Commander Schoep's Speech at the NSM Toledo Rally 18 April, 2015

Hello Toledo, Ohio.  We are the National Socialist Movement, Detroit Michigan.  The National Socialist Movement is not a hate group, contrary to what the local media might spew about our organization.

There is nothing hateful about standing up for your people.  It is a right.  We were here in Toledo in 2005, ten years ago.  The Anarchists, the Communists incited the Blacks to riot and ruin this community.  Now we see some of their supporters out here today.  I can see them.  The same people who set fire to this city. Chanting against us, speaking against us.

It is quite hypocritical if you ask me. Black leaders stand up for Black people.  You have Mexican people standing up for Mexican people and La Raza.  White people should have the right to stand up for White people and that's where it starts and ends.

That's why we were here in 2005, because Black criminals were attacking White people.  And that is why we are back here today.  We have been requested to be here by citizens of Toledo, Ohio.

The crime rate in this city has not improved. It has gotten worse and worse. We are standing here on behalf of our people and the White citizens of this city.  The decay and the crime – it's the same issues in2005 we are facing here today in 2015.

The National Socialist Movement is a White Civil Rights organization.  There is nothing wrong with each race having its own civil rights organization, its own people standing up on behalf of their rights.  When Jesse Jackson comes to town you don't have protestors out here protesting against him because he is Black.  Yet our adversaries, the enemies of the White Race, the enemies of our people stand out there and call us ‘hate mongers' when we are standing up on behalf of our people, White people and the citizens of Toledo that we are here to represent today. 

So what we like to ask when you come out here to look at the National Socialist Movement is to open your eyes and open your ears and listen to what is being said.  Don't pre-judge.  We are not a hate organization.  

If being hateful is standing up for your people and your people's rights then ‘yes' you can call us a hate group all you want.  We are the most hateful people on the face of the planet, standing up for your rights. Yes that is who we are.

The National Socialist Movement has been active on the borders in the south-west.  We've put people on the borders where this government, the United States government refuses to do so our people have been down there.  The same situation here today.

The National Socialist Movement is the vanguard of the White Race,   standing here on behalf of our people.   On the barricades.  The White Race will not be extinguished from this earth.  Not today.  Not Tomorrow.  Not ever. As long as there is breath on the Whiteman's soul .  We will be fighting on behalf of our people, no matter what.  Understand that.

Understand that we are not your typical white Americans.  We are not your typical white American males, your metro-sexual types that are rampant in today's society. 

We are real men and real women.  We are standing up here today on behalf of our people, standing up for what we believe in. Those that speak against us out here, I see your faces, Communists, anarchists, the same people who set fire to this city in 2005 and blamed us.

We weren't setting any fires, we weren't causing any riots, we weren't shooting anybody, killing anybody.  We weren't doing anything except standing up for our rights for our people. Yet you burned your own city down.  Why is that? What kind of sick hypocrisy is that?

You Communists and Anarchists: understand this.  The cure for Communism is National Socialism.  And the cure for Anarchism is National Socialism.

When we are in charge and we are in power in government don't think that your red flag and your banners and your Anarchy are going to fly because they are going to be stomped into the ground where they belong.

And understand this: we thank the police for being here today and we appreciate that but we did not ask the police to be here today.

We don't need the police here today.  We don't ever need the police here on our behalf.  The police are here for your protection.  Understand that.  And to keep the peace. So be thankful, very thankful for that.

We are true American patriots just like our ancestors like Jim Bowie, like Davy Crockett, like the men who fought and died at the Alamo. That's what you see here today.  If our forefathers were alive today, if George Washington was here today he would be standing alongside the National Socialist Movement.  We are the true American patriots, some of the few left in this day and age.

We have the corruption of the Republicans, of the Democrats this two party sham. They are all the same. They ask who are you going to vote for? The Democrats? The Republicans? It's the same two-sided Jewish coin with the same string pullers, the same puppet masters.

We need a real change I this country.  You have an economy that is depressed here, in the city of Toledo and in cities like  Detroit.  You have a depressed economy.  You have thousands of people of all generations and categories that are out of work.

Why is that?  Because there is something inherently wrong with two party, corrupt, dictatorship of the Republicans and the Democrats.

It needs to be overhauled and replaced.

Voting for a third party at this point in time, it doesn't even matter what party that is, but of course we want you to vote National Socialist, but any third party vote is better than voting for the jew two party dictatorship of the Republicans and the Democrats.

We as a nation are not going to improve and not going to get out of this recession or depression if we do not make change and that change has to come from the ground up.

The political system needs to be replaced, overhauled.  National Socialism can do that. We can cure the ills of this society.

The fight for independence is on. Understand that.  We will no longer tolerate the Republicans and the Democrats shaming this country, making America hated in all quarters of the globe.  It's the same thing.  Oh, you guys don't like Obama.  It has nothing to do with Obama.  It could be Obama it could be George Bush.  It's the same thing.  It's the same corruption year after year after year.

Why is it that America is not looked upon with pride as it once was? Why is that? Why are we hated in other countries around the world?

Why?  Supporting a Zionist terrorist state in Israel? That's one. Butchering Palestinians in Gaza and on the West Bank by the Israeli Zionist war machine?  That's another. Why does the government continuously prop up Israel ? Why is that? Ask yourself that.

Listen.  Think.  Think for yourselves.

We are the first generation to not have it as good as our parents and our forefathers before them. Why is that?

People of races and cultures and creeds should be concerned at this situation that our country is in.  It is a serious, serious problem that we are facing.  And the Democrats and the Republicans, those traitors in Washington D.C.; those are the ones that are corrupt.

The people need to rise up against the corrupt decadent system and do something about it.

Stop supporting the Democrats and Republicans the Zionist terror regime.  Start thinking for yourselves.  Stop being blind.  It's a war for our survival being fought right now on the streets of this nation.  Right now.

You can choose to stand and fight or you can be mowed down by this system, by this evil corrupt system. The choice is yours.

In the changing face of this nation in the country that we see from the illegal immigration that is overwhelming our borders, we are hearing the Spanish language being spoken all over this country.  This is supposed to be America to speak English here. You can't go to Mexico and expect to learn English in the schools and expect to speak it, because it is a Spanish speaking country. And it should be.  Their culture do not  belong here in our country forcing us to adapt. Because we don't need to adapt.

This nation was founded by white men and white men alone. And we will take this nation back.

We refuse to see this nation shamed.

Only thru National Socialism can we cure this problem, this sickness. It's like a cancer. You knock out that cancer.  The cancer is the system the jew party dictatorship of the Republicans and the Democrats.

And once that sickness is taken out of this nation and we replace it with something good and wholesome then once again we will have things to be proud of we will be able to be looked upon by the rest of the world with pride, with something they can look up to; a true powerful America with America first policies.  That's what we are fighting for.

And we are here, as I said because the crime rate in Toledo has not improved.  The white citizens are still being victimized here.  And the recession has hit this city harder than many places in this country.  We understand that, being from this area in the mid-west.

The cure for our Nation's ills is National Socialism.

I'd like to thank the brave men and women who have stood up here today.  The National Socialist Movement is the vanguard of the White race and we are here for our people.  I know that there are people out there listening today who are here to hear our message.

I hope you can hear us over the Communists and the red flags and the Anarchists.

You know how to get a hold of us.  Our banners are here.  You can write us, you can email us, you can call us.  Get in touch.  Get active; because only thru activism and thru the streets can we command a change in this nation.

Thank you

White power

Commander Schoep / NSM HQ


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