More hoax emails

If you receive any odd emails you think may be coming from an NSM contact, double check our unit Leader links in units and contacts on the NSM site.

A hoaxer is sending out fake messages with email addresses just slightly different from the real ones.

A special message from Commander Schoep

The only method I use to contact Folks on-line is commander (at)  or  nsmcommander (at) If there is any question, or any of you that may have been duped by this feel free to contact me by e-mail, our phone message line #651-659-6307 or my direct line (those that have it).

Please Note that I do not use any form of Instant Messenger from Yahoo, AOL, ICQ or any other program of that type. Anybody contacting you via one of these is an imposter.

This imposter is also sending out email from "" (a single letter "m" in the spelling is the give-away).

Commander Schoep
National Socialist Movement

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