The NSM is not a Satanic Organization

NS greetings,

Many of you have been privately asking me my opinion on Satanism, and where the Party stands on it. A former NSM member (Bill White) who was suspended then expelled from the NSM for attacking Christian Identity and other disruptive behavior has turned to the media and anti-racist groups to fuel this story in efforts to disrupt the NSM. Even going so far to speak on the air live this evening and field questions and concerns from 2 anti-racists who helped to spread this story. Enough about that.

The NSM is not a Religious group, we are Political. My personal opinions on Satanism is that I view it in a very negative way, and do not support it personally in any way.

NSM in upheaval is what the reportedly jewish homosexual Mark Potok from the Morris Dees Southern Poverty Lie Center says. Not quite, and I will accurately report it to our membership so you know, and do not feed into gossip reported by anti-racists, agent provacatuers, and jews. The Satanism story caused about 5 members Nationwide to leave. 2 members in North Carolina resigned, 2 members in Washington State were let go, and another person resigned this evening. We regret that any of these 5 individuals have left us, however we wish all of them the best.

For the Record, the NSM and myself as Commander of the National Socialist Movement do not endorse Satanism. Let the rumour mills spread their filth, as Adolf Hitler stated if our enemies are not spewing forth venom about us, then we are not doing our jobs.

Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ NSM HQ


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