Challenge to Rabbi Feintuch

Rabbi Feintuch,

I recently read an article in the Columbia Tribune where you were quoted as stating "It's not enough to ignore this anti-event," Feintuch said. "I don't know that simply doing nothing in the face of the evil message that these neo-Nazis want to bring to our town is the right solution because that leads some people to think that we are indifferent."

Feintuch suggested one way to react positively would be for Columbia residents to join the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or the Anti-Defamation League.

This would be a way to show neo-Nazis that their presence only increases the strength of organizations they oppose, he said.

I did not give your words another thought until I received some letters & e-mails from a few local residents, asking the NSM to challenge you to a public debate. The letters said a number of different things, some of which is best kept to myself. There were some very valid points and I address those herein, along with my challenge to you for an open and public debate.

You call the message of a White Civil rights group (The NSM) evil. Evil manifests itself in many ways Rabbi, you believe that a group of Patriotic White men and women standing against Communism and Illegal immigration is evil. I believe that many jews are evil, with the senseless butchering of women and children in Palestine, by Israel, and undermining the United States Government for their own self gain via powerful lobby groups such as AIPAC and other evil means. I could go on, but I am not writing a book. Henry Ford of Detroit Auto fame already wrote the book "The International jew", and his Patriotism for America was second to none.

The other excellent talking point that was relayed to me about your message was this. Why is it you are so quick to presume to tell the local citizens that they should join special interest groups such as the NAACP, and the ADL? Is it not hypocritical to speak up against a group that advocates White Rights, yet publically endorse two other special interest minority groups? The winds of change are blowing, and White people are tired of being bullied and having minority special rights shoved down their throats.

We Americans believe these are valid points, and I think a Public debate on these issues from both sides would help the community to better understand why certain special interest groups should be held above White groups, furthermore you can explain what is so evil about Patriotic Whites.

 I hereby publically challenge you to a debate!

You are so quick to call a group of Patriotic American people evil. How about you face me in a public debate, to allow the public to judge for themselves who is evil, then who is on par with the Founding Father's of this great Nation?  


Commander Jeff Schoep on behalf of the National Socialist Movement

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