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National Health Care is not a Race Issue


National Socialist Movement – A Solution to National Health Care in the United States


Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Recently the media has been, along with other unexpected sources, claiming that the Obama Administrations National Health Plan initiative is a “racial” issue in regards to why the American people are divided on agreement of such plan.  Even Jimmy Carter has jumped on the bandwagon and has claimed that people that are against Obama are doing so because he is a “black man”.  Jimmy fails to recall that Obama is 50% White and 50 % Black – we still would like to know how that percentage equals “Black” but hey, I guess that way Obama was able to take advantage of all the “Minority Programs” the liberals fund from our taxes each year!  Well, that is another issue for another day.


Republican lawmaker Joe Wilson recently heckled Obama during his address to Congress last Wednesday by shouting, “You Lie!” in response to Obama claiming that illegal immigrants would not be allowed to take advantage of the National Health Care program he proposes.  A few hours later, Democrats were busy pointing out that Joe Wilson supported flying the Confederate Flag over his state capitol building in South Carolina and supported and worked for a “segregationalist” politician as a Junior Aide in his early days of his political career. As you can imagine from what you have already read, the whole Health Care issue has turned into a White vs. Black issue as intended by greedy political detractors that put their interests above those of the Nation, those behind this deception. The detractors are found in both the liberal camps as well as the far rights ultra capitalist camps where once again they work to avoid issues and push for their own greedy agendas at the cost of our citizens and our nation.


What is happening to America?  Why are our people so na´ve?  Well, this is another issue for debate on another day however one of the main problems is the way the huge corporate owned media controls opinion through the delivery of news via television and other such media outlets that the masses “trust” as the word of the Lord and in such do not take any initiative to investigate on their own if what they heard or read is biased.  The National Socialist Movement has been victim of a media that pumps out misinformation on its agenda for years so no surprise in their recent attempt to spread disinformation about National Health Care.  


National Health Care is a not a race issue at all.  National Health Care threatens multi-billion dollar corporations and the elitists that are racking in so much money by exploiting people while they are desperate – while they are sick and ill.  Obama is on the right foot in admitting that the Nation needs a National Health system for citizens – as any civilized, developed nation in the 21st century should have.  However, he fails to address the abuses of the current system and in such develop a plan that would eliminate such costs prior to trying to Nationalize health care.  


The National Socialist Movement has been a champion for National Health care for years as it is a core part of the National Socialist philosophy in putting family, race and nation first.  Under a National Socialist majority the health system would be reborn by addressing the abuses and ending them outright.   Such things as doctor salaries would be capped – that means that doctors would no longer be able to charge $150 to see patients as to get a prescription renewed and then bill the insurance system for an “Office Visit” which today is more like a commission for a drug dealer.   Guidelines would be set, office visit prices to surgeries would be all become uniform under an averaged system where doctors across the nation would be paid the same amount for the same services, end of story.   There is widespread abuse in the current system – it is not uncommon to see $400 charges on a hospital bill for each and every time your doctor makes rounds and speaks to you!  These abuses would be eliminated.  Everything from outrageous costs that doctors charge to medical suppliers to pharmaceutical costs would be reviewed and made uniform.  The problem in the current system is that there is too much waste.  Instead of many suppliers providing hospital goods and competing against each other thus wasting so much money on advertising and wining and dining executives – qualifying pharmaceutical firms would be pooled to form a syndicate where they would be able to pool their resources as suppliers to the National Health Care system.  That means more money for R&D – the hiring or more scientists and the building of new state of the art laboratories where such firms could stop wasting time and money on fighting each other and instead focus on curing disease and illnesses – developing new drugs and procedures.   


Reforming the way doctors are paid, to forming syndicates of hospital corporations, pharmaceutical firms and large medical supply corporations is the beginning of true health care reform and the way to eliminate the huge waste and costs of today’s system.  The only people to lose under such a system are the elitists, the greed driven people and criminal elements.  Many will win under this system such as the citizens – and many new jobs will be made. Shareholders of syndicate corporations would be able to make a nice return on investment.  Scientists will be able to do research and in an environment much like the old Bell System made available to its scientists through the Bell Laboratories.  National Brain Trusts is what we must create – and will be see huge results like that of what AT&T used to be able to deliver during the days of the Bell System.  Remember, competition at the cost of common sense is not beneficial to the common good but to the few and the National Socialist Movement aims to push the nation in a direction that will work for the common good of the people and nation first and foremost. 


The National Socialist takes the best of the right and the left and with that creates harmony.  The far right and the far left are evil and if left unchecked they would destroy our nation and people in the process.   While the far left would provide programs for all but the Majority Race of this Nation the far right would love to privatize our best assets for a quick buck – surely those far righters would love to have an IPO selling NASA to the private sector – wouldn’t they?  You see, the National Socialist Movement realizes that by taking the best of both sides they can create harmony and a strong nation poised ready to face the 21st century and beyond!    Consider our Party – join us and lets get a real National Health Care program for citizens developed and at the same time continue to reach beyond imagination – funding for NASA to go back to the moon, to Mars and beyond, as an example,  must happen as when we as a people sit idle and stop reaching out to the unknown – we will surely perish as was the case with every great civilization that stopped challenging itself to reach beyond the known.


Where does the money come from for these programs?  Eliminate the billions of tax payer dollars sent to leech nations like Israel each year!  Israel alone has cost the US taxpayer over 1.6 trillion dollars since 1973.  Eliminate the wars for oil and imperialism, eliminate the special interest programs, eliminate printing government forms in Spanish – millions spent on that each year and of course by forming syndicates which would enable the government to acquire goods and services much cheaper then if the many corporations had to fight one another and spend billions on advertising – costs that would be better invested back into the corporations core businesses.


National Socialism – your solution for a better tomorrow and a secure future!


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 Updated 23-SEP-2009


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