Slamming the Door on Amnesty!


Fellow White Americans,

The recent debate over a potential proposed amnesty for millions of Third World illegal invaders is a subject of much controversy and deservedly so as there is no single greater issue facing us as a Race and Nation today. In light of this debate I am compelled to issue a public statement that will not only clarify our Party's position on this subject but will also shed some light on the underlying deceptions engaged in by both Parties as well as the major media in their efforts to sell this failed left wing social engineering experiment to the American public.

Make no mistake, the granting of amnesty to these millions of non Whites will propel America down a course from which there is no return and therefore it is prudent to consider carefully the consequences of any such proposal carefully before this policy is even brought to the floor of Congress for debate. The fact that amnesty is even being considered should be sending a very clear signal to the American public that there is a fundamental problem in both the leadership and the underlying world view of the 2 major parties that must be addressed immediately if we are to continue to realize the vision of a sovereign nation as clearly intended by the Founding Fathers.

The National Socialist Movement is dedicated to defending the continued promotion of the White Race as the dominant cultural and economic and military power within the borders of these United States. We stand in stark contrast to the 2 parties currently dominating the American political arena today and reject utterly the concept that America should surrender national sovereignty in part or in whole to any foreign or unelected administrative organization. White Americans owe no allegiance to political parties or a government that does not represent the best long term interests of our people. Party leadership works tirelessly to promote the advancement of policies that ensure America remains an independent sovereign homeland for Whites free from the destructive influences of Globalism and International Marxism. We believe wholeheartedly in the exceptionalism of the White Race as the torchbearers of civilization and oppose the notion that our people be absorbed into any regional suprastate as envisioned by the global elitist that dominate current policy.

Therefore in adherence to duty and loyalty to Race and Nation we the Officers and membership of the National Socialist Movement hereby formally oppose any efforts by Congress to implement any policy that allows persons regardless of national origin that entered this nation illegally since the last Reagan era amnesty or their children to remain in this nation and demand they be repatriated as soon as possible. Furthermore, we demand an immediate moratorium on all immigration until we can re evaluate our nation's ability to assimilate and provide for those currently residing here. We oppose amnesty and further non White immigration based on the following principles:

1) Federal statutes already exist to enforce our border security which have been systematically and willfully ignored by the Federal Government.

2) We allege furthermore members of both Republican and Democratic Parties have engaged in political mendacity by concealing a hidden agenda from the American people. This agenda is the implementation of a North American Union which will destroy National sovereignty and serve to destroy the White majority of this nation.

3) Destruction of the White majority is in violation of U.N. Resolution 260A Article 2 provision C in that it :

Deliberately inflicts on the group in question conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

4) Is in fact a racist policy in that it gives preferential treatment to Hispanic immigrants while restricting the number of White immigrants that can enter this nation.

Party leadership therefore demands:

1) Before any debate on the amnesty issue proceeds that first the border be secured, with the military if necessary to discourage creating a “run” on the border and prevent any more persons from entering this nation. It is irresponsible to even mention amnesty until the border has been secured and a plan is in place to prevent further illegal immigration.

2) A thorough disclosure of what the true numbers of illegal's residing here actually are. In the last Reagan era amnesty nearly 4 times as many people showed up as the American public was told were here. The same tactic has been used in Europe 4 times now in blanket amnesties and each time 3 to 4 times the number of people show up that the citizens were told were in the country illegally. Since this is the only model we have to work from it would be a rational train of thought to assume the same holds true here which would conservatively put the real number at some 25 to 35 million illegal's here respectively.

3) Thoroughly explaining to the White majority the implications of what this amnesty will alter irrevocably in this nation including, but not limited to:

A) National Sovereignty

B) Tax Policy

C) Jobs and Economic Impact

D) Control of Military and Nuclear arsenal

Pursuant to explaining what we feel is the real agenda behind the proposed amnesty we would like now to elaborate for the public record what our objections to amnesty are:

In the area of National sovereignty the proposed will bring into America by the admission of Senators John McCain and the late Senator Ted Kennedy 50 to 60 million Mexicans in the next 20 years. The end result will be a block of non White voters that can beat the indigenous White voter block at the election polls. They will vote for themselves an ever increasing share of the treasury proceeds which White Americans will be forced to pay for. They will in turn vote to implement the North American Union in which ALL policy decisions will then be surrendered to an unelected body of officials. Taxation, education, economic and jobs issues, trade policies and environmental issues and even reproductive rights would all be controlled by a group of people that almost certainly do not have the best interests of White America at heart. Indeed, quite the contrary. The sense of Nationalism is extremely strong in the Mexican community and they often state resentment at the Whites who they often state are viewed as invaders on this continent. Of course not one word of the potential negative impact on Whites has been uttered by the members of Congress or the mainstream media.

On the issues of National Security we will simply say this. Are you as a White American willing to hand over the keys to our nations stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear arsenal to non Whites that have a PROVEN record of committing genocide against Whites at every opportunity? Not just historically, look at recent events in Rhodesia and South Africa and even the ever increasing mob attacks against Whites in this nation if you doubt the truth of this statement. Remember once you give them this power they are not going to willingly give it back. What if there is even a 5% chance we are correct, will you risk it? What is the potential payoff for you if we are wrong? You can claim “I'm not a racist”!! But again, not one word from Congress or the main stream media.

In short, amnesty means you as a White American will suffer an ever decreasing standard of living and you will be the first generation in the history of this great nation that can only offer their children a declining standard of living. You will give away all of your Constitutional freedoms, paid for dearly in blood in places like Lexington and Concord without ever even firing a shot to defend your nation. All of these things will come to pass if you do not speak out today!!

But most disturbing is the Congressional response to this blatant attempt at the subversion of our nation. The proposed amnesty is simply the culmination of a decade's long effort by the Marxist movement in America to break America down by creating ethnic conflict and promoting sectarian violence. The malicious and willful refusal to enforce our border security is a blatant effort to simply thwart the will of the White majority and amnesty is absolutely essential in implementing this goal. They are more than willing to commit a genocide in America to see the dream of global Marxist totalitarian government.Many in Congress support this effort and as such are traitors to their oath they swore to defend the safety, security and sovereignty of America. Therefore they are criminals and unfit to serve and deserve to be prosecuted. Others that fail to see what is occurring obviously are unfit to lead and need to be removed as soon as they can be replaced. The catastrophic failures of leadership and vision exhibited by both Parties are directly responsible for this crisis and neither side has the courage to face this real inconvenient truth. If either Party was capable of effective leadership we would not now be standing on the brink of a financial and cultural abyss. They blindly follow the accepted path of least resistance and self enrichment at the expense of you, working class White Americans!!

As far as the media goes they have been more than willing to be accomplices in this subversion of the White majority and as of yet not one serious attempt has been made to challenge any member of Congress on the issues we bring up. Senator Marco Rubio is being touted for his efforts in this treason as a person that can bring the Latino vote in for the Republicans. But what have the Republicans done for you as a White American? Latinos voted for Obama at a two to one majority in the recent election. They also ran the race mixer Paul Ryan as a vice Presidential candidate in order to pander to Blacks who still voted 93% for the Black President. But it looks like they still have not learned their lesson and are trying to be more “inclusive” and in the process are more than willing to throw Whites under the bus to try to maintain power. Rush Limbaugh also had Senator Rubio on his program this week and failed to address any issues of real significance when he should have grilled him over the amnesty/NAU connection but again not one word. See a pattern developing here?

The National Socialist Movement offers a real alternative to the current situation. We offer real time solutions that benefit all citizens and we pledge to use all legal means necessary to ensure that White America remains firmly in control of this nation. America must remain a White majority to remain America!!! No other group in America has the courage to say we are waist deep in a Marxist insurgency in America today or have a clue as to how to begin defeating them in this life or death struggle for the control of the most strategic and powerful nation on the planet. White America's options are now limited: Stand up now and block this amnesty in Congress or submit and condemn your children to an all out war for their very survival as a Race, as the Marxist will certainly try to make good on their threat of eradicating the White Race. I have faith that the White Race as free Americans will make the right choice. We have thrown off the yokes of tyranny before and can do so again. The lessons recently from the “Chik Fil A” incident and the record gun sales recently in response to proposed gun legislature should be sending a message loud and clear to the Obama administration but in their disconnect with the people they are unable to comprehend that America will not submit to their demands. When the time comes and duty calls for the rightful owners of this nation to defend our people I have no doubt that they will answer that call with the utmost in personal courage and honor. Please do your part and contact the Congress and let them know nothing short of repatriation is acceptable and we will not accept anything less. We have the legal right and the moral obligation to defend our children's future. Attempted amnesty should be viewed as an all out assault on the very lives of Whites in America and must not be tolerated. It is past time for America to abandon the failed leadership of the 2 parties and embrace the principles of National Socialism. There is no choice now but a 3 rd Party option and we ask that you support us in our efforts to provide effective representation for the White Race. Please support National Socialist candidates and National Socialist backed candidates in 2014. There has never been a more important issue in the history of this nation and to remain a free people we must speak out. So please join or support the National Socialist Movement. Your children's very lives depend on it.

Comm ander Jeff Schoep
National Socialist Movement


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