southern California sent troops to defend the U.S. Mexico Border, pictures available in photo gallery #2. As we speak these operations continue on the California/Mexico Border. NSM Border Patrols sent many Illegal Mexicans back home, in defense of our Homeland.

Many other Local and State NSM events took place, in fact so many that listing them all would turn this years in review into a small book. For example NSM member Brian Holland ran for President, thousands of new people joined the Social networking site (New Saxon) we aquired last year , record numbers of new members joined our struggle in the NSM this year (especially this Fall), NSM Radio/TV  keeps adding new programs plus dvd video production of our latest rallys/marches has improved considerably in the last year, a new Womens Division Leader was selected in Ami Bostwick, the NSM presented a scholarship grant of over $1,000. to a student for College, new NSM chapters opened up in various parts of the Nation, NSM88 Records   continues to release music banned in Europe (despite the threats from the German Government to cease and desist), and these are just a few of the things the Party and Party Affiliates have engaged in 2008.

The enemies of our Party have been crowing for the last three years that splinter groups (formed by a tiny handfull of malcontents purged from our ranks) would weaken our efforts by forming tiny new NS groups to break away from the Unified NSM. Those splinter factions have now come and gone like a rain drop in a bucket, just as we predicted they would. The NSM remains solid, unified, bigger, and stronger than ever before. Our solidarity also remains in tact as we continue to offer the hand of Comradeship to all other Pro-White groups and individuals who wish to work alongside of us in our efforts.

The Party has no intent on slowing down or letting up in 2009. NSM Wisconsin has an event planned for January, and a major event for this Spring will be announced by NSM HQ in a matter of weeks.

2008 also brought our Nation the current Economic crisis that is gripping our Nation. The Politicians approved bail out plans for the International Bankers, yet thousands upon thousands of our fellow Countrymen are losing their homes, the jobless rate is soaring Nationwide, and the same Politicians want to grant amnesty and free aid programs to illegal aliens. Our Nation is currently in a recession, and that economic downturn is due largely to mismangement of funds, waste, and greed. Billions of U.S. dollars are going towards funding no win wars in the Middle East, propping up welfare States such as Israel, and giving massive wage increases and bailouts to bankers and other swindlers. The same Politicians tell us they care about the American people, but they are no where to be found when it comes to saving people's homes from foreclosure, protecting our Nations Borders, or securing jobs at home.

It is time for a grassroots Movement to take a stand!  We must institute an America First Policy, to bring about real change here at home. Until our own Nation is in order, and America is prosperous once again, we will not rest. The winds of change are blowing, and the National Socialist Movement is answering the call to duty!

In summary, on behalf of myself and the entire Party (past, present, and future), it is you, the members and supporters of our efforts that have built this Party. Without you the National Socialist Movement would be nothing, it is you the active members and supporters that breathe life into our Sacred Cause, and it is you and your efforts that keep us growing stronger year after year. I am greatly humbled and honored to be able to serve alongside of so many Loyal and dedicated people. Your Ancestors Salute you for taking such a valient stand for your people in such perilous times. Now more than ever, we need to see actions, not words from our fellow Patriots.

See you on the Frontlines...
Commander Jeff Schoep


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