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Jeff Schoep's speech against flash mob attacks - Milwaukee, WI. 2011

 New Item Icon Real Healthcare Reform in America: By Cmdr. Jeff Schoep (Internal Link .pdf) (Internal Link .doc)
A portrait & artist rendition of Commander Schoep (Internal Link)

White Power, Race and the 2016 Presidential Election (External link) 

Jeff Schoep's IMDB page: (External Link)

Commander Schoep's Speech at the NSM Toledo Rally 18 April, 2015 (Internal Link) NSM Response to Executive Order on Immigration - Press Release (Internal Link) Open Letter to The current Mayor of Leith from Cmdr. Schoep (Internal Link) Slamming the Door on Amnesty! (Internal Link) Commander Jeff Schoep in the Media (Internal Link) November 2012 Charlotte Rally Speech Transcript (Internal Link) Illegal Immigration: America's Achilles Heel (read the article) CDR Jeff Schoep Denounces Violence & Domestic Terrorism

Acts of Violence & Terrorism are Dishonorable & will Not be Tolerated!


I want it made perfectly clear to all of our members, supporters, prospective members, readers, etc. that the National Socialist Movement condemns illegal actions and in such we do not endorse any acts of violence or terrorism. The NSM is a White Civil Rights Movement that adheres to Political activism, and a legal means to restore America to its former glory.
Acts of violence or terrorism against America, or its Citizens is unacceptable, and not tolerated within the ranks of the National Socialist Movement.
Those of you, who are Party members, know that the NSM operates within the laws of the United States, and those that break serious laws will be expelled from our Ranks.
Any individual, whom feels compelled to act upon, or advocate illegal actions on their own accord, is expected to resign from the Party, as those goals are clearly not in line with NSM policy.
Most of you already know our stance on these matters; however after reading disturbing articles in newspapers and websites of people that claim to be National Socialist, I am concerned that some members of the American public (whom we are trying to reach with National Socialism) may believe that our Party supports such violence, anarchy or other such vigilantism, therefore I am clarifying our stance once again. Let me be clear, no act of violence, vigilantism, anarchy or any other such off the wall behavior will be tolerated by the National Socialist Movement and if any Member or Supporter is found to violate these rules they will be immediatley dismissed.   Thank you for your attention in this matter and remember to always think twice before you act as you have a duty to act with the utmost honor in ever facet of your lives as that is what it means to be a National Socialist!

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Interviews with Commander Schoep

Interview on WDET News

Commander Schoep Banned in Britain

Honor and Loyalty - by Commander Schoep

Commander's Report from Omaha September 2007

Commander Jeff Schoep on the air - two recent radio interviews are available for immediate release!

Join White Lightning Radio & special guest Jeff Schoep as they discuss NSM88 Records and the music industry.  Plenty of song tunes and good insight on upcoming releases from NSM88 Records!

Download / Listen Now*

Jeff Schoep makes a guest appearance on AudioMartini.

This is a very interesting interview!  Host Rick Wood grills Cdr Jeff Schoep hard... testing his knowledge of National Socialism and the Movement!  As you would expect, Cdr Schoep holds his ground while defending our Race and Movement throughout.  Rick Wood may not agree with National Socialism though one thing is for sure - he has now learned that our Movement and the Commander is rock solid.  Expect more "hostile" interviews as we break the ice - being a patriot is hard work! Throughout this interview we ask that you think of the following little tidbit by Mark Twain; "In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." - Mark Twain

Download AudioMartini Interview Now

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State of the Union (Internal link)

National Health Care is not a Race Issue - National Socialist Movement – A Solution to National Health Care in the United States

Recently the media has been, along with other unexpected sources, claiming that the Obama Administrations National Health Plan initiative is a “racial” issue in regards to why the American people are divided on agreement of such plan. Even Jimmy Carter has jumped on the bandwagon and has claimed that people that are against Obama are doing so because he is a “black man”. Jimmy fails to recall that Obama is 50% White and 50 % Black – we still would like to know how that percentage equals “Black” but hey, I guess that way Obama was able to take advantage of all the “Minority Programs” the liberals fund from our taxes each year! Well, that is another issue for another day.

Read the full article by clicking: National Socialist Movement – A Solution to National Health Care in the United States

An Open Letter to American Patriots & our friends around the World from NSM Commander Jeff Schoep

The National Socialist Movement has been a popular subject in the mainstream news media lately

Challenge to Rabbi Feintuch of Columbia MO

Washington After Action Report, April 2008

Washington after action report 2008

Commander Schoep on Vandalism

Vandalism Always Sends Wrong Message

Commander Schoep at St Cloud State

(4/9/07) Cmdr Schoep's speech at St Cloud State University, where he spoke on National Socialism, the state of the movement, and our path to victory!

Commander Schoep speaks at St Cloud State University

Pictures of Commander Schoep at St Cloud U

World Union of National Socialists

World Union of National Socialists expanding rapidly 

National Membership Co-ordinator

Self Motivation: For us its do or die

The Fight is on

The Will to fight

Religion and the NSM



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