Open Letter to The current Mayor of Leith from Cmdr. Schoep

Dear Mayor Ryan Schock ,

Greetings Sir, I am writing to you today on behalf of the National Socialist Movement. The NSM is the largest pro-White organization in United States, with additional chapters around the world. We are involved in the struggle for White Civil Rights here in America, Politically active around the Nation, running candidates for office, fighting illegal immigration on the frontlines in the Southwest, and many other issues that concern working and middle class Americans.

I wanted to let you know that myself, some of my executive staff, and some of our affiliates will be arriving in Leith on September 22 nd and 23 rd , and the press will be with us on this fact-finding tour.

One of our goals, is to make clear a simple message that Craig Cobb will NOT be ousted from the community. Craig is not breaking any laws or ordinances, and has a right to reside in Leith just as any other American does. I myself own property in Leith, the old meat packing/creamery building and the lot. It is not in the best interest of the National Socialist Movement to be hostile with our fellow local residents, nor would it be in the best interests of others in the community to be hostile towards us.

We are not asking you, or any other residents of Leith to change whatever political stances you may or may not have. If anything, you should see this for what it is, a chance at revitalizing a community, and a chance to be neighborly to your new neighbors, and vice versa.

I have full confidence that there will be compliance with all relevant legalities. However, by news reports sent to me, I am not as confident that the same can be said of some of Leith's residents and currently elected officials.

While any such action alluded to in the preceding paragraph would be, of course your prerogative, it would be counter-productive, and could legally be construed as conscious harassment. Homeowner organizations now have become periodically suspect of this type of maltreatment of homeowners, and it would not be a far-cry for such established case law to be directed towards you and Leith, should any supposed pattern develop.

Instead of theoretical legal discussions, I would instead like to have a conversation with you while I am in town.


Jeff Schoep
National Socialist Movement

P.o. box 13768
Detroit, MI. 48213 USA 23351800/leigh-follow-up


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