November 2012 Charlotte Rally Speech Transcript

The National Socialist Movement is a White civil rights organization. We represent White people here in the United States -- in this country (and around the world). We're highly involved in the fight against illegal aliens. When no one else stood up for the White race, we stood up for our allies here – us and our allies here. The National Socialist Movement will never back down, never surrender, or stay down in this fight.

We are involved in border patrols in the Southwest, and are highly organized in the fight against illegal immigration. The United States government has refused to put troops on our border to secure our border. The National Socialist Movement volunteers and puts men and women on those borders to stand up for the interest of White America. We're not here to speak to you people who protest against us. We're here to speak to the White citizens of Charlotte , North Carolina – not these clowns, and anarchists and degenerates who are out here today.

You know, they say that everyone has the right to freedom of speech and expression. But, here, we come out to speak to White people – and I know there's people who are out there wanting to listen to what we have to say. And you ingrates are screaming, hollering, and jumping around, wearing clown suits. I love the clown suits; that's exactly what you are! If we were so ineffectual and so out-of-touch with America , you wouldn't be here protesting us today. You are here protesting us out of fear. Fear for the truth. Fear for what we have to say. The National Socialist Movement has stood against crime. We stand in defense of White America, restoring the American dream. We're going to return America to its glory.

When I look out here amongst us today, I see an army of my countrymen -- White men and women who are willing to stand here and fight for the White race, and what this country was founded upon When I look beyond these fences here, I see the enemies of America – communists and anarchists. You call yourselves ‘liberals.' A liberal is tolerant. I don't see a lot of tolerance from my enemies here today. I don't see a lot of tolerance at all. But, again, we're not here to speak to you. A lot of people ask, “What's the NSM's take on the elections?” Obama, Romney -- these are really not good choices for White Americans. It's like choosing between the lesser of two evils. I'd rather not chose any evil at all. Romney and Obama are exactly the same, as fair as we're concerned.

America needs a third party alternative. The National Socialist Movement and other groups like us, represent that third party alternative. We give an option (another option) not the same old crap from the Republican and Democrats, but a real choice, a real option, something that stands in defense of our country. What we see here is the changing face of America . We need to bring back and restore Nationalism in this country. National Socialism is what can save this country. A Nationalist government is what we need here. No more communism…no more anarchists. You know, if it were up to us, we would wipe the streets clean of anarchists! You stand for disorder, anarchy, and against everything this country was founded upon. You stand here today in defiance of America , spitting in the face of true Americans. If it wasn't for the police here keeping you separated, we'd show you a thing or two about we'd do to restore America. Be thankful that the police are here for your protection.

We'd like to restore the glory and honor of being an American. Being an American was once a proud thing. It was once something people from all over the world could say, “Wow, we want a part of the American dream!” Today, our country is suffering. We're in an economic depression. Our people are being dragged through the dirt by all these illegals that are coming here stealing American jobs. The American dream has been robbed from us. We are here to reclaim that – to reclaim our rights as Americans…to restore the glory and the honor! When people around the world look to America , they should see a strong force – something to be proud of. Not when we look out here today, and see those anarchists and those standing against us. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

It is part of our inherited duty to send these illegals back to Mexico . They're here taking American jobs. You have White families that are starving to death on the streets. You have people standing in breadlines. That's coming to, my fellow Americans. That is coming, too. And these illegals are coming here saying that they are coming here for a better way of life. I get that. I get that. They want a better way of life. But guess what? You need to take National Socialism, take that nationalism, and bring it back to Mexico . Bring it back and restore your own land. Don't come here to our land and try to take it over, and try to force your language upon us, and your culture. Your culture is great, as long as it stays in Mexico . We don't want it here. This is our country.

Our forefathers fought and died for this country. They sacrificed blood. This soil has been paid for in American blood. Your people and your ancestors don't belong here. We want to honor our forefathers – George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams – proud Americans who fought and died for this nation, shed blood for this soil. Honor them! We honor their fight by taking it up today, tomorrow, and in the future.

The National Socialist Movement is willing to bring that radical change. We're willing to take back this nation. You know, when things are going wrong in the nation and people are suffering. The same old system of the Democrats and Republicans is not going to save us. They've gotten us – those crooked politicians – have gotten us where we're at today. We need radical change. And National Socialism is that radical change. We're willing to bring it. ‘We the People' just need to put it in power.

We stand here in defense of tyranny and in defense of this nation!

Commander Schoep / NSM HQ


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