In Memorium: Jeff Hall: NSM SW Regional Leader

- Announcement -

Comrades, It is with great sorrow, and a heavy heart that I inform you of the loss of our Southwestern States Regional Director Jeff Hall. Today (May 1st, 2011), Jeff Hall was found murdered in his home in Riverside, California. A loving Father of five children, a family man, and a dedicated American Patriot. Those of us whom had the honor to know, work with, or spend time with Jeff Hall know well what kind of person he was.

Jeff was a dedicated Father, his children were his life. Jeff's spare time outside of family was dedicated to his extended family in the NSM. He spent countless volunteer hours on the California and Arizona Borders leading Patrols in efforts to halt illegal immigration, organized rallys, meetings, and events for the NSM countless times. Jeff was looked up to, and respected by thousands of people. He was well liked in his community where he ran for office last year, attaining nearly 30% of the vote as an open National Socialist Candidate. He touched the lives of so many people, and was a tremendous inspiration to everyone around him. His energy and devotion to our Folk and Nation knew no bounds. Jeff Hall will be greatly missed by us all. There is so much more that I would like to say, Jeff Hall was like a Brother to me. In life he was a giant amongst men, constantly putting others before himself. A life cut short, your Family, and the Party mourn this loss. Thank you for all the memories Brother. We miss you. See you in Valhalla!

Commander Jeff Schoep


Comrades,     (please forward this message to all like minded Folk)

An account has been set up in order to raise funds for the family of Jeff Hall to assist with the funeral, and other expenses. The Family and the National Socialist Movement both thank all of you in advance for whatever donations you are able to send.
In Memorium of Jeff Hall: InMemorium_Jeff_Hall.html

Send checks or money orders to the following:
Pete Urban
113 W. G Street
# 610
San Diego, CA 92101

Checks or money orders need to be made out to Pete Urban with Krista McCary in the memo line.
The account for Jeff's wife Krista and his Children is with Bank of America.

Overseas wire info:
Bank Of America
swift number - BOFAUS3N
wire routing # - 026009593
account # - 0630234912

U.S. Info any Bank of America except California

Get an out of state deposit slip account in California:

account # - 0630234912

The account will accept transfers, wires and online banking from any Banks. The account is under Peter Urban with Krista McCary as Beneficiary on the deposit slip either name can be used or just the account number.


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