November 9th National Rally

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Attention American Patriots, our nation sits on the brink of economic collapse, while our politicians who are suppose to represent us ( "We the People" ) continue to discuss further amnesty for illegal aliens, leaving our borders wide open, and allowing our n ation to drown in a free fall of economic collapse. If you are working for a slaves wage, making barely enough to feed your family, and are tired of seeing the corruption that is crippling our land, the time to get active in this fight is now.

We are truly living in a defining moment in American history, one that will be remembered as important as any, in the series of events that led to the American Revolution.

Join us at 3pm on November 9th in Kansas City for a public rally. All known White Patriots are welcome to attend, make arrangements with NSM Region 6 if you plan to attend. Anyone making contact with us last minute will not be given any information, and will miss the event, so make arrangements as soon as possible.

Activities for the November National Rally begin on Friday Nov. 8th . We have several optional and free classes by NSM instructors that will be available in the evening or late afternoon. Those interested in attending or teaching a class, make contact with NSM Region 6 leadership. Friday evening we may also have a surprise event for those who wish to participate. Saturday, there is limited space for additional classes before we meet at 2pm in preparation for the rally. After the rally on Saturday there will be a sacred lighting ceremony on private land. You will not want to miss it!

To attend this h istoric event contact:

NSM Region 6:

Or phone :
# 816-446-6891



NSM88.ORG    National Socialist Movement, P.O. Box 13768 Detroit, MI. 48213 (651) 659-6307