The elections are coming! Patriots to seek office! Do you have what it takes?

- Announcement -

Attention: NSM Party Members & Supporters As the Election season draws closer NSM Party HQ is putting out the call for candidates now. We would like to see whom amongst our ranks is interested in running for Public Office this Fall. Last year in California our Candidate took in nearly 30% of the votes in a local election as an open National Socialist Movement Candidate. With very little effort and minimal financing, our candidate was quite successful. See link here:

In 2010 we considered it a test run to see what the NSM could accomplish in open elections. We exceeded our previous election percentages from 2006 for State Legislature in Montana: See link here:

In just four short years the popularity and widespread appeal of the National Socialist Movement in the United States has surged. We have also went from being fairly well known, to becoming a household name all over America due to our highly active stance against illegal immigration, the recession, crime, and other issues of vital importance to the American public, not to mention our aggressive stance on behalf of White Civil Rights. From our efforts on the Border, to our marches and rallies all over the Nation, we have brought our message directly to the Nations Capitol in Washington DC, and many other locations around this Nation. Our grassroots efforts have been the back-bone in the building of our Political Machine.

Now, as the momentum is clearly in our favor, it is time for a more aggressive campaign to elect our people into public office. We are calling upon our membership and supporters to consider running for local offices in your area. The recession is crippling our Nation, along with the unchecked hordes of illegals whom are turning the American dream into a nightmare scenario. Therefore History, and Duty are calling Patriots to the forefront of this fight. We urge you to contact Party HQ if you are interested in running for public office. Our goal will be to field candidates in each Region of the United States in various locals and Cities.

This call to action is not limited to NSM Party members alone. Our efforts will reach out, and expand to allied Patriot groups, whom may seek an endorsement from our Party.

We will publish our list of active candidates, and endorsed candidates as the elections draw nearer.

Commander Jeff Schoep




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