Illegal Immigration: America's Achilles Heel

By: Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement

The State of our Nation today is one of the single greatest concerns of all Americans living today, and rightfully so considering we are facing what could be the worst financial crisis as a Nation since the Great Depression of 1929. Today's youth and our current working class generation is the first in over 60 years to have it worse than our previous generations. Those of you with Grandparents or Great Grandparents that remember the Great Depression can recount the similarities, and teach our generation lessons of endurance, and the triumph of the human spirit with their ability to overcome those dark days in our Nation's history.

True to form, this article is not meant to beleaguer the troubled state of our Country, but rather offer an insight to the problem, and promote the street level activism that is critical as History has proven to enact any real change. As Americans, and Patriots, it is our duty to protect and defend this Nation, be it from enemies from within or outside the gates. Let me refer to a quote by a wise American Patriot, Mark Twain: "In times of change, the Patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot". Considering the current state of affairs here in America, Mark Twain's words seem as if they could have been written today. Those of us manning the barricades in the fight against illegal immigration, and defense of our homeland today are those scarce Patriots. The time is critical my fellow Americans, if you are unwilling to take a stand for your Folk and land now, you have already surrendered and lost the battle. Your children and future generations face an uncertain future that could be wrought with the loss of liberty, freedom, and the loss of what we know to be America itself. Currently we witness one administration after another in Washington DC that is all too willing to entertain the masses with false hope, such as bailing out the greedy Wall Street Bankers with YOUR tax dollars, or offering Amnesty to illegal aliens whom they claim are just coming here to take the jobs we American's do not want. The current unemployment rate in parts of the Nation range from 10% to over 30% here in Metro Detroit, some figures claim Detroit is closer to 50% unemployment in the City itself. Yet, the Politicians tell us that the illegal aliens are just taking the jobs no one wants, while 30% of American's wonder how they will feed their families dinner this evening! In 2008 the Banks foreclosed on nearly 1 million American homes, that number was expected to double in 2009, with no sign of improvement for 2010. This does not include the number of Americans whom are living paycheck to paycheck just to pay the bills (that is what I refer to as slave wages, making just enough to survive).

The question remains, how did things get this bad, and how can we fix them? Many of you feel powerless to stand up to a system that is hell bent on their own self preservation, with their gated communities padded from the outside world. They wallow in greed and corruption, while 1/3 of their fellow countrymen they swore to serve and protect go without life's basic comforts, and sometimes without food or proper medical care.

The solution to these ills rests in the hands of YOU, the American people. Historically and in every Nation where major changes have taken place it has been done through the streets. Changes will never be made by whining, complaining, clicking away at a keyboard, or talk alone. Changes are made through actions, not words. Many Americans have taken to the streets in defiance and these efforts must be stepped up and increase 10 fold, in order to bring about a change mass grassroots action is needed. This means YOU, the worker, the everyman, the coal miner, the fast food worker, the autoworkers, the police, the military, the unemployed, the Patriot! Consider this a call to action, a call to duty, a final call to stand up and defend your Nation against those who would see us demoralized, defeated and our way of life decimated in favor of cheap illegal immigrant labor.

Illegal immigration is only one of the problems our Nation faces, but I consider it our Achilles heel regarding the current state of our Nation. The first order of business should be to bring the Armed Forces home from the Zionist wars of aggression in Muslim lands, and reassign them to defend America's borders. Next, all illegal aliens residing in the U.S. should be mass deported to their Nations of origin. After the illegal's are removed from our Nation that will free up many American jobs for those out of work. An America First Policy across the boards would reinvigorate our economy, and Nationalist policy in all domestic matters, with little to no concern for Nation's outside of our own is the only solid policy to return America to its Glory. Until America takes care of its own people first, our Government has no right or place to dictate the policy of Foreign Nations or meddle in their affairs, as was once learned by the failed Roman State, and continues through current U.S. Imperialistic policy dictated to foreign powers that be today.

We all know the problems that face our Nation today, now it is up to YOU, yes you, the individual to bring about that change! Our Nation was founded upon great pretense, by courageous men who risked their very lives, many of whom were martyred fighting against occupational forces in their day in the pursuit of Liberty and a Free Nation. Our Fight today is similar in many ways, we face a system that has rotted from within, a system that no longer looks out for American's first, but one that caters to foreign invaders, and the weight of the World is currently upon it watching and waiting to see if it can climb back from the depths of the current financial slump. A radical change must take place to raise the current system from the ashes, and National Socialism offers that change and a permanent solution with our America First Policies.

A call to action, and boots in the streets in mass numbers is what it will take. It does not matter what specific group you fight for, be it the National Socialist Movement (obviously our first choice), or another similar Grass Roots Movement that is taking the message to the streets. What is critical now is that everyone whom is physically able should take legal actions in the streets whenever possible, and those not able to assist physically should aid in such efforts financially or by other means at their disposal. No excuses, no waiting, no run to the hills cowardly retreating from the fray, man up, and stand on the barricades for your people and Nation now while you still have the right to do so!

The National Socialist Movement has been and will continue to be at the forefront and on the frontlines in this struggle. We have Marched and held successful rallies against illegal immigration and American First events all over the Nation, from Arizona, to Missouri, to Minnesota, to South Carolina, to Texas, to Washington DC, to nearly all States in the U.S.

On April 17th of this year 2010, we will be taking this message directly to City Hall in Los Angeles. We encourage all American Patriots to attend this important event, and for those interested you are welcome to attend our National Meeting to be held directly after the Rally at another location. The National Meeting includes speakers, and evening meal, and afterwards live music. For more info on NSM Nationals and the Rally at City Hall : nationals2010.htm

Registration form for the meeting after the Rally: Nationals2010.pdf

Downloadable leaflet to print and distribute: nsm_nationals_leaflet_2010.pdf

In summary, I will conclude this article by quoting one of our Founding Fathers: "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

See you on the Frontlines...

Jeff Schoep / Commander
National Socialist Movement


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