Commander Jeff Schoep in the Media

(in-progress; local interviews are not listed at this time)

Interview with Commander Jeff Schoep on The American Nationalist Radio Network

Pride & Prejudice

Endangered List with D.L. Hughley (Comedy Central) video-clips/4ms9fc/stand-up-d- l-hughley--white-power

“Commander Jeff Schoep: “Report from NSM…Rally in North Carolina ” (White Resister) index.php/events/272- commander-jeff-schoep-report- from-nsm-kkk-rally-in-north- carolina

“Fox Station Calls Neo-Nazi Group ‘Civil Rights Group' (Huffington Post) 2012/04/10/fox-neo-nazi-civil- rights-trayvon-martin_n_ 1414754.html

“Hate in the Heartland,” Geraldo-at-Large (Fox News Channel) v=uiQXteuQtg8

“White Supremacist Leader Says Half of His Group Has Served in the Military (Stars and Stripes) white-supremacist-leader-says- half-of-his-group-has-served- in-the-military-1.93243

Draculina Magazine

Neo-Nazis pledge to descend on Sanford , Fl (New York Daily News) news/national/neo-nazis- patrolling-streets-sanford- fla-trayvon-martin-shot- killed-report-article-1. 1057851

Skinnie Magazine magazine/docs/june2011

Ohio Schools ohioschool_01-12-2011.htm

“Racist Music Just a Download Away,” Geraldo-at-Large (Fox News Channel) 0,2933,500104,00.html

White Supremacists Target Middle America (USATODAY)
http://usatoday30.usatoday. com/news/nation/2008-10-20- hategroups_N.htm

Various (YouTube/LeniandJoeTV)

Various (YouTube/NatSocMov)

Various (NSM Magazine)

Various (Twitter)

"American Nazis" (National Geographic Channel) v=5e7zJaTpiHc

"Nazi America" (History Channel) v=c8j8o4kxx30&list=PL_ lmFfgVGCXb_vPJJl1fH4_ hTsNHW3QxN



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